Dark Skies (2013) Ending Explained

Dark Skies (2013) Ending Explained

Dark Skies (2013) is an American science fiction horror film written and directed by Scott Stewart. The movie stars Kerri Russell, Josh Hamilton, etc.

Dark Skies takes us on a spine-tingling journey into the mysterious and the unexplained. In this 2013 American science fiction horror film, directed by Scott Stewart and starring Kerri Russell and Josh Hamilton, we follow the lives of the Barrett family in an idyllic suburban setting. However, beneath the surface of their seemingly normal existence, strange and unsettling events begin to unfold. From eerie fridge openings to bizarre sculptures made from kitchen products, the Barret family’s world is turned upside down. In this article, we delve into the heart of the supernatural, aiming to decipher the enigmatic ending of Dark Skies. Prepare to be captivated by a unique exploration of this cinematic masterpiece as we seek to shed light on its perplexing conclusion.

Dark Skies (2013) Movie Plot and Ending Explained in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Lacy Berret and Daniel Berret live in a suburban American city with their two sons. The scene starts with Daniel barbecuing porks, and their younger child is playing with a lizard. It is a little sick, so Sammy will nurse it until it returns to good health. Lacy calls Jessie to join their family party. Jessie is with his friend, who does a lot of adult deeds like kissing. When there is playing the kissing scene on TV, Jessie feels something. Something that an adolescent will feel.

Daniel is a strict father who consistently demeans Jassie. He always focuses on his faults, so they both have a harsh relationship. Daniel is unemployed, and Lacy is a real estate agent. At night he expects some closeness from his wife, but she is pretty busy with her real estate work, so it does piss Daniel off at that moment.

Jessie and Sammy share a good relationship. They both talk over the walkie-talkie at night. Jessie read him stories. Lacy wakes up in the middle of the night and checks everyone whether they are asleep or not.

Suddenly, she notices her fridge door is open, and everything inside messes around outside. She gets scared and checks what creature did it but finds nothing. In the morning, they are discussing it. Dani says maybe it’s a giant rabbit. But Lacy is not bothered by the fact at all! She is thinking.

‘What Kind of Animal Eats All the Lettuce but Leaves the Bacon?’

Jessie is bothering Sammy, saying it, a mutant and mad lizard at him for imprisoning her offspring. Dani is attending an interview, and everyone heartily wishes him good luck. Lacy has a second show at two up on Croft, and Dani promises to tell the truth to her to indicate upward before that. He gets rejected again because of being laid off from Jacobson.

Daniel gets positively denied, but he willingly lies to Lacy. He says they are getting back to him next week. At night, Lacy closes the door tightly and notices her sons are talking with each other with walkie. She sends them to sleep and falls asleep. At night, she wakes up having a bad dream and checks every room. Suddenly, she gets a shock seeing a sculpture made of her kitchen products. At night, who made this she doesn’t understand. A hand touches her and her jumpscares. Nothing to be worried about; it was Sammy.

Lacy asks Sammy who did this. Sammy tells the sandman has done it after leaving his room. Lacy stares at him, making a shocked face.

Later in the morning, the police came to check. He says there is no forced entry. Police suspect two cases. One is maybe whoever is doing it has the key to the house, or it’s someone in the house. Dad is saying no. No one from the house is doing it. Police say we got a case that their child is a sleep eater. She sleepwalks and eats all the food in the kitchen. Children do crazy things, so maybe your child is a little brilliant.

A family comes to watch Lacy’s house because she wants to sell it. The mom inhales her daughter as she has asthma. Lacy says her older son got it, too.

Mom asks how she coped with it. Lacy says she worried a lot. They both laugh and discuss the house. Lacy asks about the interview at night, and Dani says he doesn’t think he will make it. Lacy gets depressed because he lied to her. Dani says he didn’t want to give her bad news, but Lacy doesn’t buy that. She screams, and Sammy hears it. He contacts her brother, and Jessie tells him to sleep. Sammy thinks her father is going to leave. Suddenly, the alarm rang that night, and everyone woke up and went outside to check.

