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The 8th Night is a Korean horror film of 2021 which is directed by Kim Tae-hyoung and produced by Hyun Kwang Seo.

The 8th Night Ending Explained in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Here are the original books of Buddhism in the Sanskrit language. That’s why at the beginning of the film.

We are told about this legend in Sanskrit’s voice. The Monster of Hell 2500 Years Ago tried to open a gate between earth and hell. Then the lord buddha came in front of him and separated both his eyes. All the power of the monster consists of its two eyes.

Those are black & red eyes.

red eye opened in lunar eclipse night
The red eye opened in lunar eclipse night.

Both these eyes started running away from the hands of God. Buddha taught the black eye and locked it in a black box. And the red eye started running. It kept running and possessed seven people for seven nights.

But on the 8th day, that eye came to know that his escape to Lord Buddha’s illusion.

That’s why on the 8th day he pretended to surrender to Lord Buddha.

Later on, Lord Buddha locked it in another box.

Then Buddha separated and hid them in two different places in the world.

One is in east Korea and another is in the West i.e., India.

Now the story began in 2005.

Here we see Archaeologist Professor Kim in the Rajasthani Desert. He finds the red-eye box there which consists of a warming plate on top of the box, written in Sanskrit.

Professor Kim claims that this is the legend of the Diamond Sutra. That box has radiocarbon dating and that’s not 2500 years old.

But the radiocarbon dating result is not showing as Professor claims. Rather it shows that the box is very recently made.

So, Professor Kim is accused of cheating and the media calls him a cheater.

This makes Professor Kim very angry. He plans to take revenge on the media and everyone who called him a fraud. Because he is sure that the box is real.

detective and hunter
Prof. Kim and detective.

Now the year is 2019.

It’s Full lunar eclipse day and the moon becomes fully red-colored. That’s why it is also called the blood moon. According to legends, the Red Eye can be awakened on the day of Blood Moon.

Professor Kim opens the box that contained the small stone. He put the blood of six people in it and cut his palm and put his blood in it too. But nothing happens.

He becomes frustrated that his whole life’s work is wrong. He almost cuts his throat with a knife then suddenly the box moves. The stone suddenly turns into an eye shape and appears in front of the professor. Then it possesses Kim.

Defense of Blacks in Korea for centuries Buddhist’s monks continuously doing it for a thousand years. Here we see Old Monk Bhante-hajeong John Who gets the sound of waking up red-eye. Here ‘Bhante’ means Senior and Respected monk. It is written in Theravada tradition that there is a box of a black eye with Bante-hajeong John. He was only a guest for a few days as his health deteriorated.

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1st Night.

Here we see a man named Oliver on the construction site. He is an ex-monk and was also a Bhante-hajeong student. Oliver’s name in the Monastery to Bhante-seyonva.

In the monastery, we see a young trainee monk named William who is on fasting of silence for two years.

The Leader calls William and tells the story of that legend. Lord Buddha buried both eyes separately and sent two disciples to Korea. One was Virgin Seamons and the other Nahima Monk. Their job is to protect the Black Eye and stop the Red Eye.

According to legends, after centuries, the Red Eye will be alive again on the day of the Red Moon. And only a helper will help him.

It will possess seven people for seven nights and finally meet Black Eye on 8th Night. The time has come. Red Eye rises and they have to stop it.

There is a way of stopping the red-eye. They need to break the cycles of seven possessed people by killing at least one of them. Then red-eye can’t meet the black eye. Meaning the door of hell will not open.

Then Bhante-hajeong John tells William to find Oliver and bring him to Monastery.

Next, we see a rabbit hunter in another city’s forest. Suddenly a hand appears on his shoulder, and he becomes possessed.

Fasting young monk
Fasting young monk.

2nd Night.

We see a man in the hotel named ‘4th Season.’ Here we see a lady named Oliver in the room with her boyfriend. Oliver says that last year she used to go to a meditation camp where she got free health checkups and free money to attend.

That camp was run by none other than Professor Kim. Meaning he had taken out Oliver’s blood sample and put it over the red-eye cult.

