The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021) Movie Ending Explained

The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It (2021) Movie Summary, Plot, Storyline, Ending Explained in Detailed

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is an American supernatural horror film released in 2021. It is the latest sequel of the popular Conjuring franchise.

Conjuring 3 Plot Explained

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July 18, 1981

In Brookfield, Connecticut, Ed, and Lorraine Warren are summoned with 8-year-old David Glazer. In his house, he was controlled by a demonic entity. Joining them are David’s parents, Carl and Judy, sister Debbie, and Debbie’s boyfriend, Arne Johnson.

The house appeared to have been attacked and ransacked by demons, the chandelier was broken and claw marks were left on the walls. The group rested, and Arne took David up to his room to sleep, just as Pastor Father Gordon arrived. Later, David heard a bang in his room, which made him scream. When everyone ran over to check on him, David emerged from the shadows and stabbed Carl in the leg.

Ed grabbed David and let Lorraine and Father Gordon begin the exorcism. The devil caused greater damage to the house and unnaturally twisted David’s body. When she tried to control things, Lorraine saw the flash of demons and cult visions. The devil used David’s body to attack Ed’s heart.

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Arne grabbed David talked to him and told the devil to take him away. Ed witnessed this. The chaos stopped and David seemed to heal. After losing consciousness, Lorraine rushed to Ed.

Glatzels and Arne meet with Lorraine at the hospital. The doctor tells Lorraine Ed is in a coma and needs more tests to make a final diagnosis.

The next morning, Arne woke up to see Debbie and told her he thought they should move out of Brookfield, even though they didn’t have much money in their name. When alone at home, Arne thought he saw something moving the cereal box, but it was just a mouse inside.

Then he noticed a rotten hole in the wall, just before a phantom that looked like an old woman grabbed him and snarled at his face.

In the hospital, Father Gordon visits Lorraine, and she continues to take care of Ed. She told Father Gordon how they met when they were young and how Ed took her to the pavilion, where they shared their first kiss.

Arne was shocked by his work when he saw another Apparition, which caused him to be sent home. He came to Debbie and her landlord Bruno Sols. Just as this happened, Ed woke up to find Lorraine and her daughter Judy by his side. He told Lorraine that the demon was now in Arne. He tried to call Glatzel’s house, but no one answered because Bruno played the music too loud. Lorraine then called the police and warned them to go to Glatzel’s house.

Seeing Bruno’s rude treatment of Debbie, Arne grew increasingly uncomfortable. Arne sees Debbie as if she is running, chases after her, and treats Bruno as some kind of terrible entity. Later, when a police officer found him covered in blood, Arne walked down the road.

Arne is reported to have stabbed Bruno 22 times. Ed and Lorraine spoke to Arne and Debbie when they were questioning Arne and Debbie. Debbie defended Arne and said that whatever happened to Bruno could not have been done by Arne.

The Warren family spoke to Arne’s attorneys about attempting to murder by proving that he was under the influence of demonic possession, allowing him to save Arne from being sentenced to death. Arne went to court and filed a lawsuit for demon possession, which resulted in him being admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Ed and Lorraine flipped through their recordings of David’s property. According to the family, the problem started five months ago when the Glatzels family had just moved into their home. David went to check the waterbed and played with it until the demon broke the mattress and tried to catch David. When they talked with Debbie, they found that there was a carpet on the original bed, and rotten wood behind it, which was previously thought to be the result of water damage.

Lorraine walked from under the house to the basement and found a witch totem. The Warrens think this is a product of a cult. They sought help from Drew during the investigation.

At the suggestion of Father Gordon, the Warren family visited a former pastor named Castner, who overthrew a cult called “The Disciple of the Rams.” They showed Castner an image of the totem, and he knew it was the work of a Satanist.

He took them to his basement, where he had many memories of the Ram cult. He claimed that when his son was born prematurely, his heart was out of the body, and his wife committed suicide a few months later, the prosecutor in their case suffered after finding them guilty.

In the psychiatric ward, while Arne was mopping the floor, a nearby patient appeared to be possessed and sang “Call Me” to him before being finally knocked down by the entity and having to calm down by the orderer.

Drew called the Warrens and asked them to go to Danfoss, Massachusetts, to talk to Sergeant Clay. She told them about the disappearance of their teenage best friends Jessica Strong and Katie Lincoln. Katie was also stabbed 22 times.

Jessica was never found, but a totem-like the one in Glazer’s house was found at the crime scene. Clay initially refused to let the Warrens review the case file until Lorraine showed Clay her clairvoyance ability in front of other officers.

Debbie and David visited Arne, where he described his feelings. David knew this completely and made them realize that what got David in trouble was what was bothering Arne now.