Like every day, they find nothing but some strange things happen. The notice says the intruder tries to enter from every house gate. But that isn’t possible, so it’s a system malfunction. But Lacy sees every photo vanish from the photo frame. They don’t understand what is happening.

The following day, the police again blame their kids. Dani and Lacy sit with their kids to talk about this. Jessie says he was asleep, so he didn’t take the photos. Sammy says that he didn’t take it, but the sandman did it, and the sandman tells him not to tell anyone. Dani gets furious and searches for the photos in his room. Lace tells him to stop because they no longer care about the pictures.

There is more concerning matter in front of them now. Sammy needs treatment, like seeing a shrink. That afternoon, Dani takes Sammy to play with other kids. A guardian asks him if he heard about seeing a shrink for Sammy. Dani ignores it, and suddenly, he sees Sammy peed on himself. Dani takes him away.

On the other hand, Lace is organizing the room, and suddenly, she sees a picture of a sandman drawn by Sammy. Suddenly, a bird gets hurt, hitting their window. She feels sorry for the bird. She is about to open the window, and suddenly, plenty of birds start coming and hitting their house. Lace gets so scared he calls the police, and they start cleaning the house. Dani asks the police why this has happened.

Police predict it could be some outbreak, or maybe it could be an environmental cause like a storm or lightning. Dani and Lacy sit with Sammy and ask gently why he is afraid in the park. Sammy says he can’t remember anything, and at one point, he is not himself anymore.

Dani decides they are going to the therapist tomorrow, and he will figure out how to manage the money. At night, Lacy wakes up at midnight and sees everything normal. She hears the sounds of someone talking while passing Sam’s room. She goes into the room and sees a slick, shadowy figure and screams. She lights on and finds none. Dani runs into the room and asks what’s happening. They find Sam nowhere in the house. Suddenly, Dani sees Sam getting outside. He rushes to him and hugs him.

They rescue Sam and lie to him in bed. Dani asks Lacy if she saw someone then where he had gone, and he enters. Because everything was locked, and when Sam was outside, they had been closed too. Then how did all these happen? Lace asks if he does not believe her. Dani believes her, but whatever is happening doesn’t make sense. They haven’t got enough evidence without getting crazy. Dan checks his ear and finds a lot of sores.

Jessie is busy doing his secret thing. There is a girl who is their family friend. He tells her not to tell her mom and dad about this place. The girl asks what he can do for her. Jessie repeated the scene that he watched on TV. The girl reacts vigorously but understands Jessie is still a virgin and has never kissed a girl. So she calms herself down and kisses him. Jessie gets so freaking happy but gets a little scared while walking the road. Dani and Lacy place CCTV cameras in every room.

At night, everyone is asleep, but Dan keeps him awakened for some hours but later falls asleep too. In the morning, Dan finds an exciting thing: every room’s footage gets blurred periodically. After that, we see Lacy deal with her clients. Suddenly, her mouth gets stuck, and she can’t talk and starts hitting her head suddenly on the front wall. When she wakes up, she gets relief because it was a nightmare. She takes a shower but surprisingly notices a wound in her head. At that moment, she gets a call saying her boss that the client complained to her about exactly what she saw in the nightmare. Pete, her boss, fires her up. She is going to request, but the line gets closed.

The phone rings again, and this time, the environment agency. They say the birds are avian flu-negative. Usually, birds come from one direction, but these birds come from three different directions. Someone sent those towards your house.

Lacy searches it on Google and finds if any country is conspiring against any government. It can’t be the reason. And there is another reason why aliens visit the Earth. Lacy finds some photos on the internet, precisely like Sammy’s drawing. Dan gets a job, and he gets flowers and beers for Lacy to enjoy the night. At night, Lacy doesn’t find Dan; she comes downstairs and sees him standing outside. She gets in front of him and sees his mouth is wide open, and his nose is bleeding. Suddenly, he returns to the house and discovers himself in the kitchen, but he doesn’t know how he got there.

