Hypnotic (2021) Ending Explained

Hypnotic (2021) Film Facts, Plot, Review & Ending Explained

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Hypnotic (2021) is a psychological horror film which is directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. The film is released on October 27, 2021, on Netflix.

Hypnotic Ending Explained with Plot Twist in Details

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The film Hypnotic (2021) starts with a woman named Andrea Bowen. It is late at night, and she is still in her office chamber, looking frightened. We see Andrea calling Portland PD detective Wade Rollins but she can’t reach him. Then she walked by the corridor to take the elevator. As she stared back, she seemed afraid that someone was watching her.

Andrea entered the elevator and a call comes to her phone from an unknown number. She guesses it may be detective Wade and receives. Someone says from the other side of the call, “Andrea, this is how the world ends.” Then the elevator begins to narrow and crushed her down.

Scene changes here to the main storyline.

Jenn Tompson comes to Gina’s house to attend a party. Gina is Jenn’s best friend. She tried to call Jenn several times to inform her that Brain is also at the party. At this point, you know that Jenn doesn’t want to come in front of Brian or she tries to avoid him. However, Jenn joined the party. Gina and her husband Scotty apologize for the awkward situation for Jenn.

At the party, Gina introduces Dr. Collin Meade as her psychotherapist. Dr. Collin is very gentle and Jenn spends little time with him. At the dinner table, all gather including Brian and Jenn too. Brian is going to taste a portion of food which is fries with Sesame oil. Jenn stops him just before taking. Because Brian has severe allergic problem anaphylaxis which can take him to death for eating Sesame.

Dr. Collin gives Jenn his card before leaving the party in case she needs any psychotherapy. She accepts it.

Jenn talks to Gina a few days later, and Gina tries to convince Jenn to see Dr. Collin. She gets significant benefits from Dr. Collin. Jenn agrees and makes an appointment with him.

Jenn arrived at Dr. Collin’s chamber at the scheduled time. The chamber is well decorated and gorgeous. However, Dr. Collins was with another patient, so Jenn had to wait outside. Eventually, the patient comes out and tells Jenn that she suffers from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and that she used to be very bad before starting treatment.

Jenn enters and Dr. Collin starts his session. He asked about Brain and Jenn says that they were engaged and she has miscarried a six months baby. Their relationship broke down after the incident, and she is traumatized. Therefore, Dr. Collin recommends that she undergo hypnotherapy because it is very beneficial for her condition.

Hypnotic (2021) Review & Ending Explained

Dr. Collin mentions a quotation from his mentor Dr. Xavier Sullivan and assures that there are no such bad effects for her. As a result, Jenn becomes more reliable and hypnotized by Dr. Collin.

It took her one hour to come back to consciousness, but she expected it to take her only three or four minutes. It is as if she is experiencing a rather blackout, but it is also allowing her to recover her normal self.

Jenn improved significantly after a few sessions. Now she is laughing with others and getting a new job. Consequently, she cannot attend Dr. Collin’s session.

The two encountered each other at a mall and Jenn told Dr. Collin about her new job. Dr. Collin invited Jenn for coffee to celebrate her new position. She accepts and at the table they talk about each other. In this conversation, you know that Dr. Collin was a married person but his wife has died.

After the coffee, Jenn goes to the grocery store. A phone call comes from an unknown number. She receives the call and blacked out. When she is back in consciousness she is at dinner with Brian and he is attacked by anaphylaxis. Brian is taken to hospital and he goes to the comma.

Hypnotic (2021) Film Facts, Plot, Review

Jenn back to her flat and checked the grocery shop buying receipt. She becomes shocked when noticed that she brought Sesame oil. At the bottom of the cabinet, she finds sesame oil too. Suddenly she remembers some memory of her blacked-out moment. She remembers receiving an unknown phone call and that was Dr. Collin and he instructs her to buy Sesame oil. Then she mixed it in the food and offers Brian dinner.

Remembering all of these some doubt arises in her mind about Dr. Collin. She shares her thought with Gina and tells her that it might be Dr. Collin who commands them by hypnosis. Gina was scared because she took hypnotherapy in her last session.

