About Brainless Pen

Brainless Pen is a horror movie review website with an exemplary model for others.

Our goal is to show the right way to those movie viewers who love to be scared and want an intelligent discussion about the movie.

Whether it’s a movie quality or vogus, realistic or weird, people will always get the right expiation from us.

Brainless Pen also has a space for real-life horror events finders. Our discussions cover those instances where evidence has been collected that can prove a spooky or unnatural occurrence.

Why We Explore The Endings & Twists of Movies & Series?

  • It seems like a movie you saw a long time ago concluded with some slight plot twists that you cannot recall.
  • Even if you’re uninterested in seeing the movie, everyone’s talking about, you want to know what all the hype is about.
  • It was not quite right when your Tivo timer cut off the last few minutes of something that hasn’t been broadcast in months.
  • Rather than pay two more dollars to watch the end of a mediocre rental, you fall asleep watching it.
  • You won’t be able to discover the in-flight film before your trip ends, so you don’t want to ask your pilot to circle the airport so that you can see the finale.
  • Your schedule does not allow you to watch an entire series or movie.
  • Everyone is talking about a movie in your unknown language, and you want to know the story of the movie.

How do we do it?

It’s very simple. We buy the movie and watch them several times. We point out the fact, storyline, mental satisfaction, resources, and the moral message of the entire movie. Then we research the all collected data and reveal them to our visitors.

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