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Sinister 2 (2015) is a supernatural horror film directed by Ciaran Foy and written by Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill appeared as a sequel of the film Sinister (2012).

Sinister 2 Ending Explained and Plot Twist in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

First scene starts with a boy trying to sleep in his room but can’t because he is feeling something weird is happening in here. He looks outside of his blanket and suddenly sees a boy who is not supposed to be here. Next, we see the ex-deputy of Pennsylvania come to the church to make a confession about ghosts to know more about them and he makes the priest know he needs the solution to how to stop the devil from doing heinous crime.

In the answer, the priest says something very important and interesting. He says the devil can’t be stopped. All we can do to keep ourselves safe from the paranormal entities. The deputy can’t be convinced because whatever happened to Oswalts is only gonna be repeated and repeated. The question is only when and where it is gonna be. Next, we see two brothers playing in a super shop coming with their mother to buy things. Going through the grocery lanes Mommy finds a man acting like he is following her. She checks him for a little more time and sees he is taking photos of her and yells at her boys to run.

They escape and get the man stuck by tricking him. We see the man talking with someone saying “yes, it’s her.”

Dylan doesn’t like the building which Mom picked to hide in. She soothes Dylan and assures him that it’s just an old building, nothing to be worried about. Dylan leaves making an upset face because the building doesn’t give good vibes. Dylan is an introvert so he doesn’t express what he is experiencing. The deputy is investigating the Oswalt murder case by sending a family to live there and to continue the investigation.

Courtney, a painter living with her two sons, is painting at night and goes to check under the table hearing some cracking sounds. With the help of a torch, she finds a jar. Dylan calls her saying the dinner is ready. Mom finds Dylan a little bit startled so she tries to soothe him making things light. Then we see through Dylan’s eyes there is some black water covering the whole floor but mom doesn’t see it. At night when Courtney is busy with painting, we get to know two new boys who also live in this house named Milo and Ted. Milo takes Dylan under the basement into a secret room where he shows a camera with some reels.

Ted comes there and starts playing the ‘fishing trip’ reel where he also belongs with his family. It shows how a happy family fishing trip turned into a great nightmare after getting eaten by some crocodiles being hung upside down. Dylan gets so scared and runs to his bed. Next day the deputy visits Courtney’s place but he didn’t expect them because he was told no one lives here. Courtney misunderstood him but after a while the deputy makes her understand why he is here. He shows some signs and symbols to know whether she saw any of it but she didn’t. Courtney requests him not to tell anyone about them because their father is looking for them everywhere.

The deputy is searching for information on the internet. He finds out about Courtney and her rich husband and he gets an article about ‘family slain inside Westminster church’ which leaves him in shock. He is going to look into the matter but the laptop gets powered off. The evil entity appears to scare his shit off but he takes a deep breath to calm himself down. On the other hand, Dylan is having terrible nightmares for refusing to watch the reels. To avoid nightmares, he decides to watch another reel ‘Christmas tree’.

It was on a Christmas night when everyone was happy decorating the tree, getting gifts and suddenly we see the family Next day, the deputy comes to Courtney’s place to look into the church. He finds a rat under a black pot, takes a picture of a pot and suddenly gets scared away by the evil entity. At that point, he gets a phone call from Dr. Stomberg, who worked with Professor Jonas. He finds something crucial for this case, something Professor Jonas left and Professor Jonas is missing. We can assume why he is lost.

While the deputy is talking with Dylan, his dad comes with police to snatch the boys illegally. But whenever the ex-deputy threatens to call the Sheriff, the policeman backs off and then goes away with the psychotic father. Deputy stays the night to keep a request from Courtney and Dylan. It seems Dylan likes the deputy. That night Milo takes Dylan to the basement where Emily and other dead kids were waiting and persuades him to watch the remaining reels. Today the reel named ‘Kitchen Remodel’ is being played where we see a happy family working in their kitchen, painting the walls, fixing the faucets and eventually ended up being killed mercilessly by electric shock.

Next morning, the deputy sets off to meet Dr. Stumberg, and tells Courtney no matter what not to leave the house. Dr. Stumberg shows a ham radio which belongs to prof. Jonas broadcasting some frequencies revealing weird conversations of a girl playing piano who murdered her whole family 1973. Dr. Stumberg thinks Prof. Jonas might be missing or killed because he has gotta know something important about this series of murders. The deputy tells him to destroy that radio which can be played by itself.