The possessed hunter comes into Oliver’s room smelling her blood.

In the monastery, Williams gets a vision of Bhante-hajeong. He asks to give the black eye box to Oliver. The next morning William learns that Bhante-John has passed away and he had the box beside him.

3rd Night.

Police officers James and Jin come to the hotel to investigate. Because Oliver’s boyfriend is murdered. But Oliver is missing. The corpse of that hunter is also on the same spot. But his body was rotten in one night and smelled so bad like it was composed for one month.

William now takes the addresses of Oliver & the box from another Monk.

We see Oliver in front of a candle. He could hear the voices of many souls. He is a seaman and his job is to carry souls to the afterlife. But for some reason, he left this job. And those souls were troubling him to send him to the afterlife

professor Kim with others
professor Kim with others.

4th Night.

William comes to the city looking for Oliver. But his bag was stolen at the railway station, which contained the box.

Officer James finds Oliver’s dead body in a restaurant. And she is also rotten like the hunter.

Officer James gets confused and assumes it to be a serial killing. He asks the forensic team to re-check all the evidence and now here we see another officer named Liam.

He used to be the partner of police officer James. But last year he saved James’s life in an accident and Liam’s leg was broken badly. In that accident, he got a severe head injury. Since then, he has only been working on desk tasks.

Whatever, in this situation Liam suggests a weird idea with James.

A few days back A similar difficult case had come to another police station as well. Then Liam’s friend took the help of a famous seaman named Virgin Seaman. And then the case was easily solved.

Now he asks James to take the help of the same seaman over here too. But Officer James scolds Liam.

William is informed by a letter that Bhante-hajeong has passed away. He also informed them that the monster had woken up. William is still in silence because he fasted.

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Now we see a delivery boy that stops the scooter. A girl stood on him at midnight whom he recognized.

He also went to the same meditation camp where the lady had gone. That girl is possessed by red-eye, and she makes that delivery boy her new victim.

It was all one-stepping stones for Red Eyes. This is a trick of the red-eye to reach Black Eye by possessing those people.

Now we see the delivery guy at the Virgin Seaman’s house Where a girl sees him a sample of blood. And it was the same girl who stole the box from William.

Now Oliver has a vision of Bhante-hajeong, and he says that I see there are many souls behind you.

You have to forward them means afterlife, and it is your karma.

We see many souls behind Oliver. Spirits are watching over him.

Here Bhante-hajeong the Virgin Seaman is called “Seven stepping stones” and tells him to kill. It was told in the beginning that killing anyone and both eyes can’t match.

5th Night.

Oliver takes out an old bag inside which is an ax. There is a mythology letter and a shirt covered in the blood There is also a photo and address of the Virgin Seaman. She was a student of that john.

Now Oliver and William go to that address. On the way, Oliver gives William new boots, food, etc.

William came out of the monastery for the first time. That’s why he is very happy to see the city and out of joy he breaks his silence and says thanks to Oliver.

The secret girl Ae-ran
The secret girl Ae-ran.

On another side, Officer James’s team finds the girl’s body near the tunnel. Her body is completely rotten.

Oliver can’t find a seaman at that address. It seems he is shifted to another place. In the same city where all these murders were taking place. Both of them also start going towards the same city.

Now we see a school girl outside the Virgin Seaman’s house. The girl again gives him a sample of blood. We see another woman in his background.

Now a memory haunts Oliver at the train station. 20 years ago, he had an accident with a car in which his wife and son died. The lady who committed the accident also committed suicide. He also had written a letter to Oliver before he died.

6th Night.

William was the son of the same lady after he had studied in the monastery.

And that’s why Oliver wasn’t talking to her properly. Because he holds a grudge for her in his mind.

This serial killing had become a hot topic in the news. Oliver sees the news and he marks all the murder sites on one map.

He guesses that the Virgin Seaman’s house should be near this place. He and William split and looked for his home.

