Come Play (2020) Ending Explained

Come Play (2020) Movie Ending Explained

Come Play (2020) is an American horror thriller film, written and directed by Jacob Chase. The movie features Gillian Jacobs and Winslow Fegley in the lead roles. Here, we examine the enigmatic ending of Come Play and the deeper themes and messages embedded in its haunting narrative.

Come Play Movie Story In A Nutshell

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The story revolves around a young boy named Sam, who is on the autism spectrum. Sam spends much of his time watching cartoons on his mobile device, particularly SpongeBob SquarePants. His parents, Sarah and Marty, are frequently caught in arguments, leaving Sam feeling isolated.

One night, while Sam is in his room, he encounters a mysterious monster named Larry on his mobile device. Larry is not like other monsters; he just wants a friend. As Sam becomes engrossed in the images on his phone, the lights suddenly go out, plunging the room into darkness. Terrified, Sam tries to barricade himself in his room but cannot stop the door from opening. It turns out this was all a dream, and Sam awakens to his concerned mother.

Come Play Ending Explained

The following day, Sarah decides that Sam needs more social interaction and schedules him for speech therapy. Unfortunately, Marty, his father, is unable to take him because of a work commitment.

At school, Sam receives special treatment due to his autism, which doesn’t sit well with some of his classmates. They cruelly bully him, leaving Sam feeling isolated and hurt. His mother, Sarah, desperately seeks ways to help him connect with others.

Meanwhile, Marty stumbles upon a mysterious tablet at his workplace, the lost and found box. Unbeknownst to him, an otherworldly figure forms behind him as he takes the tablet home.

Sarah, struggling to connect with Sam, decides to host a sleepover for him and his friends. During the sleepover, the children inadvertently summon Larry, the same monster from Sam’s dreams, through a mysterious app on the tablet. When they reject Larry’s offer of friendship, chaos ensues, and they blame Sam for the ordeal.

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Desperate to find a solution, Sarah discovers that Larry feeds on electricity. She replaces all the light bulbs in the house, hoping to deter the mysterious entity. However, Marty remains skeptical of her claims.

As the situation escalates, Oliver, one of the boys from the sleepover, realizes that Larry’s world is different from theirs, and the tablet serves as a window between the two worlds. In an effort to protect Sam, they destroy the tablet.

Sarah continues to seek help for Sam’s speech issues, while Sam makes a new friend, Byron, who is understanding and supportive.

However, Larry, now without a means to cross over into their world, takes drastic measures by attacking Marty, who ends up in the hospital. Sarah decides to break all electronic devices in their home to stop Larry, but it only infuriates the creature. Larry emerges from the screen, and it becomes clear that Sam is his target.

In a tense showdown, Sarah confronts Larry and offers herself as his friend to protect Sam. In doing so, she sacrifices herself to ensure her son’s safety. Before she leaves, she shares a heartfelt moment with Sam, finally gaining his trust.

Come Play’s ending is a haunting, bittersweet story about Oliver, a character struggling with communication and autism. He uses his tablet to escape his troubled world, where he is bullied and cast out. The monster of Larry symbolizes Oliver finding a friend in technology, which starts to conflict with his real-world life. Oliver’s mom, Sarah, becomes part of the “blue light” world, allowing Oliver to live. As Sarah dies, she finally sees her son, Oliver, and speaks his first words in front of her.

In the end, Sam, now able to express himself, writes a poignant sentence: “Mom loves me.”

What Happened to the Mom at the End of Come Play?

Lary (2020) ending explained

At the end of the movie Come Play, the mom, Sarah, makes a courageous sacrifice to protect her son, Sam, from the malevolent monster, Larry. Sarah realizes that Larry is after Sam and that he feeds on electricity from electronic devices. To ensure Sam’s safety, she offers herself as Larry’s friend, sacrificing her own well-being.