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After this Jenn & Gina meets with detective Wade Rollins who previously investigates Andrea Bowen’s (the lady who died in the elevator) death mystery. Jenn wants to know about Andrea from detective Wade because she was also a patient of Dr. Collin.

The detective tells them that the cause of death of Andrea is a heart attack but there is something behind the scene. He shows them the death moment of her which was captured from the CC camera and in the scene, she was terrified and try to push an invisible wall of the elevator. As like the wall of the elevator tried to crush her. Detective also pointed out that Andrea was a claustrophobic patient. Detective doubt somehow, she was hypnotized and put into a claustrophobic situation which was the cause of a heart attack.

Hypnotic (2021) Film Facts, Plot, Ending Explained

Jenn decides to know what happens with her at the hypnotized session. So, she turns on the recorder on her cell phone with privacy and asked Dr. Collin for hypnotherapy. After the session, she sits in the car and plays the recorded audio.

At the beginning of the hypnotherapy, Dr. Collin asked Jenn why she came that day? And as usual, she revealed everything about her doubt and recording plan to Dr.

At the same time detective finds out that Dr. Collin’s last three patients have died in an accident which all are similar to Andrea’s.

The next morning Jenn calls Gina when she is driving with Scotty. Jenn tries to warn her not to receive any unknown number phone call but for poor network, she couldn’t. Then as expected Dr. Collin calls Gina from an unknown number and triggers her arachnophobia. Who doesn’t know about arachnophobia let me tell you that this is a mental condition where a person feels extreme fear about spiders.

So, Gina starts to see an imaginary spider moving on her body and she lost control of the car. In the accident, Gina and Scotty died.

At night, detective Wade comes to Jenn’s flat and warns her from Dr. Collin. Detective also mentions that his phone is run out of charge and dead that’s why he needs to come directly. He also gives Jenn a confidential file about Dr. Collins’s patients.

After a few moments of leaving detective Jenn’s main door is knocked. She assumes the detective might be forget something. So, she opens the door and there is Dr. Collin. She tries to lock the door by force but Dr. Collin says, “Jenifer, stop.” And she was hypnotized for not moving. Then Dr. warns her not to flee and cooperate with him. He is trying to help Jenn but why does she is not realizing the fact. Then he leaves after relieving Jenn.

The next scene is at the detectives’ house where Wade is at dinner and watching TV. Suddenly a lady (the OCD patient of Dr. Collin) attacks Wade with a knife. She was hiding inside the cabinet and waiting for the right moment to attack. After a fight detective can knocked-out the lady but he is also severely injured.

After the incident, Jenn visits Wade at the hospital and he refers her to another hypnotherapist to know what is happening with her.

This is Dr. Stella Graham who is now going to help Jenifer. Dr. Stella going to hypnotize her and will try to know what did Dr. Collin with her. She starts but there is a surprise for Stella. Dr. Collin put some anti-reveal triggers so that no one can know the truth. So, the mystery stays unrevealed. But Stella also put an anti-trigger to her mind for safety issues.

At the time of hypnotizing with Stella, Jenn remembers something. It is a house with number plate 1010 and the owner’s house is his mentor Xavier Sullivan. At the house, she was with Collin and they seemed like a couple.

Hypnotic (2021) Plot Review

Then Jenn searches the house on the internet and finds the location. She goes to the house and discovers that Collin is the son of Xavier Sullivan who was a psychotherapist of a project MKUltra. This is a project of CIA where they researched to implement new memory by hypnotism. Now Jenn realizes that Collin was transferring his memory to Jenn because he wants to marry her.

There is Colling too at the house. He triggers Jenn to sleep. When woke up she figured out that she is at the chamber of Collin. So, she called the detective for help. Wade sent some officers to the office but that is empty. By hearing this Wade realizes that Jenn is under Collin’s control and he makes her distract Wade. So, he starts moving to Xavier Sullivan’s house.

