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Incarnate (2016) is a supernatural horror film directed by Brad Peyton and written by Ronnie Christensen.

Incarnate Movie Explained with Plot Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with a boy Cameron and her mother Lindsey are entering their house. A homeless woman staring at Cameron and doing some strange act like some kind of demonic performance. The two of them quickly entered the house.

Later we realize that the relationship between Lindsey & her husband Dan is not going well. And they are living separately. Meanwhile, Cameron misses his father Dan.

Suddenly, the homeless woman appears in the house and attacks Cameron in devil-possessed form. Although Cameron killed the woman, his eyes turn reddish. This signified that he had become possessed.

The scene switches to a nightclub where Dr. Ember meets a man named Henry. Ember finds Henry in the company of several girls.

Ember tells Henry that he is in a dream and that he should wake up. Henry doesn’t believe him, as one would expect. But at that moment, one of the girls’ eyes turns black. It seems like Dr. Ember is right.

Then Ember and Henry jump out of a window, waking up in the real world.

The boy Cameron in incarnate 2016 movie
The boy Cameron in Incarnate (2016) movie.

In reality, Dr. Ember is paralyzed and always uses a wheelchair. Henry was possessed by a demon, and Ember jumped into his subconscious mind to save him.

Oliver, Ember’s assistant, tells him that he should avoid the dreaming process because it affects him. Several scars have appeared on his skin, which is a sign of affection.

Ember just tells Oliver that there was no Maggie.

We will learn more about Maggie as the plot progresses.

After that, a girl named Camilla comes to Ember from the Vatican. She wants to perform an exorcism by Dr. Ember to cure a young boy. But he is not interested in her. He only wants to see the demon Maggie.

Ember also says that he does not perform any exorcism, he believes that possession is one kind of disease and demons are like parasites. Therefore, he is liberated from demons by going into the subconscious mind of the host.

But Camilla insists to Ember that it might be the demon Maggie inside the boy. Therefore Ember agrees to help them.

Then Ember goes to his astral teacher Felix to learn more about Maggie. Felix gives him a syringe of blood labeled C-79 and says that this is the blood of the possessed man by Maggie. If any day Ember fails to escape from his subconscious mind, then this injection will give him extra 10 seconds to get suicide.

Ember meets the possessed boy and we realize he is Cameron from the first scene of the movie.

After analyzing Cameron, Ember becomes sure that the demon is Maggie. He performs a session to explore Cameron’s subconscious mind. There he sees that Maggie takes Dan’s form and controls Cameron. Since Cameron loves his father Dan, thus Maggie takes Dan’s form.

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Ember escapes from the dream after the first session fails. Suddenly he realizes Maggie is more powerful than he thought. So, he decides to use C-79 and free Cameron.

One day, inside the dream Dan (or demon Maggie), tells Cameron ‘I love you son.’

Cameron is confused by this. He believes the guy is not his real father. He never hears his dad talk like that.

Maggie becomes weak and Dan’s eyes turn black as a result of Cameron’s suspicions. When Cameron sees this, he becomes convinced that Ember was right, this man is not his father but a demon.

Then Ember again performs the next session using C-79 and finally succeeds.

As Ember opens his eyes, he finds himself in a hospital bed with his wife and son. When he carefully observes the wall clock, he realizes that he isn’t in the real world.

Yes, he is possessed by Maggie and now lying in a dream.

In the real world, Cameron is now cured but Ember’s eyes turn red which means he is possessed.

dr ember team in incarnate movie
Dr. Ember team in the Incarnate movie.

Camilla tells everyone not to touch Ember before he dies so that demon can not pass the host and die with Ember. But in the ambulance accidentally Camilla holds his hand and her eyes turn red.

Therefore, Camilla becomes possessed by the demon Maggie.

The movie ends here.

What demon is Maggie in the movie Incarnate?

Maggie is the queen of the demon world who possessed humans and is trapped inside a dream. The possessed people can not detect that they are inside in a dream.

Demon Maggie knows the weak point of its host and shows what he loves to watch most. Which leads them to stay longer in the absurd world.

Then Maggie acquires the hosts’ energy and willpower into itself and pushes toward death.

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What is the movie Incarnate about?

A single mother sees her 11-year-old son experiencing terrifying symptoms of demonic possession. Dr. Seth Ember, the wheelchair-bound scientist, is then contacted by a Vatican representative to rid him of the evil spirit. Ember enters the boy’s unconscious mind driven by a personal agenda rooted in his tragedy. There, he faces a demon as ferocious as it is intelligent.

Is the demon Maggie die at the end of the movie Incarnate (2016)?

No, demon Maggie transfers to Camilla as its new host. It happens in the ambulance when Camilla holds Ember’s hand before his death.

Carice van Houten in Incarnate 2016
Carice van Houten in Incarnate (2016).

Is Dr. Ember paralyzed in real life?

No, Dr. Ember is played by actor Aaron Eckhart and he is a normal healthy person in real life.

The movie Incarnate of Dr. Ember has a tragic past in his life. He got a car accident for a demonically possessed woman. In that accident, he lost his wife, son and become paralyzed.


Original Title Incarnate

Other Titles La reencarnación (Mexico), Incarnate (UK), Quỷ Ám (Vietnam)

Genre Supernatural/ Horror/ Thriller

Runtime 1hr 27min

Original Language English

Directed by Brad Peyton

Written by Ronnie Christensen

Tagline Faith has failed us.

Release date December 2, 2016 (USA)

Origin Country United States

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Aaron Eckhart Dr. Ember
Carice van Houten Lindsey
David Mazouz Cameron
Catalina Sandino Moreno Camilla
Mark Steger Maggie (Demon)

Official Trailer

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