In a heartfelt and tense confrontation with Larry, Sarah willingly enters Larry’s world to become his friend, leaving Sam safe in their own world. This decision is a selfless act of maternal love and protection, as Sarah is willing to face the dangers of Larry’s world to ensure her son’s safety. The film ends with Sarah in Larry’s world, symbolizing her unwavering commitment to keeping Sam out of harm’s way, even at the cost of her own presence in their world.

Come Play’s third act follows Oliver and Sarah, a family trying to escape from Larry, a storybook monster. After a scare at their dad’s parking booth, they manage to escape to their home. However, in a final confrontation, Sarah dies, and Oliver’s dad is confirmed to be alive. Oliver plays with his mother’s ghost in the dimension Larry lived in, using technology to reveal the sketch underneath. Oliver’s mother now lives in this unseen world, revealing the family’s past and the dangers of the monster.

What Is the Monster in the Movie Come Play?

Come Play ending explanation and Monster Larry explain

In the movie Come Play, the monster is a sinister creature named Larry.

Larry is a malevolent entity that exists in a parallel world accessible through electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and screens. He is a tall, shadowy figure with long, bony fingers and a distorted, unsettling appearance.

Larry is lonely and desires friendship, but his methods of seeking companionship are terrifying. He preys on vulnerable individuals, particularly those on the autism spectrum, by luring them into his world through electronic devices. Once inside his world, Larry attempts to form a connection with his victims, but his actions and presence are menacing and disturbing.

Throughout the film, the main characters, particularly a young boy named Sam who is on the autism spectrum, must contend with Larry’s relentless pursuit and the terrifying consequences of his attempts to befriend them. The story revolves around the characters’ efforts to protect themselves and find a way to prevent Larry from entering their world.

Is Larry Real From Come Play?

No, Larry, the monster from the movie Come Play, is a fictional creation for the purposes of the film. Larry does not exist in reality; he is a supernatural entity crafted for the horror-thriller storyline. The movie uses the concept of a malevolent creature that exists within the realm of electronic devices as a source of fear and tension, but it is purely a work of fiction and special effects created for cinematic entertainment.

What Happens in Come Play’s Ending?

Ending of Come Play Film

In the thrilling conclusion of Come Play, the sinister entity known as Larry continues to pose a grave threat. It is revealed that Larry possesses the ability to travel through electrical currents, enabling him to infiltrate any mobile device to communicate and wreak havoc in the physical world.

Sarah’s Desperate Battle to Save Her Son

Larry’s malevolent intentions become chillingly clear as he launches an attack on Marty and endeavors to harm Oliver, with the intent of forcibly transporting him into his own dark and eerie realm. Sarah, Sam’s determined mother, embarks on a heroic quest to protect her son at any cost.

Sarah takes a bold and drastic step in a dramatic turn of events. She goes on a rampage, systematically destroying all the electrical devices in their home, especially those equipped with screens. It’s her desperate attempt to sever the connection between Larry and the physical world. As a result of her actions, Larry manifests in physical form, no longer relying on electronic devices as conduits.

The Terrifying Chase Leads to the Field

Sarah, accompanied by Oliver, flees to a nearby field. In this open and electricity-free environment, they hope to evade Larry’s relentless pursuit. However, the menace of Larry persists. As if by fate, an abandoned mobile device that had been discarded by bullies earlier in the film lies concealed in the grass, allowing Larry to maintain his presence.

A Mother’s Unwavering Love

Throughout the movie, the strength of the mother-son bond is vividly portrayed. Sarah’s unwavering determination to safeguard Oliver, despite the numerous challenges she faces as a mother, is at the heart of the story. Gillian Jacobs delivers a powerful performance, showcasing a mother’s fierce fight for her child’s safety.

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In the climactic moments of the film, Sarah’s ultimate sacrifice becomes the defining moment. Her willingness to give everything, including her own safety, to protect Oliver underscores the profound lengths to which mothers will go for their beloved children. While her fate is undeniably tragic, it’s a poignant reminder of the boundless love and sacrifice that defines the essence of motherhood.

What Happened To Sarah?

