Don’t be Afraid of The Dark (2010) Ending Explained

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010) ending explained

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Released in 2010, ‘Don’t be Afraid of The Dark’ is a supernatural horror movie directed by Troy Nixey. Written by Guillermo del Toro and Matthew Robins, the movie is based on the same-titled novel by Nigel McKeand. The story tells a tale of a mysterious house where lives some tooth fairy-like creatures that drags people to darkness.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Ending Explained & Plot Story in Details

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The plot revolves around a mysterious 19th-century house where an older man named Lord Emerson Blackwood lived. The mysterious dark creatures dragged his son. So, he killed his housemaid and collected her teeth to offer them as a replacement for his son. The creatures rejected the offer and also dragged him to the darkness.

Coming to the modern age, a little girl named Sally Hurst (Bailee Maddison) comes to the scene. Her parents recently divorced, and she was taken into her father, Alex Hurst’s (Guy Pearce) custody. She would be with her father, who had come to pick her up at the airport with his girlfriend Kim Raphael (Katie Holmes). Sally’s father, Alex, is portrayed as a good-hearted and potentially good father who cares much about his children. Sally, Alex, and Kim came to Blackwood’s mysterious house.

How does Sally get to know about the Creatures?

The next day, after arriving at the house, Sally walks into the garden and feels something behind the bushes. At that time, Blackwood’s grandson Harris (Jack Thompson) appears before her, stopping her from going there. Also, he warns her about the safety of that place. At that very time, Alex and Kim come to the garden, and Alex goes to check that place on the insistence of Sally; and finds nothing.

Harris didn’t like the family’s activity, as he did not want someone to be harmed again. Despite his concern, Alex and Sally keep exploring the house and arrive at the basement. There they notice a sealed ash pit. Being curious, Sally tries to open it and starts suspecting something fishy. The next day, she again goes to the basement and hears some mysterious sounds while standing there. She begins to feel that something is there, but can’t figure out who. To remove her suspicion, Sally puts a needle in that hole beneath the ash pit, which is pulled inside after a while. Sally gets the proof and becomes more curious about the ash pit.

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Sally gets curious about the sealed ash pit and tries to open it. While doing so, her father, Alex, comes and asks about her actions. She tells her father about the sounds. Alex also tries to hear the sound, but doesn’t listen to anything. However, something attempts to attack him with a needle while doing that. Alex was standing at a proper distance and didn’t even know about that. He assures Sally that there is nothing.

The half-blocked hole gets unblocked, and Sally tries to peep inside. There, she finds some teeth in a pot. Sally picks up some teeth and keeps them under her pillow. She becomes grieved after hearing her parents’ conversation. At that time, she noticed her teddy bear was moving. Soon she understood that there were two little creatures behind the glimpsing bears, who ran away. She keeps searching for the creatures, but fails to find any.

The following day, the tooth Sally placed under her pillow had turned into a silver coin. She seems like she is part of a fairy tale. Afterward, she goes to the basement after getting some responses from the basement. Harris was in the basement when he came to block the tunnel with tools and a torch. He sends Sally back from there. While blocking, Harris got attacked by the creatures and got seriously injured. He succeeds in saving himself by taking the torchlight, as the creatures are afraid of the light.

Sally meets Harris and becomes so frightened. She was so afraid that she started to sleep with Alex and Kim. Kim came to drop her in her room when she was in a deep sleep. In the room, Sally gets attacked by those creatures and wakes up screaming. Alex and Kim come to her room and switch on the light. The creatures had already fled, and Sally was very afraid. She tells Alex about the creatures, but he disbelieves her.

How do Alex and Kim get to Know About the Creatures?

Kim visits Harris at the hospital and gets to know about the creatures and the incidents. He suggests her visit the library and read specific books. She accepts the suggestion and gets to know about Blackwood and the tale of those creatures. Coming back to the house, Kim finds Sally has disappeared, and she starts to search for her along with Alex. As Kim now believes in the tale, she tells all she knows to Alex and wants to leave the house. Alex still disbelieves the fact.

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Moving the story forward, Alex and Kim find Sally. Coming home, Kim talks to Sally and gives her a camera, clearing that creatures cannot appear in the light, and she can also take photos of those creatures with the camera. Now, Sally starts chasing the creatures to capture their photo. Sally gets attacked by the creatures as she goes to the library and closes the door with a scream. Hearing the scream, Alex breaks the library door to save her. Now, he starts to believe the tales and creatures, seeing the photos taken by his daughter. Alex decides to leave the house instantly.

What Happened at the End of the Movie Don’t be Afraid of The Dark?

As they were leaving the house, those creatures appeared again when Alex was going to drive their car. They take him down with an entangling rope. For instance, Alex became senseless. Kim also gets senseless after being attacked by them at the house. Within a short time, she restores her consciousness and notices the creatures are dragging Sally. She immediately cuts the ropes to rescue Sally. Noticing that, all creatures attack Kim, and after fracturing her leg, they drag her to the basement’s darkness. At that time, Alex reaches there after regaining consciousness and rescues Sally from those vicious and devilish creatures.

Who Was Emerson Blackwood, and What Happened To Him?

Lord Emerson Blackwood was a wildlife portrait painter who lived in Providence County, Rhodes Island, in the 19th century. The dark creatures took his son. For this reason, he killed his housemaid and collected her teeth to offer them as a replacement for his son. But the creatures rejected his offers. So, he offered himself and got him dragged toward darkness by the dark creatures. It can be anticipated that Blackwood’s son had come to life.


As a debutant filmmaker, Troy Nixey left his signs of merit in this supernatural horror movie. It’s a pleasure to watch and the brainless pen suggests you to watch this movie. The pen stops now, have a great day.


Original Title: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 39min

Original Language: English

Directed by Troy Nixey

Written by Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Robbins

Tagline: Don’t listen to them. Don’t turn off the light. Don’t let them out.

Release date: August 26, 2011 (USA)

Origin Country: United States, Australia, Mexico

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