On the other side, Jenn is still hallucinating by Collin. She saw Wade come to save her and she shoot Collin with a gun where he was dead. Then Jenn wakes up and sees Wade is sitting with her and tries to calm her down. At that time, Wade tells ‘my love’ and a twist comes to the scene.

Dr. Stella put a trigger that if Collin says ‘my love’ to Jenn then all the control would be broken and she moves to the real world from the imaginary world. So, by hearing ‘my love’ Jenn frees from everything and realizes sitting next to her is not Wade, this is Collin.

She runs and finds Wade injured. Colling chases her but she shoots him by Wade’s gunfire. Dr. Collin died.

The scene changes after one month.

Jenifer continues her new job and Brain is getting well. Detective Wade is still banded but he is also looking fine.

Wade gifts something to Jenn. She opens it on the street and sees it’s a music CD written on the cover ‘Better Sleep – Self Hypnosis.’

Jenn smiles and the movie ends here.

Hypnotic (2021) Film

Good Points

  • The movie is linear and straight in its plot. So it is easy to understand through the main plot is twisted beyond reality and the imaginary world.
  • Lightings are great.
  • I am not saying that the cinematography is bad but I expect a little more.

Bad points

  • This movie mocks monosyllabic balance, especially claustrophobia, arachnophobia, and OCD. This is not my cup of tea.
  • Poor development of characters.
  • There is a lack of plot structure in the story. It should be clearer about where it comes from and how it should be used.
  • In some ways, the core philosophy of the film appears to come from the teenage mind. Very shallow.


Hypnotic (2021) is recommended as a ‘one time watch’ film by Brainless Pen.


Original Title Hypnotic

Other Titles Pod hipnozom (Croatia), Hypnotique (France), Hipnótico (Spain)

Genre Psychological horror/ Thriller

Runtime 1hr 28min

Original Language English

Tagline His Wish is Her Command

Directed by Matt Angel, Suzanne Coote

Written by Richard D’Ovidio

Release date October 27, 2021 (Netflix)

Filming Location Canada

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Kate Siegel Jennifer Tompson
Jason O’Mara Dr. Collin Meade
Dulé Hill Detective Wade Rollins
Lucie Guest Gina
Jaime M. Callica Brian
Luc Roderique Scotty
Stephanie Cudmore Andrea Bowen

FAQs about Hypnotic (2021)

What happens at the end of Hypnotic?

At the end of Hypnotic, it is revealed that Dr. Meade was the true villain and has been manipulating Jen and Detective Carver. Jen finally remembers that Dr. Meade had hypnotized her to kill her husband, and with the help of Detective Carver, she confronts Dr. Meade in the blue room. In the end, Dr. Meade is killed, and Jen and Detective Carver are left to deal with the aftermath.

Who was the true villain in Hypnotic?

The true villain in Hypnotic was Dr. Meade. He was manipulating Jen and Detective Carver, and was behind the murders that occurred throughout the movie.

Was Jen really hypnotized by Dr. Meade?

Yes, Jen was hypnotized by Dr. Meade to kill her husband.

What was the significance of the blue room in Hypnotic?

The blue room was the place where Dr. Meade conducted his hypnotherapy sessions and where Jen was hypnotized to kill her husband.

Did Detective Carver die at the end of Hypnotic?

No, Detective Carver did not die at the end of Hypnotic.

Was there a twist ending in Hypnotic?

Not necessarily, but the true villain is revealed.

Did Jen kill her husband in Hypnotic?

Yes, Jen killed her husband under the influence of Dr. Meade's hypnosis.

What was the meaning behind the ending of Hypnotic?

The ending of Hypnotic shows the consequences of manipulation and the power of hypnosis, as Jen and Detective Carver are left to deal with the aftermath of Dr. Meade's actions.

What did the final shot of Hypnotic signify?

The final shot of Hypnotic shows Jen and Detective Carver walking away from the scene of Dr. Meade's death, symbolizing their newfound freedom from his manipulation.

Will there be a sequel to Hypnotic?

There has been no announcement of a sequel to Hypnotic at this time.

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