The Wretched (2019) Ending Explained

The Wretched (2019) ending explained

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The Wretched (2019) is a supernatural horror movie written & directed by Pierce Brothers. The movie is well known for its thrilling plot progression and the confusing ending. Let’s dig deep inside and explain.

The Wretched Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Cinematic started in 1985. A girl named Megan arrives at a house. She is here to work as a babysitter. The house originally belonged to the Gambels family. When Megan gets no response after ringing the doorbell several times, she enters the house through the back door.

Sees the withered flower in the house. Also, see a photo of the Gambels family. Where Mr. for some unknown reason. Gambel’s face is scratched. At this time, he hears noises from the basement of the house.

He went down the basement stairs to see what was going on. There she Ms. Sees Gambels. He has turned into a strange and terrifying beast. Next is the baby of the Gambels family. But the most terrifying thing is, that Ms. Gambels is eating that baby.

Megan is terrified and runs up the stairs to escape. But this time Mr. Gambels can be seen. He locked the basement door from the outside. A strange design can be seen painted on the outside of the door.

The scene cuts to the present time. We meet the leading character Ben for the first time in the movie. He looks like he is drowning.

Here again, the scene cuts to 5 days earlier.

Ben is selfish by nature. He always thinks too much of himself. The relationship between his parents is not good. They are in the process of divorce. So Ben is mentally unstable. Kay stole anti-depressant medication from her neighbor’s house and broke her arm.

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Ben’s father Liam works at the marina. He invites Ben to stay with him for a few days and work in the Marines. Ben accepts his father’s invitation and starts the bus ride. During the trip, an old woman saw the picture on the plaster of her broken hand and said, ‘You are quite the little artist.’

During the workplace, Ben befriends one of his colleagues, Mallory. He also discovers that Liam is in a relationship with his co-worker Sara.

Liam’s neighbor Abbie and her young boy Dillon go into the forest. Dillon finds marking a symbol in a tree. This is the same peculiar symbol seen at the beginning of the movie at Gambel’s house.

Then Dillon hears Abbie’s voice coming from a mysterious tree trunk hole. The sound becomes harsh when he does not respond. Suddenly Abbie appears in the place and the whole tree with the sound vanishes by itself.

A buck hit Abbie’s car middle of the road and she takes it home for meat. But later at night, a monstrous creature comes from the bucks’ inside.

Ben hears some strange noises. He follows the sound to Abbie’s house. There he does not find any suspicious. But he sees a glimpse of the creature just before turning on the porch light by Ty, Abbie’s husband.

The next morning, Ben is talking to his mother on a phone call and she tells ‘I missed my boys.’ But Ben is worried about dinner where Liam invites Sara. And Ben does not like her at all. At that time, Mallory comes to him and invites him to late night party.

Later at night, Ben & Mallory comes close by hanging out at the party.

On the other side, Abbie’s infant boy Sam is crying for a long time. The creature is sitting beside the crib. Abbie goes to check on Sam but he is missing. There is a bundle of sticks that is replaced by Sam. Suddenly the creature (or witch) catches Abbie’s leg and pulls her down.

Later that night, Ben notices Abbie walking into the forest with Sam.

Ben returns home and finds Dillon hiding in his house from Abbie. He says that something is wrong with his mother. Then Abbie comes to Ben’s house and threatens him to break another hand. Ty comes in the spot and takes back Dillon home. Later at night, Ty notices a room is empty. He can’t remember why there is nothing in this room.

The next morning, Ben goes to meet Dillon. But the shocking things happen when Ty says that he never had a son. Ben asks several times and every time Ty replies with the same answer.

Ben finds the same symbol marked under the porch of Ty’s house. He searches for the image on the internet and here the first twist comes to light. The family is attacked by a witch named dark mother. Abbie is now possessed by that witch. She whispers something to Ty that makes his ears bleed.

Who is the witch in the movie? What is the symbol indicating? Well, in mythology, the symbol is used by a cursed witch called dark mother. It lives with eating babies. When it targeted one family then it was marked by scratching the symbol.

Ben becomes suspicious and continues searching on the internet about “feeding on the forgotten.” Ben goes to Ty’s cellar and finds a weird statue made of trunks. There is a photo of Ty’s family scratching Ty’s face. He also finds Mallory’s family photo with Lily, her younger sister. In the photo, Mallory’s face is scratched.

His suspicion comes true when he finds out Mallory forgets about her sister Lily same as Ty.

Ben sees Abbie walking with Lily into the forest. He follows them and finds Lily is taken down in the tree hole. He tries to pull her back but fails.

Police come to Liam’s house and Ben arrives. Soon he notices that all the plants in the house are dry and his behavior toward Sara is changed. He concludes that his family is in danger and Sara is already possessed by the witch.

Police arrest Ben and possessed Sara whispers to the officer. Thus, the officer takes Ben to shoot in the forest. But when the officer back to the sense, he shoots himself.

Liam finds Ty & Abbie’s dead bodies at their home. Sara attacks him but Ben arrives and shoots Sara with the officer’s gun.

The witch comes out from Sara’s body and tries to attack Ben but he set fire to the house. When a scratched picture of his family burnt, he remembers Nathan, his younger brother. The witch makes him forget about Nathan.

Ben and Mallory go to the tree to rescue Nathan & Lily. Inside the hole, Ben finds them alive but Dillon is dead. Somehow, they managed to back to the world. Ben set fire to the tree and escapes.

At goodbye time, Mallory puts a flower in Ben’s hair. After a few minutes, Ben realizes that the flower is fake, which indicates that Mallory is now possessed by the witch. She is now in the alone middle of the lake with three young children.


Original Title: The Wretched

Other Titles: The Witch Next Door (Austria), Madre Oscura (Spain)

Genre: Supernatural horror

Runtime: 1hr 35min

Original Language: English

Written & directed by Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce

Tagline: Something wicked wants inside.

Release date: May 01, 2020 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

Filming locations: Michigan, USA

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
John-Paul Howard Ben
Zarah Mahler Abbie
Piper Curda Mallory
Jamison Jones Liam

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