Triangle (2009) Ending Explained

Triangle (2009) ending explained

Triangle (2009) is a mind-bending British psychological horror film starring Melissa George and Michael Dorman. The film follows a group of friends who go on a sailing trip and become stranded in the Bermuda Triangle. The main character, Jess, begins to experience déjà vu and becomes convinced that they are stuck in a time loop.

Triangle (2009) Ending Plot Explained and Plot Story in Details

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Jess is a single mother who is living with her autistic son. One morning, she wakes up, washes clothes, waters the garden, and cleans her room, and when she notices he stains her floor with colors, she starts scolding him. Usually, Jess is a good mother, but it’s hard for a single mother to always stay calm. After a while, we see that Jess soothes him with her soothing words.

Jess comes to the harbor to join her friends as they are supposed to leave for sailing. They lift the anchor and have casual conversations but suddenly notice the air is dropped. They try to inform the help center but need help to reach them. They see a giant storm gathering around a particular place, and the boat is moving toward it.

They wear life jackets and try hard to stay together in the storm, but one gets lost. After surviving, they get into the upside-down boat and see a large ship out of nowhere. They yell for help and get onto the ship, but there is no one. They look into the whole ship, but they need someone to come forward to help them. Surprisingly they find Jess’s home keys fall on the ground and assume Heather is on the same ship.

Jess feels deja vu, and she tells Greg about it. Greg finds her acting so weird and consults her to calm down. At one point, they find a hand note written on a mirror saying, ‘go to the theatre.’ Jess tells Greg not to go there, but he doesn’t listen.

When Jess comes to the theatre, she sees brutally wounded Victor, and surprisingly Vic attacks her Jess fights back, and Victor dies; Jess stands up and hears a gunshot. She immediately goes near Sally and Daniel and finds Greg dead. Each of them starts blaming Jess as Greg uncovers the truth before dying, and within a few moments, they get shot too and die.

At that moment, we realize someone other than Jess is on the ship. Eventually, Jess pushes the killer off the ship and notices that some people are yelling to help them on an upside down, and they are none other than her friends, including herself; hence they have come back. Jess realizes that she gets stuck in a loop of time. She follows them and observes that whatever is happening is happening precisely like what happened a while ago.

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Jess thinks she has to break the pattern of the happenings. She sees victor and tries to make him understand, but he totally ignores and mocks her. On the spur of the moment, he mildly pushes him against the wall, and Victor’s head becomes impaled by an extension of a rod, Jess understands that she has messed up, but she needs to try. She gets a gun and goes to the theatre. She gets Victor again, but Victor doesn’t attack her because she has a gun, and Jess tries to explain the situation.

She catches Daniel and Sally and explains to them how Greg is dead. She delivers the gun to Daniel and advises them not to trust anyone. But they mistake the good Jess and get killed. Jess sees that whenever everyone is killed, they return to the boat.

Jess tries to stop the ship but can’t. She observes that every moment is repeated. So she decides to kill everyone and let that boat come one more time so that she can stop them from getting on the ship by using a gun. But she gets failed again and falls into the sea. She wakes up at the seashore and returns home. But she notices that her time is stuck on the moment when her accident took place.

She sees everything that has already happened to her in front of her eyes. She carefully watches so that no one can see. She kills Jess living in this house now and consoles her son. She drives to drop him at school, but then the accident happens. Jess impassively watches the accident scene and tells a taxi driver to drop her at the harbor.

What is the ending meaning of the film Triangle (2009)?

Jess is a waitress and the mother of a five-year-old son. Her son has a problem in that he wants everything to be in a very particular way. One day she is supposed to join her friends at the harbor, but her son is messing things up. As they are being late, she scolds him rudely, and he starts crying.

They get in the car, but in the middle of the road, they meet with an accident and die. From that moment, a new journey begins with new Jess. Jess’s soul becomes so guilty that she creates a loop to save her child and desperately wants to atone for what she has done. She goes to the harbor to meet with her friends and to refresh herself a little bit. She can’t surmise what is waiting for her next.

Within a few moments, they fall into a massive storm and take shelter in a cryptic ship they bump into a bad guy who eventually kills them all but gets killed by Jess. When no one is alive except Jess, she notices that a group of people is calling on her to be on an upside-down boat, and those people are no one but her friends, including herself, who was killed a few moments ago. She realizes she has fallen into a time loop, and they return when killed.

How did the taxi driver see Jess and talk with her if she lived in a different time zone?

In the end, we see a taxi driver talking with Jess. That Jess was the soul of the dead Jess, or it can be said that it was her guilty version which lives in a different universe and desperately wants her son to be alive. That taxi driver is also from her time, so that he could see him.

Science doesn’t approve of a time loop, but the scriptwriter and the director wanted to show a mother’s eternal love for her son and the brutal consequences of anger. When we make mistakes, we want to compensate, but sometimes the mistake goes too far that no matter how much we try, there is no chance to change our fate.


Original Title: Triangle

Other Titles: Aavelaiva Triangle (Finland)

Genre: Thriller/ Horror

Runtime: 1hr 39min

Original Language: English

Written & Directed by Christopher Smith

Tagline: Fear Comes in Waves.

Release date: October 16, 2009 (United Kingdom)

Origin Country: United Kingdom, Australia

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