The Cellar (2022) Ending Explained

The Cellar (2022) ending explained

The Cellar (2022) is a supernatural horror movie directed & written by Brendan Muldowney and starts with Elisha Cuthbert as Kiera Woods. The movie plot is multilayered and it goes parallelly being complicated & intense through runtime. The ending of the movie left viewers confused about Ellie & Keiras’ survival.

The Cellar (2022) Plot Story and Ending Explanation

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with a family arriving at their new house. The family has four members: Keira, Brian, their young son Steven and teenage girl Ellie. They brought the house from an auction whose former owner was a renowned scientist.

Brian starts showing Ellie a new home, but she doesn’t like them at all. The scene indicates that Ellie is a typical teenage girl who doesn’t respect her parents’ thoughts and demands freedom.

Suddenly Ellie notices the Cellar room and goes down inside there. But there is nothing to see except dusty dirt. Hence, they all start coming out of the cellar. When everyone leaves except Ellie, the door suddenly closes on its own and is locked tightly.

Ellie starts frightened for uncanny fear but within a few moments, Brian unlocks the door by the key and frees her.

Later Keira goes to Ellie and tells her that she needs to attend an important meeting at night. Ellie gets angry because her mother wants to leave them in a strange house on the first night. But Keira doesn’t convince me to delay the meeting.

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At night, Steven pranks Ellie when she talks on the phone with one of her friends (maybe her boyfriend). After that, they find a gramophone player in an abandoned closet.

Ellie plays that, and a voice starts telling a mathematical equation & numerical counting.

Delta. Point vector. Sum. Epsilon. Partial one equals One N DY by DX. One, two, three, four, five, six …

The counting continues and the lights start flicking. Ellie turns it off and tells Steven to go to sleep.

Later night, Keira receives a call from Ellie because the whole house’s lights are gone and she is frightened.

Keira advises her to check the circuit box which is in the cellar room. Ellie doesn’t want to go down there after the morning’s incident but her mother convinces her for Steven. Kiera also wants to continue the call until Ellie changes the fuse.

Ellie goes to the cellar and begins to descend the stairs. Kiera asks her to count the steps to reduce the fear and conveys to her it’s only ten steps to go.

Ellie starts counting the steps but she continuously goes down by counting rather than stops at ten. After hearing all of this Kiera becomes so scared and comes to the house immediately. But as expected, Ellie has vanished into the air without leaving any trace.

They contact the police, but they fail to find her. Brian and the police suspect that Ellie may be fled but Kiera doesn’t agree with them.

Later Kiera finds the equation of the gramophone in the last step of the cellar’s stairs. She suspects something hidden in this equation. Therefore, she contacts a mathematics professor.

After some research professor informs Keira, that the equation represents a series but that is not complete.

Next Keira takes the address of the former owner’s daughter Rose and meets with her. Rose reveals her father was summoned by an ancient demon which unlocks the gate of Leviathan. The cellar is the portal of that dimension, and the equation is the key to an invitation.

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Keira back to the house and discuss everything with Brian.

Middle of these Steven is possessed by the demon Baphomet and starts down through the cellar stair with counting.

Keira also goes down tracks down Steven, and back home. She finds a satanic pentagram drawn on his chest. That indicates that Steven is marked by the demons.

After a few moments, Brian equally becomes possessed and starts reverse counting. When it was finished, a beast comes through the Cellar in front of Keira. Somehow, she manages to escape and down to the cellar.

After many steps down and passing a portal, she arrives on an endless ground where thousands and millions of people are moving with numerical counting.

As luck would have it, Keira discovers Ellie and grasps her to the house. Keira thinks they are safe now. But when she opens the main gate of the house, there is a long stair that goes to their closet. Ellie, Brian & Steven starts counting and starts moving down.

The movie ends here.

Did Keira & Ellie Survive in The Movie the Cellar (2022)?

In the concluding scene of the movie, Keira is not dead, but she neither escapes the portal.

In the ending scene, when Keira opens the main gate of the house, a stair goes straight to Brian’s favorite library room. In reality, that is impossible. Therefore, they are still trapped in the demon world in another dimension.

It seems the beast, and monsters are aware of Keira’s presence and do not want to let her back. Thus, Keira’s survival will end at any time.

Why Was There a Stair Outside of The Door at The End of The Movie?

In the last scene of the film, when Keira opens the main door, there was a stair that goes up to another dimension. This symbolizes that they did not escape the evil world.

How Does Dr. John Fetherson Makes the Cellar Into a Portal?

Rose reveals about her father and the beasts of the house. Her father was a renowned physicist named Dr. John Fetherson.

He became an atheist when his only son Jack died. He made deal with evil for restoring his son. The devil betrayed and grasped all of his family member’s souls. After that, the portal remains in the Cellar of that house.

Dr. Fetherson makes the summoning chanting as a mathematical equation and records that on a gramophone. When the gramophone plays, the portal opens and summons the beast.

Dr. Fetherson was well prepared for the happening and build the house for only that purpose. He named the house ‘Solve et Coagula’ which means ‘dissolve and coagulate.’

He used a pentagram which is one of the essential equipment of demonic ritual, in six doors of six different rooms. They were connected through the other-dimensional world.

Who Are the Monsters in The Cellar Film?

According to Rose and deciphered Hebrew codes, the monster of the movie the Cellar name is Leviathan. In many ancient mythologies, Leviathan is mentioned as a giant sea monster who takes fresh souls to live.

In the Cellar, there is another beast comes towards named Baphomet. He represents a God of hell of a sabbatical goat head.

The guard of hell and one of the seven kings of hell. Baphomet protects and counts the souls who enter his realm. This is the reason we see coming Baphomet when Keira backs Steven from the other dimension.

How Did Brian Become Possessed by The Demon?

The Baphomet is responsible to shield and protect the death realm. If anyone moves to Baphomet’s place, his/her soul is captured. In that case, when Brian goes down to the Cellar, he enters Baphomet’s place and his soul was captured and possessed by Him.


Original Title The Cellar

Genre Supernatural/ Horror

Runtime 1hr 34min

Original Language English

Written & directed by Brendan Muldowney

Tagline An ancient evil has awoken.

Release date April 15, 2022 (USA)

Origin Country Ireland

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Elisha Cuthbert Keira Woods
Eoin Macken Brian Woods
Abby Fitz Ellie
Dylan Fitzmaurice Brady Steven

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