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No One Gets Out Alive is a British supernatural horror film directed by Santiago Menghini and released in 2021. No One Gets Out Alive (2021) is based on the novel No One Gets Out Alive by Adam Nevill which is published in 2014. The movie reminds me another apartment rents movie 1BR (2019) which has a very interesting ending like this one.

No One Gets Out Alive Movie Ending Explained in Plot Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with an old video clip of Professor Arthur Welles and his team performing archaeological research. Many researchers and workers are discovering a hidden chamber under the ground.

The chamber contains countless human skulls & bones and some unknown-creepy creatures’ skeletons. The place is very similar to any abandoned human sacrifices area.

They also find a giant wood box inside the tunnel with a lot of moths. At this stage, I remember a plot twisted movie The Cellar where a young girl vanished in their new houses’ cellar without leaving any trace.

Scene changes to a girl who is talking with his brother on phone. By the conversation, it is clear that she is now staying in the town illegally and she misses her family who lives in another country.

Suddenly the light goes out and the girl feels some spirits entity. After a while, she is consumed by the spirit and lights back.

the building in no one gets out alive movie
The building.

Here the scene shifts into a container full of illegal immigrants. Ambar is one of them who is coming from Mexico. But she does not have a proper document to live in Cleveland. After dying Ambar’s mother, she decides to moves here.

Within a couple of days, she managed to get a small job in a garment factory. But her boss does not satisfy with her work. He pushes her to work faster because day after day her working speed goes lower than before.

One day, she finds a template about cheap room rent. Later, she visits there and finds out a dilapidated boarding house.

This is the building that we have seen before with the girl taken by spirit.

Ambar meets the boarding owner Red and booked a room with one month’s advanced room rent. Red tells Ambar that there are only two girls in the building – Ambar and Freja.

Later night Ambar hears a crying voice from a hole in the floor which connects Freja’s room. She finds that Freja is crying but Ambar can’t understand the reason.

The next morning when Freja crossing in the stairs Ambar tries to talk with her but she ignores her. Freja only says that Red is not a good person.

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In the workplace, Ambar is still pushed by her manager but her new friend & colleague Kinsi chills her.

Kinsi also wants to help Ambar by giving her a fake identity document. Kinsi tells her that it takes 3 thousand dollars. But Ambar agrees.

The next day Ambar meets her uncle Bato’s house and takes dinner.

The later night when Ambar returns to the border, she hears crying from the basement. But when she goes near to check the door is locked. Then Red reaches the spot and tells Ambar that the basement and study room are private property. So Ambar returns to her room.

After that night Ambar notices Freja is gone and Red also confirms that she leaves the boarding two days ago. But Freja realizes that something is not right when she finds Freja’s dresses in her room. A few days later one night, Kinsi and Ambar hang out at a bar. There Ambar gives Kinsi money for ID. But from the morning Kinsi switched off her phone and don’t go to the office.

Kinsi betrays her.

Cristina Rodlo in no one gets out alive 2021
Cristina Rodlo in no one gets out alive 2021.

Ambar is now running out of money. So, she asks her office boss to borrow some advance but he denies it.

Therefore, she has no other option but to ask Red for her one-month rent return. But Red tells that he already sped all. So, he can’t return it right now.

In the meantime, Ambar starts seeing many spirits on the border. She also now regularly faces nightmares with her mother in sleep.

One night she goes to the study room so that she can find the source of the noises. But there is no one in the room.

When she notices the room carefully, she finds that professor Arthur Welles is Red’s father. In a photo, she sees a box which she saw a few days ago in her nightmare. Ambar becomes a little bit confused but returns to her room.

The next day, Ambar finds there come two new girls on the border. They also do not like Red.

At night when the girls try to talk with Ambar about the secret of the building then Red comes and locked them up.

Then a man come to light named Becker. He is a brother of Red. When Becker prepares the ladies to take down in the basement then Beto comes for Ambar. But Backer kills him brutally.

Then Red tells Ambar that his father collected many unnatural things and one of them was the box. The box has the power to heal any person but it needs to sacrifice. Though Red and Becker do not have enough money to get a treatment that’s why they sacrifice girls and the box heals Becker.

Then Becker takes Ambar down to the basement and ties her into a stone bed. There is an altar in front of the bed where the box is sitting. Ambar is unconscious and Becker opens the box. Then he leaves the room by shutting the door.

no one gets out alive monster
Itzpapalotl is described in Codex Borgia.

Suddenly, Ambar wakes and sees Beto comes for her and try to escape. But she realizes that it is only a dream.

Ambar again starts dreaming about her mother and at that time a mythical God slowly comes from the box. It holds Ambar’s head between its hands. It looks like the creature is reading Ambar’s thoughts.

In the dream, Ambar realizes that her mother is now optimized by the creature. Then she killed her mother in the dream and woke up. Then the creature backs into the box.

Ambar hears Becker and Red getting ready to sacrifice the last girl.

Becker notices that he isn’t healing.

Ambar goes upstairs and grabs an ancient weapon from the study. There she is attacked by Backer and becomes seriously injured. Her injuries become even worse when Becker chokes her. However, she slices his neck and crushes his skull with the sword.

Eventually, she gets him down and ties him to the stone table. Then the monster arrives and slain his head.

After sacrificing Red to the monster, her broken ankle heals suddenly as she is leaving the house.

In the last scene of the movie, Ambar notices Red’s spirit moving into the house.

The movie ends here.


Original Title No One Gets Out Alive

Other Titles Personne ne sort d’ici vivant (Canada), Nadie sale con vida (Mexico)

Genre Supernatural/ Horror

Runtime 1hr 25min

Original Language English

Directed by Santiago Menghini

Written by Jon Croker, Fernanda Coppel

Produced by Jonathan Cavendish, Will Tennant

Cinematography by Stephen Murphy

Music by Mark Korven

Release date September 29, 2021 (USA)

Origin Country United Kingdom

Filming locations Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Official Website No One Gets out Alive Website

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Cristina Rodlo Ambar
Marc Menchaca Red
Phil Robertson Arthur Welles
Vala Noren Freja
Moronke Akinola Kinsi
David Figlioli Becker

Official Trailer

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