Afflicted (2013) Movie Ending Explained

Affliced (2013) Cliff and Derek

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you’ve probably heard of the 2013 film Afflicted. This found-footage style movie follows two friends as they embark on a trip around the world, but things quickly take a terrifying turn when one of them becomes afflicted with a mysterious illness. The movie’s ending leaves many viewers with questions and a desire for more information. In this article, we will delve into the Afflicted movie ending and provide a thorough explanation, helping you understand the events that unfold and what they could mean. So, if you’re ready to explore the twisted conclusion of this spine-chilling film, keep reading.


Afflicted (2013) Ending Explained

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Cliff and Derek are the two main characters in the film Afflicted. From the very beginning, we see that they are bosom friends. The sad part is Derek had a brain aneurysm and he is now in the final stages of it. So Derek didn’t have much time to enjoy life.

At this point, Cliff and Derek decided to take a year-long trip around the world. Cliff wants to capture everything on camera of their 365 days trip. On the other hand, Derek also wants to make this travel successful because he wants to spend the last days of his life happily.

Everything went well and they’ve started their journey.

A few days later they arrived in France. They had some musician friends and they perform on stage. So Cliff and Derek went to see performances. The performance was cool. By the way, their singer friend’s name is Breemen.

After the performance, they went to a bar and all tried to get Derek to hang out with a French girl. Even though at first Derek didn’t feel comfortable dating for a night, he eventually met the most beautiful girl named Audrey. Derek returned to the hotel room with Audrey.

In the other room, Cliff and their friends decided to prank Derek with an intimate moment and capture his reaction. So, they went to Dereks’ room and shockingly they found Derek alone, the girl disappeared. He passed out and was hit. Blood was dripping from the bed at that moment.

After a few minutes, Derek opened his eyes and started to talk. They all want to let him to the hospital but Derek didn’t want to. Because he was afraid, they couldn’t continue the trip if something found bad his aneurysm. So, Derek decided to take a rest from the room and he slept for three days. Then he woke up.

The real turning point of the movie starts from here.

Through some incidents, they found that Derek was not normal anymore. He could run super-fast, jump in a super high, smash the huge rock with his fist. But he got some major restrictions too. He couldn’t eat any food and the serious thing was he burned badly in sunlight.

Cliff and Derek have also gotten the real deal so far, just like you.

Derek turned into a vampire now.

Derek was hungry. He didn’t eat anything for the last couple of days. It is clear that he needs blood. So they decide to taste the bull’s blood.

Vomited. He couldn’t suppress it.

They decided that he needed fresh blood. First, they tried to lure a stray dog ​​with a sausage but failed.

Then Derek killed a pet pig, but again, vomiting, he couldn’t contain it.

At last, they decided to go to the hospital and accidentally walked to the front of a car. The guy came out of the car and started yelling at them. Derek punched the two boys and then licked the blood off his hands. The punch was so heavy to stand still. The guys almost floated in the air for Derek’s punch. After the incident, Derek declined to go to the hospital.

Derek then tried to get blood from the blood bank but failed again. He created problems, and then left his ID and run away from there.

They back to the hotel. Derek was almost turned into a monster because of his bloodlessness for several days and had a frenzied grunting seizure.

Cliff was trying to help Derek at his best. Even he tried to feed Derek some of his blood. But Derek couldn’t control himself. And accidentally killed Cliff.

After sucking Cliff’s blood, Derek becomes normal and then he realized what he did. He becomes very upset and decided to kill himself. So he turns on the camera and confesses for the last time. Then he shot himself in the head with a shotgun. The back of the head explodes and blood spread all over the back wall. Derek’s head leaned forward and we saw that there was a big hole back on his head. The scene was really disturbing.

The next scene startled me when Derek moved at a rapid pace. His eyes were white and cloudy but there was no doubt that he failed to kill himself.

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Then he decided to find the girl who delivered this curse to him. Hoping she could make some help.

He tried to find the girl, but obviously, that was not too easy. During his search, he was persecuted by the authorities, pursued, and shot, accidentally a policeman fell from the roof and burned himself in the sun.

After a long query, Derek finds Audrey’s partner. He forced Audrey to meet him otherwise the man will be killed by Derek. So Audrey uncovered herself. Derek wants the cure for this curse. Then Audrey replied,

“Don’t you think I would have cured myself if there was such a thing? Don’t you think I would have ended my life if I could?”

She told him that she wanted to kill him because he was dying and did not intend to change him. She also told him that she chose him because she found out he was dying (because he had a brain aneurysm that could kill him at any moment), not to turn him into a vampire.

Then we saw Derek filming himself killing a child molester. This indicates that he accepted his new journey.

At the end of the film, 2 women and a man are seen spending time together in a quiet area in the middle of the night. Then we saw the final scene of the movie. A vampire attacked these people, but that was not Derek. He is none other than Cliff.

The movie ends here.

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