Zach, brother of Dylan gets jealous since he is getting all the attention. He thinks he is more capable than Dylan so he can’t accept those dead children choosing Dylan over him so he hit Dylan out of anger. Ghostly children were insisting him to watch more and more reels. Dylan doesn’t want to see it but Milo, the politest and leader of them, says it’s his reel so Dylan watches it. Guess what? That reel was the scariest. After watching it, Dylan decides not to watch anymore so he runs off from there and tells he doesn’t want to be like them. It should bother Milo and the group but it seems like he didn’t care. Dylan returns and finds Zach watching the reels. Dylan tries to make him stop but his effort doesn’t work. Next morning, the angry and psychotic husband gets a legal notice and comes again at the farmhouse to get his boys. Courtney doesn’t want to go but she has no option. So, she, along with her boys, goes with him reluctantly.

That stupid angry husband hasn’t been rectified yet and still continues to be abusive all the time. But this time Courtney has promised herself and her sons that she won’t let anyone touch his boys. At dinner time, everyone is following Clint’s dining rule but Dylan isn’t eating and that makes Clint go crazy and he starts putting food forcefully into Dylan’s mouth and stops when Courtney shouts. Deputy tries to contact but Clint makes that impossible and even gives him death threats beating him brutally.

When the day comes, ghostly entities pass the camera to Zach and he starts to film his family members. No one realises but Dylan can sense it so he fugitively texts the deputy. Zach ties down all three of em’ in the cornfield and prepares a saw. At first, he burns his dad and the deputy arrives just at this right time. He saves Courtney and Dylan but gets chased by Zach and he mangles his fingers.

They manage to hide in the house but eventually get caught by the help of the dead children. But since the deputy breaks the camera and can’t be able to make the reel and kill his family. As he can’t fulfil the rules of offering, the evil entity gets mad and kills him. They leave safely and the deputy goes to Dr. Sumberg’s office to get some files and that ham radio starts playing and the movie ends with that evil’s jump scare.

Why Did Mom Hide in That Old Building in the Movie Sinister 2 (2012)?

Courtney’s husband is an abusive father who used to beat Dylan. One day Dylan got sick because of his beating and had been sent to the emergency room. That day Courtney left him but their brutal dad doesn’t want to let them go as he had right. That’s why Courtney hid in that old building to save her boys.

What Is the Matter With the Church in Siniste 2?

The old building is situated near a church where a few years ago a slain occurred where everyone was murdered and their little one went missing just like other murders. Milo is the missing child who killed the resting members. On the day when the murder occurred, a casual prayer was taking place. We see Christian father saying prayers and other religious Christians were praying along with him.

After this scene, we see the most tragic and unfortunate murder scene occurred by a child. Milo ties a pot on everyone’s stomach and puts a rat under it. Then he placed burnt coal on the pot. The rat brutally dug into the stomach after not being able to endure the excessive heat and it came out from the other side of the belly making a hole.

Why Didn’t Milo Bother When He Gets Refused by Dylan? Why Was He So Calm After All His Efforts Went in Vain?

When we see Milo, the leader of ghostly children making Dylan watch those reels full of violence, we think Dylan is their target. They would eventually be successful to make Dylan do the crime but Dylan refused to be like them. So, they take Zach to do the killing hunt. They actually used Dylan to make his brother’s inner evil awake. Dylan just didn’t understand it.

Why Did the Deputy Suggest Courtney Not to Leave the House in Sinister 2 (2015)?

Courtney was fighting with her husband in court to get the legal notice to keep the boys with him because their father was abusive. Now after the encounter with police, she can’t leave the house otherwise her opponents will get a reason to testify against her saying she is at the flight risk which will cause her to leave her boys.

What Did the Ham Radio Capture? What Did It Say?

Prof. Jonas finds something weird in his ham radio. It says something in Norwegian where a little girl was playing piano and she was yelling at her mother for making her stop wailing just because that evil entity can’t hear what she says. Dr. Stumberg assumes this conversation between a girl and that evil entity happened before that girl murdered her whole family and it happened in Norway in the year of 1973.

Why Didn’t the Evil Entity Choose Zach First to Be His Target?

This ancient evil is something which needs innocent lives as its offerings. This thing can pass through arts, pictures, reels, camera footage etc. It targets children because it feeds off corruption of innocence. Those entities which can lead innocent people to commit crime believe that it is something only powerful evils can do. That’s why in every murder case we see three common things, a missing child, whole family murder and creating some artistic activity.

Zac and Dylan, both were their target. Dylan’s innocence attracts the evil entity so it chooses him first. Ghostly children easily convince him to watch the reels and make the other child, Zach jealous so that if Dylan refuses, they can make it happen by Zach’s stupidity.

There are things, people, incidents that will constantly show you how powerful the negativity is. But it is we who need to stay strong and keep our ethical virtue intact.


Original Title: Sinister 2

Genre: Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 37min

Original Language: English

Directed by Ciarán Foy

Written by Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill

Produced by Jason Blum, Scott Derrickson

Cinematography Amy Vincent

Music by tomandandy

Release date: August 21, 2015 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

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