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Devil (2010) is a suspense-intense horror movie directed by John Erick Dowdle. Though the movie is low-budgeted, its storytelling, and core concept make it worth watching.

One month before another demonic movie The Last Exorcism released which was quite good. So I was a little bit confused about this one, but later it satisfied me with its suspense and twist.

Devil movie ending explained and plot story in details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

A man commits suicide by jumping from a high-rise building. He leaves a suicide note where he mentions that Devil has come down to earth And he can hear its footsteps.

After a while, two detectives arrived at the scene to investigate the death. One of them is Detective Bowden and the other is Detective Markowitz.

In that building we see five people entering an elevator. After a while the elevator becomes jammed and everyone gets stuck there. Out of these five people, three are men, a woman and one is an old woman.

  1. Tony – a young man. He is a mechanic and former Soldier.
  2. Vince McCormick is another man who is a salesperson.
  3. Sarah Caraway – is a beautiful young woman. She married a rich businessman.
  4. Ben Larson is a black guy. He is a temporary guard of the building. Detectives found that he had a dark past of violence beating a person with a baseball bat.
  5. Jane Kowski is the only old woman in the elevator.

Two security guards spotted the matter through a CCTV camera in the elevator. But the security guards could not hear them as the microphone inside the elevator was broken. However, the people in the elevator could hear the security guards. The names of the two security guards are Ramirez and Lustig respectively.

Suddenly the light goes out for a while in the elevator. When the light comes back, a bite mark is seen on Sahara’s back. Since Vince was standing right behind Sarah, everyone suspected him. But he strongly denies it.

In the meanwhile, the detectives reach the control room and they realize that something unusual is happening here.

Since Detective Bowden believes in religion, he suspects that Satan may be present. But Detective Markowitz is an unbeliever so he ruled out the possibility. He says that his wife and son died in an accident and he has stopped believing in God ever since. The culprit of that accident has not been found yet so he is still suffering inside his mind.

The elevator lights up again, and when it returns, everyone is surprised to find Vince lying on the floor. His throat is cut and blood is dripping around. Within a short time, he died. This time everyone in the elevator got scared and everyone started doubting each other.

The lights go out on the elevator again and when it is back everyone sees the old woman hanging in a corner of the elevator with a rope around her neck.

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After a while, the lights go out again in the elevator. This time, when the light came back and surprised everyone by finding Ben dead. Someone twisted Ben’s neck and broke it.

Only Sarah and Tony are now alive in the elevator.

The elevator went dark again for a while and this time Sarah is found injured.

Suddenly the old woman wakes up and starts calling Tony from behind. Her eyeballs turn black and there is no doubt that the Devil is none other than the old lady.

Then Tony admits his sin that last year he hit and ran from a woman and a boy. Detectives realize that this is the man they have been looking for.

Thus Tony accepts his sin and confesses publicly that’s why Devil becomes weak and can’t kill him.

Then the Devil vanishes from the elevator and leaves Tony alive.

After that, the police rescued and arrested him.

Who is the killer in Devil (2010) movie?

Devil is the main killer in the movie who came down to earth in the form of an old woman.

In the first two-third part of the movie, this is unrevealed that the old lady is the Devil. In the last part of the film when it comes to light – it was a shocking twist for viewers.

Why Devil (or old lady) kill those people?

The devil comes to earth for punishing the sinner. In the elevator, all the people are major sinners. But among them, Tony committed a major sin to murder a mother and a boy. He could save them but didn’t. The devil comes to him to punish. But when Tony confesses his sin, the Devil can’t kill him and left him alive.

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Who survived in Devil’s (2010) film?

Tony survived to the end of the movie.

The devil comes to the place for him but finally his confession he survived.

Why did the old lady call Tony Jane Kowski?

Jane Kowski is the real name of Tony. After a hit-and-run incident, he changed his name and take Tony. But Devil knows him from the very beginning.

So the old lady (as a form Devil) calls Tony by his real name so that he can remember what had he done.

Is Devil (2010) a good movie to watch?

Yes. Definitely, Devil (2010) is a “must watch” film.

Though this is a low-budgeted movie its direction and suspense make you hooked from the starting to the ending.


Original Title Devil

Genre Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller

Runtime 1hr 20min

Original Language English

Directed by John Erick Dowdle

Written by Brian Nelson, M. Night Shyamalan

Tagline Bad Things Happen For A Reason.

Release date September 17, 2010 (USA)

Origin Country United States

Official Website Devil Movie Facebook

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Logan Marshall-Green Tony
Jenny O’Hara Old woman
Bojana Novakovic Sarah
Chris Messina Detective Bowden


Watch out for your sins, don’t flee, try to fix them – this is the motto of the movie. In reality, this can change our world more beautiful.

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