Grave Encounters 2 (2012) Ending Explained

Grave Encounters 2 (2012) ending explained

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Grave Encounters 2 (2012) is a found footage supernatural horror film directed by John Poliquin. This is the second part of Grave Encounters (2011).

Grave Encounters Ending Explanation and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

In the last episode of Grave Encounters, executive producer Jerry Hartfield said the movie is completely based on true footage. No special effects were used in the video footage shown here. But after the release of the movie, it gained huge popularity. As a result, Jerry gets pressured and changes his statement saying that the movie was completely fictional and had nothing to do with reality. Also, states that every ghost shown in the movie was mainly created through special effects.

Due to its popularity, various YouTubers started giving its reviews. Most of them gave the movie positive reviews. However, a YouTuber named Alex gives it a one-star rating. According to him, this movie is nothing special.

Later we learn that Alex wants to be a horror movie producer. He wants to make a unique & scary horror movie.

One day Alex receives a message from a YouTube channel called DeathAwaits6. A link was provided in the message. By clicking on that link, Alex gets video footage. The footage was of Lance, the last survivor shown in the first movie.

In the footage, Lance was seen in patient clothing and confined to a room. This footage is a scene after the end of the movie. So Alex is led to believe the previous movie is based on real footage.

Alex then tries to track down the actors from the previous movie but fails. So he uploads a video online asking everyone to let him know if anyone has any information about any cast or crew of the movie.

A few days later, Alex receives an email from someone who sent an address with a picture of one actor. Alex and his friends quickly go to the address and learn he died a year ago.

Alex then goes to meet Jerry Hartfield under a false identity.

Jerry does not allow any cameras and microphones in their meetings. However, Alex sneaks in with a spy camera and records the entire conversation.

During the meeting, Jerry confirms the previous movie is a true story. But if the news of the death and disappearance of so many actors go public, their companies will suffer more. So Jerry changed his statement and announced that it was fictional.

Later, Alex shows the secret video to his friends. Then they all decided to make a short film based on the original psychiatric hospital. They decide to find the owner of the DeathAwaits6’s profile. Because only this guy knows about Lance’s current condition.

The team then reached Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital. There they escaped from the police and entered the main building. They intend to spend a night inside the building and gather some authentic footage, which will further improve the quality of their short films.

They find an Ouija board by the inside of the building. Putting it on the table and all started planchet together. After several attempts finally, the board started answering which indicates any spirit is communicating with them.

The soul introduces itself as DeathAwaits6. Here reveals that the message Alex received was sent by a spirit!

Then the chairs and tables start moving and some invisible force throws everything. They all got scared and came to a room to stay together.

A security guard comes after hearing the noise and goes to check the upstairs room. After a while, the sound of gunfire came from the room. Everyone rushed upstairs to help the guard. But no one was there. The guard seemed to vanish into the air.

After a while, Jared, who was in their group, went into another room to get the camera. At this moment an invisible force pulls him out of the window.

Everyone in the other room hears the noise and comes looking for Jared. But there is nothing to see except a broken window.

They checked the camera footage kept in that room and see what happened with Jared. After then they all became very scared and started looking for a way out of the hospital.

But as we have already seen, the structure of this building changes randomly. As a result, it becomes a maze for everyone inside the hospital. And none of them can get out of here.

The only way out of this hospital is either everyone dies or gets well with Dr. Arthur Friedkin’s treatment.

Later they encounter a creepy female ghost. Seeing her, everyone got scared and started running away. Meanwhile, one of their team, Tessa, gets lost. Moments later an invisible force kills Tessa.

They find the nightguard imprisoned on an operating table. He was getting short electric shocks now and then.

As Alex tried to free him, suddenly high intense electric shocks began to flow through the guard. His body caught fire and died instantly.

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A terrifying ghost then attacks Trevor. Everyone got scared and started running away. At one point they find an exit door and quickly get out. Their car was there outside of the building. They quickly return to the hotel.

