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Trollhunter (2010) is a Norway found-footage horror movie directed by André Øvredal where a group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings. But discover that there are much more sinister things going on. As they follow the hunter, they learn that he is actually a troll hunter.

André Øvredal is well known for The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016). So, there is no doubt enjoyment of the movie Trolljegeren.

Trollhunter (2010) Film Plot & Ending Explanation

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The Prologue

On 13th October 2008, a film-making company gets self-recorded video footage. The sender was unknown, and the footage was 283 minutes long.

The company contacts investigating agents and they ensure the footage is authentic. Later the film Trollhunter (AKA Trolljegeren) is developed with these video footages without editing but arranged in chronological order for viewers.

The Fake Track

Three university students Thomas, Johanna, and cameraman Kalle set to put together a documentary for a college project about a bear poacher. They know from the local hunters that the bears’ tracks are fake.

Thomas talks to the head of the Wildlife Board Finn about the suspect but he strongly denies it.

The group of students wants to interview a bear hunter named Hans, but he refuses them several times.

One night they see Hans going into the forest at midnight. They started following him. In the middle of the forest, something mysterious attacks Thomas and he becomes injured.

Hans remarks on them and backs them to his rover.

The Trolls Reveal

Hans reveals he is not for hunting bears, it is trolls. So basically, he is not a bear hunter but a trollhunter. At that time the students ask Hans for filming his hunting and he agrees.

Trolls are turned into stone in sunlight that’s why they stay in a cave daytime and wander at night. Therefore, Hans uses a UV-ray flashlight gun for destroying the trolls. He equally tells them trolls can smell the Christian believers’ blood and assault them.

Later night, Hans manages to turn into stone a three-headed giant stone.

Hans informs them, the bear track was fake and it made by Finn. Because Finn is supposed to withhold the news from the world. But he prevents trolls when they come near to the population. Hans also tells them trolls are becoming more aggressive than before which is quite unusual.

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Hans wants to collect a blood sample from trolls to examine the reason for their aggressiveness.

Hans and the students go on another hunt using live goats as bait on a bridge.

This time they recognize Raglefant troll and Hans successfully gets a blood sample. They take the sample to the veterinarian for TSS. It takes several days to make it to the test result.

The Christian Blood and Trolls Anger

Students discover an abandoned mining cave where trolls stay in the daytime. They go inside and are trapped by the trolls.

The situation becomes more bizarre when Kalle confesses he believes in Christianity.

Trolls smell Kalle and killed. Others manage to escape the cave to daylight.

Jontar – the giant beast

A Muslim woman Malica is appointed as the replacement cameraman.

Finn and his team discover evidence of Jotnars, giant mountain trolls 50-100 meters tall. For Hans to solve the problem, Finn demands he head north to troll territory.

Thomas falls ill. A blood sample from the troll came back positive for rabies. Since Thomas has been ill for the past few days meaning he has been infected.

Hans successfully kills the Jotnar after several attempts. At that point in time, he directs the others to the highway.

A team of Finn’s TSS agents arrives to confiscate the students’ tapes. Tomas runs with the camera and falls beside the road. The tape then cuts out.

A truck is seen coming down the road towards the camera just before the cut to black. The epilogue informs the audience that none of the students returned.

Last Scene

In the film’s conclusion, there is a video clip showing Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg acknowledging trolls, but it is unreported by the media.

Is Trollhunter (2010) movie a true story?

No. The movie is directed & written by André Øvredal. This is a found-footage genre mocumentary film.

Is Troll really existing?

Trolls are mythical creatures. They are mentioned in Norse mythology.

According to mythology, trolls look huge and ugly. They could be several heads or one-headed, single-eyed or many. Even they could be looks exactly like humans.

Trolls become angry on God and humans, lives in places where humans are unable to visit.


Original Title Trolljegeren

Other Titles Trollhunter (USA), Troll Hunter (Australia), The Troll Hunter (Canada)

Genre Found-footage/ Horror

Runtime 1hr 43min

Original Language Norwegian

Directed by André Øvredal

Written by André Øvredal

Tagline You’ll believe it when you see it!

Release date October 29, 2010 (Norway)

Origin Country Norway

Awards 12 Wins, 13 Nominations

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Otto Jespersen Hans, trolljegeren
Robert Stoltenberg Polsk bjørnejeger
Knut Nærum E-verkssjef
Glenn Erland Tosterud Thomas

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