Oliver approaches the tunnel and looks at the Murder’s site that Officers James sees. He asks her to check at the back office by asking for her ID. When James asks him to show the bag, he runs away. There is a fight between these two and the map falls over there.

William sees a school girl when he comes from Virgin Seaman’s House. Then it starts raining. William sits in, and the girl gives him tea. She is possessed by red eyes when she sees a schoolgirl as she walks through the Virgin Seaman’s house. Red-eye tears up her face and sees William.

William runs away in fear of her.

Park Jin-soo with an ax
Park Jin-soo with an ax.

Liam tells Jin at the police station that. Oliver once used to be an Exorcist at Monastery. Mean a man who exudes evil spirits. Once he exorcised a man by hitting him hard. Then the Korean Buddhist Association made a case against him. Because there was no official reorganization for him. They didn’t give him the position of a monk. That’s why he was in jail for some years due to the Fraud Monk case. And he’s a construction worker now. But he has been missing for two days.

Now James remembers the map he dropped from his hands, and he goes to pick her up with Liam.

Liam gives James a locket made by virgin seaman’s which he made with his blood. James didn’t believe in such things. On Liam’s pressure, he keeps it, and they get that map too. They conclude that the missing people are the next victims of the serial killer.

They know that a high school girl has been missing for 2 days. And she went missing like this last year too. And later she met in a meditation camp whose meditation camp was Professor Kim.

Liam says that a body has been found in a nearby mountain Whose condition is also like the rest of the victims of this case. He now goes to the station to see his file.

William comes to Oliver and gives him the address of the Virgin Seaman. When he finds out that Oliver is going to kill her. He immediately runs away to save the seaman.

James was on his way when he got a call from Liam. He says today morning a man’s body was found on the hill. And that’s Professor Kim’s body. He has been running the meditation camp since 2016.

Monk talking about the legend
Monk talking about the legend.

Surprisingly, all the people who were killed took part in this meditation camp.

Liam was in shock over here because a high school girl and local seaman girl were also on that list.

At this point, it is clear that Red Eye used Professor Kim to get everyone’s blood samples taken. Then Red-eye possessed Professor Kim. And after that, the hunter became the next victim. And whoever leaves the red-eye, that body rots & dies. Red Eye had stolen Possessed Man’s Energy.

James takes the seaman’s address. Call him over there.

Later on, he again sees Oliver with an ax in his hand, and he starts following her. Oliver arrives at Seaman’s house. He sees a woman prisoned inside the room. Her face is covered as he goes to kill her.

Officer James attacks. There is a lot of fight between these two then that possessed the girl who comes and she picks up and throws James. His hand burns as soon as she touches it. Because James had a talisman (locket).

James falls and he is unconscious.

The schoolgirl tells Oliver that she has run away and that schoolgirl also leaves there. Oliver runs after him with an ax pours his blood on the ax and starts chanting.

Then he hears the voice of spirits behind him and they are all leaving him as they say that now he will die. And he can’t bring us salvation.

Oliver is a little shocked to hear this but he still moves on and he doesn’t care about his life.

Later on, the school girl collides with Liam while running. And as soon as she hits, she attacks him bites it, and possesses him. Oliver then comes to kill him with an ax. But Liam gets up and throws him and tells him that he will not die here. And tell her to go to the monastery. William is also taking that girl to the monastery by train.

Cheong seok and the secret girl Ae-ran
Cheong seok and the secret girl Ae-ran.

7th Night.

Oliver gets another vision of Bhante-hajeong where he says the monster is now on the seven stone.

And after my death, you are now the heir to the monastery. This means on the 8th night, the red-eye will Possess you. And will open the farthest of hell from you but you have to fight him you have to stop him.

The next day the girl and William come to the monastery. The weather turns bad as soon as they arrive.

Darkness falls everywhere William makes the girl stay at a small house. In a state of Possession Liam comes to the Monastery and kills Monks. And sitting in front of Bhante-Hjeong’s body starts laughing.

Officer James finds the school girl’s dead body, and the picture of Liam escaping was captured in the CCTV footage.

Oliver goes to the monastery where William stayed but strangely that lady was not at that place.

