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Around 30 years earlier, the production process of the stop-motion horror film Mad God (2021) started. But director Phil Tippett ceased filming after the release of Jurassic Park in 1993.

Later, he restarted the process in the 2010 and successfully completed it in 2021. Thus, it has taken the director almost three decades to accomplish his visionary work and make this movie.

Mad God Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

In the opening scene, the film shows a tall structure that looks exactly like the Tower of Babel with a red sun in the background. A leader-like figure appears on the top of that tower.

Dark and ominous clouds gradually swallow the building, and a crowd is seen cheering around it. Massive lightning strikes the leader, leading to the annihilation of a civilization.

The next scene displays an individual wearing a gas mask descending on a catastrophic world through a diving bell. He brings a briefcase of dynamite with a timer and a map of the planet he has landed on. Whenever he opens the map, it decays bit by bit with the touch of his hands.

As the assassin soldier approaches, he finds horrific events taking place in that territory. The electrocuted victims are sitting on a chair while screaming, and the faceless drones are working while the monster-figured creatures are torturing them.

All of them seem to be dictated by a jabbering, deformed, demonic, and childish creature. The faceless, lively creatures are willingly being killed by monsters, heavy steamrollers, and themselves.

A chaotic environment is demonstrated through destruction and madness all over the place. The assassin approaches the city’s bowels and finds a pile of briefcases similar to his own. Those also contain bombs that are to be detonated by the bomb he is carrying.

A monstrous creature suddenly captures the assassin and drags him away. He fails to detonate the explosives. A large audience sitting in front of a screen watches the brutal stripping and torture of that assassin.

He appears to have been tortured and put on a table with bandages all over his body. Only his two eyes are wide open and uncovered. A surgeon and nurse run a torturous operation on him.

It appears that countless assassins like him faced the same fate of punishment and gruesome death. The barbarous doctor rips open the chest and extract books and jewels from the assassin’s belly. Finally, he locates his targeted object, which is a crying infant with an inhuman shape.

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The doctor drills the assassin’s skull and looks at his memories on a screen. The screen shows an icy realm where the last man with long fingernails verifies a map stitched by three witches.

The last man gives the map to a newly assigned assassin who is ready to make a journey to a dystopian world through a diving bell.

The new assassin passes through the war-ravaged land riding on a bike and rusty vehicle until he finds the spiral and infinite staircase. He carefully advances his vehicle to reach his destination by following the map.

The next scene displays the nurse handing over the newly born, wailing infant to a floating monstrous creature. It takes the infant to the laboratory of a sadistic alchemist.

The alchemist first squashes the baby into the fluid. Then he turns the liquid into metal and crushes it into crystals. The alchemist opens a blazing gateway, and the ghostly creature throws the crystals into it.

What Happens at The Ending?

The crystal dust results in mega explosions, and a new universe emerges. The planets start flourishing with life and form developed societies. But again, it gets destroyed by a series of bombings.

Earlier, the assassin failed to place his bomb because of his failure to set the timer. But after the events of the infant’s turning into dust, bigbang-like explosions, and destruction, the indicator on the timer starts ticking.

When the clock’s indicator reaches 12, a cuckoo inside a clock appears, and the bombs are about to explode. However, the film shows a black screen after that, hiding the mystery of the ultimate explosions.

The final scene displays the last man, who is observing if the bombs went off or not. It is unknown how many times that last man has sent assassins to execute the task of the bombing.

What is The Prime Theme of the film Mad God (2021)?

The scene showing the Tower of Babel and a leader on top of it being swallowed by a dark cloud is a metaphorical representation of Biblical stories. The depiction of rage and the curse of the god or gods has been heightened here.

The story of the tower revolves around the people of Babylon, who got instructions from Nimrod to build a structure that would eventually guide them to heaven. God considered them offensive and disobedient for such motives.

The curse and punishment for disobedience lead to an ugly, horrible, and gruesome picture. The God might have considered this act a violation of his supreme decrees.

In this film, the world appears to be a hellish place where disappointments and horrors grasp the living creatures. The last man, who seems to be the Mad God, observes the worlds as if he wants them destroyed.

Taking this into account, we can dissect the view of humankind through the eyes of director Phil Tippett. There are creatures working, torturing, and fighting against each other, which is the thematic presentation of cruelty, ugliness, violence, and hopelessness in our contemporary societies.

What was Happening at The Factory?

As the assassin travels through the netherworld, he finds the factory, where identical straw figures are working tirelessly.

They don’t have faces or mouths to communicate. Under the governance of some monstrous creatures, they are carrying out their assigned tasks.

A baby’s babbling face is screened at the factory, and the whole work process seems to run under its command. This is blatantly obvious because the faceless straw figures are forced to work or sacrifice their lives.

A trained coach runs collecting the dead bodies of the workers like it’s a common hazard in the factory. The faceless figures are getting killed, crushed under a steamroller, or incinerated by themselves or something else.

The monoliths that we see at the end of the movie, giving planets life and intelligence, are the final products that are being produced in this factory. A machine provides these with the force of flying through the air and space.

How is The Realm of The Last Man and Witches?

In a frosty and stormy atmosphere, an elderly person is keeping an eye on a gruesome labor camp.

It is not clearly perceptible here if he is the Mad God or not. It is not even apparent whether or not he is the commander of that camp.

Three witches are seen stitching a map and handing it over to that man. The witches in the film might also represent the fortune tellers. They prepare the map, indicating the location where the bomb will be placed.

However, it’s not fathomable here, whether the last man follows the command of those witches. He verifies the map to see if the targeted locations are accurate and reliable. Later, he gives the map to an assassin inside a diving bell, ready to launch.

On the whole, the talented director takes the audience on a journey through a post-apocalyptic pale melancholic world, where the hopelessness of humanity and the bleakness of tyrannical society are depicted artistically. His out-of-the-box imagination and creativity have made this animated film lively.


Original Title: Mad God

Genre: Horror/ Animation

Runtime: 1hr 23min

Original Language: English

Written & Directed by Phil Tippett

Tagline: A Journey Beyond your Wildest Nightmares.

Release date: June 16, 2022 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

Official Website: Mad God Movie

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