The Pyramid (2014) Ending Explained

The Pyramid (2014) Movie Review & Full Story

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The Pyramid (2014) is a horror intense film directed by Grégory Levasseur. The movie is about ancient Egyptian history and the myth behind this.


The Pyramid (2014) Ending Explained

* * * Spoiler Alert * * *

The movie starts with public chaos in the city of Cairo, Egypt. Local people are protesting for unclosing a newly discovered pyramid in the desert. The pyramid is a little bit more strange than usual. This is a three-sided Pyramid and it is buried in the ground under 600 feet. People of Egypt believe that the pyramid is cursed and if it is disclosed then there will begin an inevitable catastrophe in the sound world.

Dr. Miles Holden (Denis O’Hare) is in the lead of the archeologist team for discovering the pyramid. His daughter Dr. Nora Holden (Ashley Hinshaw) also in the team as an archeologist. They are adopting modern technology for research with the help of NASA. Michael Zahir (Amir K) convinced NASA to use their one satellite and a 3-million-dollar rover usually created for the platen Mars. There are another two people we identify in the full movie outside from the team Sunni Marsh (Christa-Marie Nicola) and Fitzie (James Buckley). Sunni is over here to produce the documentary and Fitzie endure the cameraman.

The digging is continued.

Cast of the movie the pyramid

Once the moment has arrived. The path of a tunnel is almost revealed. A worker dislodges the final stone in front of the tunnel and suddenly it blasts with toxic gas. The worker died right away instantly.

After this incident, an American government representative is contacting online Dr. Miles to stop the research and move back to the country immediately. He also informs that the Egyptian government will ban your work forcefully if it continues. Therefore, it is more divine to return after stopping research.

Hearing this, the team feels disturbed because they are very closed to revealing the truth of the pyramid. At this close committing the research does not make sense for them. But finally, they decided to return and start backpacking for leaving the next morning.

Significantly, we noticed that Dr. Nora still wants to continue for a little more time. She tries to convince the team that they have the day and they should attempt to reveal why this is three-sided and why it is buried so deep in the ground.

The team is convinced by Nora.

So, they send the rover into the pyramid through the tunnel. The rover advances into the deep of the tunnel and suddenly something attacks. The streaming is stopped. Zahir becomes so tense for the rover because that was furthered another purpose and NASA will ‘f*cked him up.’ As a consequence, he doesn’t want to leave it inside as is. Before returning, he wants to take it away.

Other members also decided to go inside the pyramid with Zahir.

There is a problem. The military doesn’t want to let them go inside. So, they decided not to inform the outsiders, and they return after rescuing the rover. As a result, none would know about their breaking of the law.

Shadid tells the team to leave

As a safety issue, before going inside, Dr. Miles binds him with a wire which is stuck outside. The purpose behind it is that they may not lose the return track while returning. The returning path can be tracked easily through the wire.

All enter inside.

Moving ahead, they find three similar paths in three separate directions. One of them is the leading upside of the Pyramid. They move forward and reached another chamber like the previous one. There are equally three paths in different three directions. But now they discover a piece of the rover and it is badly damaged as like as dead.

Dr. Miles investigate

So, they decided to return, but Nora noticed that the wire is broken and none has a clear idea about the returning path.

They revive these three ways and each way contains the same symbol. This more extremely puzzled them.

Taking a chance, they choose away and start to move on. But they struck the edge of the closed tunnel, the path is wrong and they stuck badly.

The crises become more serious when the floor is broken and all of them fall to another chamber. And Zahir becomes critically injured. A piece of massive & heavy stone was crushed on his leg. Everyone tries moving the stone but failed. Therefore, they decided to leave Zahir there and find out the exit way. When they can get out, they will be back with a rescue team.

After moving a few steps, they heard a heavy sound with some kind of unknown animal screaming. The sound came from the direction of Zahir. So they quickly go to Zahir and witness a horrific scene. Someone or something lifted the stone, and Zahir just vanishes, blood is surrounding the place. All of them feel so scared and Sunni produces a panic attached.

They start moving on top.

After a while, they discover a stone door. And the hieroglyphic says ‘Danger’ in front of the door. Consequently, this is a warning not to open the door. But they retain no other option to extend. So they break the seal and move forward.

They heard the military voice and run towards the sound. The armed man Shahid is there for them with a gun. But suddenly an unknown creature pulls him through the shaft and is crushed as a sand-puppet.

Zahir badly injured

They become run. Sunni falls in a trap of spikes. She stabbed on two massive spikes. Some unknown creatures like a mutation of rats and jackal come to Sunni and eat her flesh. Others try to redeem her but failed.

They moved and reached in front of a stone door with many symbols. Dr. Miles finds a secret button to open the door. It is the top-secret chamber of the pyramid. There are a tomb and a dead human body with a diary next to the altar.


Nora noticed by the finger ring of the man that he was a freemasonry member. By discovering the diary, they moreover know that the intact pyramid is not like others. This pyramid is a jail. The ancient God Anubis is prisoned inside this pyramid. Therefore, this is well-nigh impossible to escape too outside.

After that, the Jackal-head God Anubis comes up to the scene. He killed Dr. Miles by consuming his heart. Next Anubis tied Nora for gripping her soul. But Nora hit Anubis with a sharp iron swelling & He falls for a while.

Then Nora runs and comes near to the outside. The sunlight is shining in front of her.