Clay led the Burrows to the place in the woods where the girls disappeared. Lorraine found the place where the possessed Jessica began to stab Katie, but the connection caused Lorraine to follow suit, so much so that Ed had to stop her. Lorraine followed her vision, where she chased Katie to the edge of the cliff.

A demon’s hand-pulled Lorraine down, but Ed caught her and pulled her. Lorraine told him and Clay that Jessica must be at the bottom of the river after the fall. A rescue team passed by and found a dead body.

Debbie calls Warrens and tells them that the devil is trying to make Arne commit suicide. When Ed told him to remind staff to put Arne under suicide surveillance, there was a creepy scream on the phone. At the same time, someone in the prison gave Arne a small bottle of holy water, and when he started to have a vision, it formed a circle around him.

Ed and Lorraine break into the funeral home to search for Jessica’s body. Lorraine held his hand to enter the connection and found himself in a seemingly dark cellar with black candles and mysterious books. He found the mysterious woman Arn had seen before, just as he tried to possess Arn to cut his wrist.

Lorraine stopped all this, and the guard found Arne. The occultist recognized Lorraine and resurrected the body of a big man. Ed pulls Lorraine from Jessica’s hand to cut the connection and prevent the big corpse from attacking. However, Lorraine told Ed that the woman now knew who they were.

The Warrens meet with Debbie and Drew to conduct more research. They linked the curse between the two murders, because the mystics got totems owned by both sides, causing the enchanted to murder before the killer committed suicide. To break the curse, the altar on which it was placed must be destroyed, and Lorraine knew that the occultist must end the curse for his soul.

As Ed was trying to find out the connection between the victims, he passed out again. When he woke up, the mystic projected at him and threatened him. The naked fat body attacked again, and when Ed caught up with him, he found himself almost attacking Lorraine. They realized that the occultist had prepared something for him, let him invade space, and found a totem in a vase with decaying flowers.

After further investigation, Ed and Drew learned that Jessica had placed her totem in a box at her school, Fairfield University, which made Ed realize that an occultist was working nearby. At the same time, Lorraine returned to visit Kastner for help. She followed him to the basement, where he revealed that he had a secret daughter, Isla, who was a mystic. By trying to prevent her from being attracted to the occult, she aroused his interest.

Kastner told Lorraine that there was a tunnel under the house where Isla used to play, and the altar was there. Lorraine then heard footsteps and realized Isla was in the house. Lorraine went looking for the tunnel, and Isla found Kastner and slit his throat.

Father Newman is with Debbie, even though he feels the presence of Isla. When Lorraine found the altar, Isla was about to end the curse. Ed then ran to the house to find Lorraine, but Isla found him and blew the dust on his face, attached to him and made him angry, and tried to hit Lorraine with a mallet. When this happened, Arne’s property went out of control, causing the windows in the room to be smashed, freeing him from restraints. He began to float and grabbed a piece of glass to try to cut his throat, but Debbie pressed his arm.

Lorraine got in touch with Ed, reminded him of her love, and told him that Isla believes that love is her weakness, but it is her strength. Ed broke free of his possessions and broke the altar, freeing Arne from his possessions. Isla tried to destroy the Warrens on her own, but it was too late, and her demon master came and took her soul to Hell, painfully twisting Isla’s body until it became an empty shell.

Ed brings the Chalice from the Altarpiece to the Warren Museum. They then meet Debbie in court because Arne’s trial is underway. The text says that Arne was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served five years in prison. He married Debbie during his incarceration and they are still married to this day. The final scene shows Ed taking Lorraine to the pavilion he built to commemorate the memory of their first date.

First of all, I want to first say that the photography of this movie is great. The scene of possession and the scene of Lorraine in the woods is one of my favorite shots in the entire series. There are also Patrick Wilson and Vega Farmiga acting. This movie is amazing.

What I want to say is a bit disappointing. I think they performed too quickly on what “bad boy” is. I think the plot also has big loopholes. Looking back, it really doesn’t make sense.

I like this too. The feeling of a movie has a sense of mystery that you go to various places with Ed and Loraine Warren, and before that, it was just a haunted house. It feels cool in the horror series where the main idea is haunted houses/objects (not that I don’t like it).


Original Title The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Gener: Horror/ Thriller

Release: June 4, 2021 (USA)

Director: Michael Chaves

Writers: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (screenplay by), James Wan (story by)

Producer: James Wan, Peter Safran

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Ruairi O’Connor

Review & Ratings

IMDB Rating 6.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes 56% fresh

Metacritic Score 53%

Cineman Rating 3/5

Google Users ? 91%

Google Audience Rating 4.1/5

Brainless Pen Rating!

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