Lacy tells him what happened with her earlier and how these are happening. It’s alien. A five-year-old whom Lacy finds on the internet vanished. They had been coming for weeks before it took place. Sam drew this same kind of thing. But Dan denies everything. He says just because we can’t explain anything doesn’t mean aliens are responsible.

Sammy goes to the swimming pool with other kids. Shelly takes off her shirt, but she stops because everywhere in his body, there are a lot of marks of beating. Jessie was walking with Ratner. Rat asks him if he kisses her. He replies positively. Ratner motivates him to go downtown.

Jessie doesn’t like his suggestion. Suddenly, Ratner shoots him with a toy pistol. Jessie runs into the middle of the jungle and gets a seizure attack. The doctor says they have found geometrical shapes in his body. Dan gets furious at Ratner. He thinks he is responsible for his son’s sickness.

On the other hand, Karen, Lacy’s friend, gets Sammy home, and Karen hates Lacy for being cruel to her child. Lacy takes medicine out of depression. Lacy fights with Dan for not believing what she said earlier that night. At night, Dan has a nightmare like Sammy’s eyes go black. Dan wakes up, checks the CCTV camera, and finds some shadowy figures. He lies beside Lacy and utters the most beautiful words.

‘Do you remember right after Jesse was born, and he was so sick? The doctors didn’t know what it was, and they told us all we could do was wait until morning to see if he would be OK. That was the longest night of my life. I didn’t know if I would kiss a child or bury one in the morning.

However, it all turned out, no matter what I faced, I knew I would get through it because I had you.’

They go to Doctor Pollard, who is an alien specialist. He asks them if they experienced any unexplained wounds or allergies, if they have blackouts, therefore whatever they have been experiencing the past days. He knows about everything. Dogs can sense aliens, so Lacy buys and keeps the dog with them. Dan buys a gun. They board every window. They stick together.

At night, aliens come, and they all fight. Alien plays something on TV, and Lacy goes there. Aliens lock her and attack Sam and Jessie. Their father saves them and comes to Lacy, but in the end, they take Jessie but can’t take Sam.

They shift the house, and Lacy is organizing all the things. When arranging Jessie’s things, she finds that aliens targeted Jessie, not Sam, because Jessie has an allergy, not Sam. Suddenly, the walkie-talkie responds, and they all look at it surprisingly.

Why Couldn’t Daniel Get a Job?

Daniel got discharged from his job because of cash flow issues. That’s why the entire team was let go. They laid him off. When an employee gets laid off, other companies usually think ill of him. They think maybe he is not reliable. That’s why no one allows them to join. So Daniel couldn’t get any job.

Why Did Sammy Think His Father Would Leave Them?

Sammy listens to his parents argue most often. His friend Tau tells his parents to discuss all the time. That’s why his father leaves them, and he can see him once in the weekend. Children in America are always afraid of separation. No child wants a break. So Sammy is sad about that matter.

What Is Jessie’s Secret Thing to Do?

In America, they belong to a completely different culture. Teenager starts their drug and sexual journey so early compared to Asian kids. In Asia, parents give their children a strict life, and in America not like that. Teens make a secret place where only teens go. Adults are not allowed. There, they do drugs and sex.

Why Did Birds Come From Three Different Directions?

Birds migrate from one Country to another to breed and to find suitable homes. They always go in one direction. Never two flocks get their species mixed up. The birds hit their house that day, coming from three different directions. So it’s very unusual.

What Kind of Creature Were They?

Something is interfering with Earth’s geomagnetic fields. That is causing the birds to veer. There is something to do with the government that they are testing some super secret weapons technology. Other people think it’s something else. It’s alien. A lot of people are experiencing what they are experiencing now. Sammy drew the same kind of picture a five-year-old child drew, which Lacy found on the internet. So they were from other planets.

‘Two possibilities exist….

Either we are not alone in the universe, or we are not.

Both are equally terrifying.’

– Arthur C. Clarke


Original Title: Dark Skies

Genre: Horror/ Sci-fi

Runtime: 01hr 37min

Original Language: English

Written and directed by Scott Stewart

Release date: February 22, 2013 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

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