In the ending scene of the movie, we see a child come near to Nora and lifted the camera. The camera is still running, and the boy moved it towards his face. At that moment, Anubis come behind the boy and captured him. The camera falls and is broken.

The movie ends here.

last scene of the movie


The Pyramid (2014) is a semi-found footage horror film directed by Grégory Levasseur. Most of the scenes are inside the pyramid which typically makes the movie quite intense.

The Pyramid is a $6.5 million budgeted movie. Therefore naturally, there should be a lack of setup, lighting, cast, and CGI. Before start watching the movie, I tacitly accepted those economic factors. But Levasseur’s arrangement between the budgets carved me.

This is mandatory to write about the setting of such kind of Pyramid movie. The set of the movie generates a gloomy intense atmosphere.

Nora investigate

From my personal interest, I love to watch a horror movie with Egyptian mythology. Therefore, I watched it very carefully and try to measure almost every unique point. In most cases, I can’t say this is a masterpiece movie but not bad as it was reviewed on the internet.

Levasseur tries to rise an innovative concept of the Egyptian horror genre but somehow it doesn’t work professionally. After one hour it becomes predictable that a ‘monster’ is coming for the archeologists and they will fail to escape. There was a lot of potential in the first hour, but the ending destroyed everything. Especially the monster ‘Anubis’ – the God of death.

The casting of Anubis is a little bit good but as an Egyptian horror lover, it is ridiculous. Some information of jackal-head God is also not correct. Like Anubis never consume peoples’ hearts. There is another God in Egyptian methodology called ‘Amiit’ who is consumed heart or soul of the creatures. ‘Amiit’ is moreover known as “The Devourer of Hearts.” But in this movie, there is no concept about Amiit. Anubis only measures its purity. But there is no such historic evidence about what Anubis do if the heart is genuine.

There are a few supreme stupidities I recognize in the movie they made me mentally sick. Let’s talk about some of them.

First, the army man Shadid.

He seems to be an army man and is responsible for the security issues. But his talking approach is extremely rude, especially for the archeological team with government permission. That is absolute nonsense. And Shadid is the only security guy seemed in the whole movie. Is that really possible?

Second, 3-million-dollar rover.

I don’t know if I am the only one who mistaken the rover as Wall-E at a first glance. Without Wall-E, was there no model rover in the world?

rover design is similar to wall e

Third, is the safety issue.

There is always a major course for the syllabus of archeology in every university in the world. Because this is undoubtedly a vital point for every discovery. Not only archeology but also every discovery and survival technique remain always the utmost priority to ensure maximum safety. In the movie we see, the team is willing to drive into the pyramid without any suit, medical kit. They tie a wire which is thinner than my dog belt. All of them were aware of some kind of unknown toxic gas with bacteria inside the pyramid. A few hours before a worker died instantly in front of them, but still, they moved into that tunnel-like some schoolboys.

Fourth, Idiot Anubis.

Anubis is the god of death. His power is unlimited, and He is the son of Osiris. Some of the body organs of Osiris are transplanted to Anubis which makes Him unattachable. But in the movie, our Anubis is become injured by a thousand-year-old blunted blade. What a shame! When Nora was tied by Anubis then it happened. Nora strikes Him with an iron blade. But in Egyptian mythology, there are at least 3 (till 2021) spells found to beat the God of the Death. Without these spells, nothing can restrain Him.

As a Ph.D. holder, I thought Nora knew that. But alas! I was wrong.

To sum it up, The Pyramid (2014) consumed a mediocre quality film. I would not recommend it if you are a hardcore Egyptian, horror & intense movie lover. But if you have enough time to waste and are new to the genre then watch it. The Pyramid (2014) is getting a rating of 4 out of 10 from Brainless Pen.

Good Facts

  • Good character development
  • Along with a few jump scares
  • The main plot has a great potential to attract
  • Egypt’s mythical monster

Bad Facts

  • However, after a while, it starts to become predictable
  • Too many plots hole
  • A disappointing conclusion

Film Facts

Original Title The Pyramid

Genre Horror/ Thriller

Runtime 1hr 29min

Original Language English

Director Grégory Levasseur

Writer Daniel Meersand; Nick Simon

Producer Alexandre Aja; Mark Canton; Chady Eli Mattar; Scott C. Silver

Production Company Twentieth Century Fox

Tagline You only enter once.

Filming location Morocco

Awards Golden Fleece for Golden Trailer (Nominee)

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Plays
Ashley Hinshaw Dr. Nora Holden Archeologist
Denis O’Hare Dr. Miles Holden Lead Archeologist
James Buckley Fitzie Cameraman
Christa-Marie Nicola Sunni Marsh Reporter
Amir K Zahir Tenchnologist

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What is the creature in The Pyramid movie?

Anubis is the main monster of the movie The Pyramid. He is known as the God of Death in Egyptian mythological history. Anubis is the jackal-head god and son of Osiris and Nephthys.

Is Pyramid a good movie?

The Pyramid (2014) is not considered a masterpiece by many critics but most of them agree this movie is good.

Who is the Director of The Pyramid (2014)?

Grégory Levasseur is the director of the Pyramid film of 2014. He is also known for the movies P2 (2007), Mirrors (2008), Crawls (2019), and Oxygen (2021).

Who is Nora in the movie Pyramid (2014)?

Ashley Hinshaw plays Dr. Nora in the film Pyramid.

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