Come Play film explanation

In the climactic moment of Come Play, as Larry menacingly reaches for Oliver, Sarah, his mother, realizes that she must make an ultimate sacrifice to save her son. She bravely steps forward, takes Larry’s hand, and offers, “I’ll be your friend, Larry.” It’s a pivotal moment, especially considering Oliver’s struggle with maintaining eye contact throughout the story. In an instant, both Sarah and the enigmatic creature vanish.

A Transformative Loss and Reckoning

After Sarah’s selfless act propels her into Larry’s world, Marty, Oliver’s father, undergoes a significant transformation. He becomes a more involved and attentive father to Oliver, as they navigate the profound loss of a wife and a mother, respectively. Despite the harrowing events that have transpired, it becomes evident that Oliver has not entirely lost his connection with his mother. In a touching twist, Sarah can still appear to and interact with Oliver. Marty witnesses these interactions through the camera of his phone in the film’s final scene.

Sequel Potential and Unresolved Mysteries

Come Play aka Lary ending explained

The conclusion of Come Play leaves room for intriguing possibilities, including the potential for a sequel. The fact that Oliver can still communicate with his mother suggests that the story might continue. Larry’s return to their world remains a looming possibility, given the filmmakers’ creative exploration of how he interacts through electronic devices like phone cameras.

Furthermore, the film’s ending raises questions about Sarah’s whereabouts in Larry’s world. Perhaps Oliver will embark on a quest to find her, reminiscent of the premise in the movie “Insidious,” which delves into the enigmatic realm known as “The Further.”

Supernatural and paranormal horror films, especially those that explore otherworldly settings, have a track record of success in the genre. While the future direction of Come Play remains uncertain, recent news of a fifth installment in the popular “Insidious” franchise underscores the potential for longevity when handling such material effectively. Whether Come Play evolves into a sequel or explores new dimensions of its chilling universe, it has certainly left audiences eager to uncover more of its mysteries.

Come Play is replete with plenty of subliminal messages. Firstly, the occurrence where Larry can only be seen through a smartphone or other mobile device might be interpreted as a representation of the risks that contemporary kids face due to their growing dependence on technology in daily life. This makes Come Play a narrative about how people in the modern world—especially kids—are becoming more and more dependent on screens and technology. Furthermore, Larry may represent more than simply a terrifying creature who preys on little children; he may also represent something deeper.

Another way to look at Larry would be as a symbol of Sarah and Marty’s struggles to deal with parenting Oliver. Come Play may even reveal to its audience at the very end that Larry wasn’t the true antagonist. Aloneness, dread, and loneliness are the true villains, and that’s what Larry represents. With an autistic main character and a real, emotional arc to the plot, Come Play, in any case, approaches the monster movie subgenre in an intriguing way.

Answers to Common Questions

Why did Oliver have no friends?

Oliver was unfairly labeled as dangerous after an incident involving Byron, which led to his mother, Sarah, falsely claiming that Oliver didn't want to be friends with others. This misunderstanding caused him to lose his friends.

Why did Larry want to end reading the story?

Larry could only come to life when his entire story was read. When Sarah accidentally stopped the story on her TV, Larry was freed from the screen and could enter their world.

Why does Oliver engage in repetitive finger movements?

Oliver's finger movements, known as stimming, are a way for him to self-soothe. As someone on the autism spectrum, he may be under-sensitive to sensory stimuli and use stimming to regulate his emotions and sensory experiences.

In the final moments of the film, as Larry’s presence is felt in Oliver’s room, Sarah, who has returned from Larry’s world, reassures her son, saying, “I will protect you,” symbolizing her unwavering love and dedication to her child’s well-being.


Original Title: Come Play

Other Titles: Vem Brincar (Brazil), A Maldição de Larry (Portugal)

Genre: Horror/ Supernatural

Runtime: 1hr 36min

Original Language: English

Written and directed by Jacob Chase

Tagline: He’s good at taking friends.

Release date: October 30, 2020 (USA)

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