Orphan: First Kill (2022) Ending Explained

orphan first kill ending explained

Orphan: First Kill (2022) is a psychological horror movie directed by William Brent Bell. It is the prequel to one of the most worldwide recognized psychological thriller movies Orphan (2009). It casts Isabella Fuhrman, Julia Stiles, etc. The plot of Orphan: First Kill is as unique as the previous one and here is the explanation of the movie.

Orphan: First Kill Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Anna Troyev, an art therapy instructor comes to join Saarne Institute for helping patients through art. She is warmly welcomed there by the chief. While describing all of his patients, an assistant informs that their most dangerous patient is not in her room. So the chief immediately wants everything locked and leaves Anna in a secured room.

We all know that danger often comes when danger is feared. Anna hears some scratches and notices a child is there. She, without knowing this is Leena tries to make conversation and suddenly everyone rushes in and tells her to put the pencil down. When she arms up, Anna realizes she was about to die a few seconds ago. After some hours, when she is about to leave, Leena comes over and signs her to shut her mouth but she realizes something bad has happened. So she goes to inform and finds out Leena has escaped.

Anna decides to quit the job and returns home. When she reaches there, she hears something fishy and sees the trunk is opened. She closes that but suddenly gets assaulted by Leena. Leena enters Anna’s house, plays piano, cleans herself, and gets dressed as Esther Albright whom she has found on the missing American children’s site. Esther Albright, lost in 2003 resembles her. Later we see her swinging at a playground and meet up with a security guard and tell her whereabouts pretending Esther.

In Connecticut, we see performing a fencing competition, and having finished it off Gunnar steps forward to them and celebrates his win with his parents. They are none other than the Albrights whose daughter went missing. Knowing that Esther has been found in Russia, Tricia Albright heads off to Russia and meets with her, and convinces herself that she is the one. They get on their private jet and Tricia starts to show photo albums and points out her grandmother. Esther gives the wrong impression and makes Tricia doubtful.

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However, Esther returns home and tries to be one of them so that they can’t understand what is actually going on. Allen gets surprised to know Esther loves to paint because Allen is a painter too. The next day Tricia takes her to Dr. Segar and addresses her as the one with the parrot Sydney. Going there, as usual, she tries to fake it as best as she can but gets caught. Dr. Segar wants to make a conversation privately with Tricia. Nervous Esther overhears her speech and makes a plan to stop it. She rips off her cloth and plays a victim role. Tricia immediately takes her outside and returns home.

Allen takes her to his studio and lets her do a portrait of him. When Allen leaves, Esther touches the pencil dust to her lip and Tricia notices that from a window. She comes to her room and finds a Bible but it gets snatched by Esther as it is private.

Detective Donnan comes at dinner time to apprise him that he wants to interrogate her with a few questions about the kidnap. Esther overhears and immediately enters the room for telling about her gala night. Donnan notices Esther coming back without filling the glass and mentions that so suspiciously. Esther understands her departure is closing in.

Esther packs up some jewelry and is about to leave but she notices Allen and feels her desire overflows. So she can’t leave and decides to stay until she fulfills her wish. That night Detective Donnan looks over the Albrights and collects some fingerprints of Esther.

Esther finds it out and confronts him by hitting him. She asks if he is dubious while her mother is convinced. He starts to say something but gets shot by Tricia. At that moment we get a twist. Esther wasn’t lost, she was killed accidentally by Gunnar. Gunnar and Tricia faked the kidnap to calm Allen and mask up the truth. Tricia gives her two choices. Either she continues to pretend or she will be sent to prison.

After covering up Donnan’s body, Tricia returns with Esther and informs her everything about Gunnar and plans to kill her.

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In the meantime, Esther tries to spend time with Allen and jealous Tricia insults her. One day when they come to the station to see off Allen as he is going outside. Esther realizes Tricia will kill her. When Tricia is making a call, Esther sees that they are too close to the rail path. Esther moves forward to jostle them but becomes failed and gets caught by them.

They return home and attack her. She saves her pretending dead but fire occupies the house. When Allen comes, he finds them swang from an edge. He arrives there but can’t save Tricia. Esther thanks him and expresses her desire but Allen gets frightened and falls. Exhausted and frustrated Leena stares back at the ground.

Police save her and send her to an orphan asylum and decide to find her a sweet family who will give her the love she deserves.

What Disease Has Leena Suffered from And Why Does She Look Like a Nine-Year-Old Child?

Leena suffers from Hypopituitarism. Normally 8 hormones are produced from this gland but if there is decreased secretion. This condition will be called hypopituitarism and people with this condition can’t grow up. That’s why she looks like nine years old when she is thirty-one.

Why Does Leena Feel Attracted to Daddies?

Leena is a lonely girl who faces a lot of discrimination and harassment. She knows this world is full of cruel people. So she can’t rely on young people like her. She wants to care, love, and security which she believes she can get from a father. But since everyone considers her child and can’t take her true self normally so no one wants to be with her.

Why the Art Therapist Anna Was Locked in That Room Without Checking?

Every mental hospital belongs to some secured place where no one can enter. But Leena is a con artist, she sees Anna through her window and she knows Anna will be kept there. So she manages to get there for her. Since no one realizes that she can be there so they don’t check.

What Morality Can We Get From This Movie?

God has created every creation to live their life peacefully but he has created them giving them many specialties. We sometimes make those people’s life miserable when we see their faults, their weaknesses. When you do that, you are going against nature because we all are parts of nature. If you do that, nature will take revenge so fiercely that you can’t even imagine.

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In the end, we can say, we shouldn’t trust anyone blindly, we have to be very watchful and kind if we want to survive in this cruel world.


Original Title: Orphan: First Kill

Other Titles: L’orpheline: Les origines du mal (Canada)

Genre: Psychological/ Horror

Runtime: 1hr 39min

Original Language: English

Directed by William Brent Bell

Written by David Coggeshall

Tagline: There’s always been something wrong with Esther.

Release date: August 19, 2022 (USA)

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