Megan Is Missing (2011) Ending Explained

Megan is Missing (2011) ending explained

Megan Is Missing (2011) is an American psychological horror film written and directed by Michael Goi. The movie was one of the most controversial films of that year for its tag ‘traumatizing’ and ‘true story.’ Megan is Missing film is very disturbing to watch for its violence. It follows the story of a young girl Megan who goes missing after attending a party with her friends. The search for her leads to dangerous and mysterious areas, and the film makes you feel impossible for the characters as they suffer. The ending of this movie is shocking, and you will be left feeling very uneasy. This movie is not for the faint of heart, and it is definitely not for children.

Megan is Missing Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Megan Stewart and Amy Herman disappeared in January 2007. They were both best friends and 14 years old.

To highlight the significance of children’s online safety, investigators put together web-chat videos, home movies, and news reports documenting their disappearances. High school honors student Megan enjoys a good popularity among her peers.

However, as evidenced by web footage from January 2, she suffers from drug addiction and a dysfunctional relationship with her mother.

Amy has a good relationship with her parents and is reluctant to let go of her childhood as evidenced by her love of stuffed animals. Amy is bullied despite having a close friendship with Megan.

Megan invites her to a rave party she’s going to celebrate Amy’s impending birthday to help her fit in. According to a video taken the night of the party, Amy is assaulted when she declines to have sex with one of the men there and is uncomfortable. She is shocked when she walks in on Megan engaging in oral sex with the party’s host in exchange for drugs.

Megan expresses regret during the video chat for the unpleasant encounter. Amy uses her new camera to record a video diary of herself and Megan on her birthday.

Megan tells Amy about her life and reveals that her stepfather is in jail for raping her when she was nine years old. She explains that because her mother has never forgiven Megan for reporting him to the police. They have a hostile relationship. Amy hugs her and comforts her before she has a chance to cry.

One of Megan’s party companions, Lexie, gives Josh. They believe to be a 17-year-old student from a nearby school is a social media handle. He claims to have a broken webcam while remaining anonymous on video chat.

Megan discovers herself infatuated with him despite numerous warning signs and contradictions. They decide to meet at a party. But he stays a mystery. When he accurately describes what she was wearing and insists he is shy after she confronts him online. She decides to forgive him.

Although at Megan’s house, Amy begins to sense left out. Then Megan introduces her to Josh. Megan is persuaded by Josh to meet him behind a diner rather than in public this time.

The last image of Megan is from the diner’s grainy security camera. It shows her being grabbed by the wrist by an unidentified man. This is according to news reports from January 17.

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Amy starts looking into Megan’s disappearance and communicates with Josh online. He threatens Amy after realizing she has a suspicion about him.

On fetish forums, shocking pictures of a tortured Megan with her mouth, nostrils, and eyes forced open while immobilized in a device start to appear.

Amy is grabbed by a man as she is filming a video diary beneath an old bridge where she would share secrets with Megan. Her video camera is discovered by investigators in a trash can. Josh opens the door to a BDSM chamber where Amy is chained to the wall in the raw video.

He obliges her by making her eat from a dog bowl without using her hands after she begs for her stuffed animal.

Later, Josh brutally rapes her and promises to release her if she enters a large plastic barrel to hide his whereabouts. Amy sees Megan’s disintegrating corpse inside the barrel. She opens it and makes an effort to get away.

Josh excavates a sizable hole in a forest. She is compelled to enter with Megan’s body and begs to live. He inserts the barrel and fills it. Then takes up his flashlight and leaves.

What happens at the end of Megan is Missing (2011)?

At the end of the movie, it is revealed through news footage and a police report that Megan and Amy were abducted and murdered by Josh, the man they had been chatting with online.

The last scenes of the movie show Megan’s decomposed body being found in a barrel buried in the woods, followed by Amy’s body being found in a nearby storage unit. The movie ends with a warning about the dangers of online predators and a message encouraging parents and teenagers to be cautious and aware of these risks.

Who Is the Killer in The Movie Megan Is Missing (2011)?

In the movie Megan Is Missing (2011) the killer is a character known as Josh.

Josh is a young man who befriends the two main characters, Megan and Amy, online. He gains their trust and eventually convinces Megan to meet up with him in person. Unfortunately, Josh turns out to be a dangerous predator who kidnaps and kills Megan.

Amy later discovers that Josh is responsible for Megan’s disappearance and tries to escape from him, but she is also captured and ultimately meets a similar fate as Megan.

Was the Killer in The Movie Megan Is Missing (2011) Caught?

The killer in the movie Megan Is Missing (2011) was not caught by the police, not even shown in the film.

The movie ends with the discovery of the bodies of the two girls, but there is no indication that Josh, the killer, was ever identified or apprehended by law enforcement.

It’s important to remember that the film is a fictional movie, and while it is based on real-life cases of online predators and missing persons, it is not a true story. Nonetheless, the movie does serve as a cautionary tale about the dangers of online grooming and exploitation, and the importance of being vigilant and informed about these risks.

Is the Movie Megan Is Missing (2011) Based on A True Story?

Does the movie “Megan is Missing” based on a true story? Is the barrel footage real in the movie?

People still nowadays ask these types of questions. Some believe that the movie is based on a true story while others are unsure. Regardless, many people are wondering if the movie is based on a true story.

Well, after a decade it is still a debate. Because at first director declares that the movie is based on a real story but later, he changed the statement to ‘the movie is inspired by a true event.’

It looks like little bit real compared with other horror films because it shoots in a found footage style. But nothing is real in Goi’s ‘Megan is Missing.’

Thus, an online wave floods through social media that it could be a real story; especially for the ‘photo number 1.’ But now officially it is cleared that the movie is none but fictional.

The movie is spread over the social media platform TikTok with the hashtag “#traumatizing” and later, Goi issued the following trigger warning for potential viewers:

Do not watch the movie in the middle of the night. Do not watch the movie alone. And if you see the words ‘photo number one’ pop up on your screen, you have about four seconds to shut off the movie if you’re already kind of freaking out before you start seeing things that maybe you don’t want to see.


The 2011 movie Megan is Missing was a disappointing experience. The storyline was confusing and the ending was unsatisfying and left many questions unanswered.


Original Title: Megan Is Missing

Genre: Horror/ Psychological/ Found-footage

Runtime: 1hr 25min

Original Language: English

Written & directed by Michael Goi

Tagline: Megan and Amy are best friends. They share secrets. They chat with guys online. And in a few days, they will never be seen again.

Release date: May 03, 2011 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

Filming locations: California

Official Website: Megan is Missing (2011) Website

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Rachel Quinn Megan Stewart
Amber Perkins Amy Herman
Dean Waite Josh

Official Trailer of Megan is Missing (2011)

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