William doesn’t know where she disappeared. And the black eye box also came on automatically that girl stole. Officer James returns to Virgin Seaman’s house.

There is a woman in that house who says that she is the real virgin seaman. And she also went to the meditation camp where she saw Shasha for the first time. Meaning the girl who went with William. It Means Shasha was a ghost. She had suffered a lot of abuse in her childhood. And she committed suicide. Professor Kim had adopted him and got him educated.

When everyone started calling him a cheater, he asked for Shasha’s help. Written in Red eye’s tablet A lady has to be sacrificed before he wakes up. And then that girl will become the servant of the monster by becoming a ghost. And then Shasha commits suicide and she becomes a ghost. She used to control everyone’s mind and bring them to the meditation camp.

The 8th night cast of characters

The seaman says that Liam came to her a few days ago and made the talisman. Then he took his blood and lied that it was for the talisman but that was for the red-eye. He was the seventh stepping stone. But Shasha changed his position. Made Liam the Seventh Stepping Stone.

All six people tried to do suicide. But Shasha saved them. Seaman says that he did all this to save himself. She also tells Officer James to go to the monastery.

Oliver prepares a trap for Liam at the Monastery covers the surrounding area with the thread and sets fire in the middle of it.

8th Night.

Liam Possessed.

His trap and chanting don’t work, and he says that the 8th stepping stone will be the one who will be the heir you have left the monastery. That’s why you’re not the heir.

Anupam Tripathi in the 8th night
Anupam Tripathi on the 8th night.

William is rightful here. Your life is nothing more than a disappointment. Just then Liam gives her the gun to commit suicide.

Now Shasha comes in front of William and takes off his jacket. And he was in a possessed state. Just then, Oliver shoots Liam. And in anger, he sends six spirits inside him to attack him. We see 6 black figures who were attacking Oliver from all sides.

That’s when we hear the pious sound from Bhante-Hjeong’s body. She drives away those souls from all sides and keeps William out of the Possessions.

William starts running now and after going some distance, he sees Officer James. He is surprised to see Liam in the Possessed State. Liam picks it up and throws it away, and he goes straight to William. And then Oliver shoots at him again. And also go to kill with a chanted ax.

Seeing all this, the officer also shoots Oliver. And in all this shootout finally, Red Eye possessed William

And Liam’s body rots too.

Possessed William beat on James’ stomach and he dies. Oliver comes to the possessed William. And he offers to possess her. William opens the box of Black Eye and both eyes meet.

The door of hell opens in the sky Possessed William gives Oliver one last chance.

It says that because of the mother of this child, you had to suffer this sorrow. Hate it in your mind, kill this child and set yourself free.

We see Oliver in a vision where William was a child. Oliver can’t hold her throat. He gives up his pain and suffering. Write a secret symbol in blood on William. And holding William in the real world and chanting him. Causing the symbol above William to shine.

William used to be an exorcist once upon a time. So, he forcefully took the Black Eye inside. That’s why William breaks free from Possessions. He later attacks her with a chanted ax. Because the red-eye was there.

Now we see William in Rajasthani (India). He buries the Red Eye again in the same spot Shasha’s ghost was also tied to him whom he frees. And maybe later he’ll send her to the afterlife.

The movie ends here.


Original Title Je8ileui bam

Other Titles The 8th Night (USA)

Genre Supernatural horror/ Thriller

Runtime 1hr 55min

Original Language Korean

Directed by Tae-Hyung Kim

Written by Kim Tae-hyung

Produced by Hyun Kwang Seo

Cinematography Choo Kyeong-yeob

Music by Shim Hyun-jung

Tagline ‘Don’t you dare open your eyes.’

Release date July 2, 2021 (USA)

Origin Country South Korea

Filming locations Incheon, South Korea

Official Website The 8th Night Netflix

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Nam Da-reum Cheong-seok
Kim Yoo-jeong Ae-ran
Lee Sung-min Park Jin-soo
Park Hae-joon Kim Ho-tae

Official Trailer

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