They all decide to leave this city right now. Everyone packed up and checked out of the hotel room. Then they enter the elevator to go down to the ground floor. When the elevator doors open, everyone is surprised to find themselves in front of the hospital tunnel.

This explains they never actually made it out of the hospital. Instead, the hospital hallucinated them for so long.

As there is no way out, they start walking through this tunnel. At one point they find Lance. Even after all these years, he is still alive, or better said evil spirits have not killed him.

Lance states that he has found and entered every room in the hospital except one. The door of this room is red and chained. He was thwarted every time he tried entering this room.

Over the years, he managed to create a map of the entire building. Alex and the others get excited when they see the map. Because they could see a possibility of getting out of the hospital.

Alex and his companions decide they will break through the red door and enter the house. Because everyone thinks that the real secret of this hospital is inside that room. But they all got very tired and decided to rest first.

Lance kills Trevor when he goes to the toilet. At this time Lance said that he did not want to do it. The spirits are doing this to him. He has no fault here.

He then runs off with the chain cutter from Trevor’s bag.

Alex and Jennifer wake up to find Trevor dead. Not seeing Lance around, they figure out who did it. In no time they also realize he has fled with their equipment. But Lance accidentally dropped the map. Alex and Jennifer headed towards the mysterious room.

Meanwhile, Lance managed to break the door of the room and enter. He thought this might be the only way out. But after entering the door, realize that he has made a huge mistake. Because he re-entered that room. This is none but another maze.

Lance then becomes very disappointed and tells the other spirits that he has done everything they asked. So now why won’t he get freedom?

After that, the writing began to rise on the wall alone. Lance realizes that he needs to do more to get out of here. Alex and Jennifer must be killed, and the video they created must be taken out. Only then will he be released.

Here the doctor and some nurses operate together. Doctor Arthur was then going to perform a ritual of black magic by sacrificing a newborn baby. Just then a nurse saw Alex and Jennifer. He looks at them menacingly and moves on. Seeing this, they got scared and ran away from there.

Running, they come to the mysterious room. They see Lance is already there. He has Trevor’s backpack.

Lance sets out to kill them while Trevor’s camera and other equipment float alone in the air and start recording everything. Lance attacks them.

At one point in the fight, Jennifer hit Lance’s head. As a result, Lance is severely injured and his head began bleeding. Then suddenly another dimensional portal opens in one of the walls of the room, and it pulls Lance away. Then the portal closed. This explains Lance is no more valuable to the spirits.

Annex understands what the soul wants. The ghosts want the video footage recorded in this hospital to be released to the outside world and spread as lies. This will raise suspicion among many, and some of them will come to the hospital to verify the footage. Then the spirits will capture them and make them victims of Dr. Arthur. And this cycle will continue one after the other.

Alex realizes he and Jennifer will not be able to leave this hospital together. So he wastes no time and starts hitting Jennifer in the face with his handheld camera and kills her in no time.

Alex then looks at the camera and tells the spirits that this footage will be released as false footage. The cycle of death will also be perpetuated

Alex then opens the door and steps out. He finds himself in a forest. The sun is shining outside. He looks back and sees that the red door had broken by itself and disappeared.

Then the scene changed to December 05, 2011. Here we see Jerry and Alex sitting together. They released the next episode of Grave Encounters. And this next one is basically to compile the footage captured by Alex. However, Jerry announces everything shown in this episode is fictional. It has nothing to do with reality. And the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital shown here is not ghostly.


Original Title: Grave Encounters 2

Genre: Found footage/ Supernatural horror

Runtime: 01hr 38min

Original Language: English

Directed by John Poliquin

Written by The Vicious Brothers

Tagline: Fear Is Just a Word. Reality Is Much Worse.

Release date: October 2, 2012 (USA)

Origin Country: Canada

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Richard Harmon Alex Wright
Leanne Lapp Jennifer
Sean Rogerson Lance
Stephanie Bennett Tessa

Grave Encounters Movie List

1. Grave Encounters (2011)

2. Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

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