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We Are Still Here (2015) is a gore horror film written & directed by Ted Geoghegan. We Are Still Here is one of the most critically acclaimed horror movies of 2015 for its several twists and clever ending.

We Are Still Here Ending Explained in Detail with Plot Twists

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The movie starts in 1979 with Anne and Paul Sacchetti. They recently lost their son Bobby in a car accident. Because of the loss, Anne goes into a deep depression.

They move into a new house in a rural area of New England. Paul hopes that the new weather will be helpful for Anne to overcome her depression.

Shortly after entering the house, Anne hears some noises in the cellar. After entering there, Anne finds Bobby’s hand gloves. Also sees a ghostly figure. She believes that Bobby’s spirit resides in this house.

Anne later tells Paul everything. But he doesn’t believe it. Paul says that Bobby is not in this house, but he is in our hearts.

Paul calls a house cleaning company to clean their cellar. Because there is a constant burning smell coming from the place.

A couple Dave and Cat come to meet the new family. Anne is very happy and says they are the first visitors in two weeks. Dave tells the family that they come here to live after 30 years of the Dagmar family and shares the history of this house.

The house was originally built in 1859 for the Dagmar family. Dagmar’s family moved into the house and within a few days started a funeral business. However, word quickly spread among the townspeople that Dagmar was actually fooling everyone. They are selling the dead bodies to various hotels and burying the empty coffins. Hotels are doing business by making different types of mutton from the meat of these carcasses. So one day the townspeople beat up the family and threw them out of town. Dagmar died a year later.

Cat sneaks a note as she leaves. There they were warned to leave this house. But Paul didn’t care.

The next day a cleaner comes to clean the basement and there he is attacked by a few ghosts. This incident further strengthened Anne’s faith in Bobby’s spirit. Therefore, she invites her spiritualist friends May and Jacob Lewis. So that they can help to communicate with Bobby.

Anne, Paul, May, and Jacob go to a famous restaurant in the town to complete their dinner. But when they enter the lounge, everyone starts strangely staring at them.

On the other side, Lewises’ son Harry arrives at the house with his girlfriend Daniella. A note on the front door for them was written by Anne. She informs them about their lunch at the restaurant. In the note, Harry is invited to join them if he like, otherwise they can stay in the house. Harry and Daniella decide to hang out on their own at home.

Harry and Daniella start drinking and enjoying their time. Then suddenly a horrific noise comes from the cellar. Harry goes down to investigate, but nothing is there. Suddenly a ghostly lady figure appears from his back and murdered him brutally. Daniella tries to flee with Harry’s car. But she was also captured by the lady ghost. It was sitting in the back seat of the car and executed from there. Exact same time in the bar, May has a panic attack. So, they all left to go home.

The scene shows us that all goods of the house move into place by itself or by any invisible entity.

At night, May informs everyone that she can’t trace Bobby’s spirit in the house, but some other energies are moving which are so strong and dark.

The scene changes to the bar. Dave murders a waitress with a shotgun. Then he discusses with the bartender about the Dagmar house and here the first twist of the movie reveals.

The conversation between Dave and the bartender reveals that the house needs to feed every 30 years. Otherwise, the evil comes out of the house and searches for fresh souls. This will lead to massive destruction for the townspeople. Dave is waiting for evil spirits’ activities. He mentions that if the new family tries to leave then he will kill them all by himself.

Later at night, Paul has a nightmare where he encounters burned Harry, Daniella, and Dagmar. When he wakes up screaming then Anne and Paul hear Bobby’s voice, telling them everything is fine. At the same time, May wakes up in the other room and tells Jacob that many people have died in this house.

The next morning, May & Anne go out shopping. Then Jacob starts to prepare for a séance so that he can communicate with the spirits living in the house. But within a short time, Jacob was possessed by Dagmar who take control of Jacob’s body. Paul ties Jacob to a chair with ropes. A sock was stuffed into his mouth to prevent him from speaking. The ladies return at that moment.

Dagmar swallows the shock and tells everyone about Harry and Daniella. He also exposes the truth about his family’s death. Dagmar’s family never left the house but Dave and other townspeople killed them for the evil spirits of the house. The villagers used Dagmar’s family as a sacrifice to save the village. Then he becomes furious and a rod insert in his eye. This leads death of Jacob.

Cat calls them on the landline and warns them again to leave the place as soon as possible to save their lives. But in the middle of the call, she is killed by someone stabbing with a knife. Cat dies in an instance. Though the murderer’s face is not shown here the suspicion throws toward her husband Dave.

May tries to flee the house but is killed by Dave with a shotgun. Anne is almost got shoot but she closes the door. Not only did Dave come to kill them, but everyone in the village came.

Anne & Paul goes upstairs to hide and then villagers break into the house and enter to kill them.

The spirits of the Dagmar family start killing violently every one of the villagers in the house. The bartender is killed by Anne with the set of knives and comes down to the ground floor.

Dave tries to kill them but then Dagmar comes into the scene and crushed his head. Finally, he fulfilled his revenge and departed from the house with his other family members’ spirits.

Then Anne and Paul hear Bobby’s voice telling them everything is fine now. Anne walks into the cellar and Paul peers down the stairs. He smiles and says, “hey Bobby.”

The movie ends here.

Does the Sacchetti Family Survive at The End of The Movie?

The movie ends with Paul and Anne’s smiling faces and a peaceful atmosphere. But did they survive?

Through Dave’s words, we learn an ancient demon appears in this house through a ritual gone wrong. This evil wakes up once every 30 years and it needs a family. It kills all the members and traps their souls in the house. On the other side, May said that there were spirits that are very dangerous and dark. That spirit is not Bobby anyway. Rather, it wants them to think of him as Bobby.

These facts make it clear that the Bobby who appears at the end of the movie is not actually their son. So even if their deaths are not shown in the movie, chances are that none of them survived.

Official Synopsis

After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, Paul and Anne move to the New England countryside to try to start a new life. But the grieving couple unknowingly becomes the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their new home, and before long they discover that the seemingly peaceful town is hiding a terrifyingly dark secret. Now they must find a way to overcome their sorrow and fight back against both the living and dead as the malicious ghosts threaten to pull their souls – and the soul of their lost son – into hell with them. From the producers of The House Of The Devil and Cheap Thrills, WE ARE STILL HERE is a tense, frightening, and thoroughly haunting ghost story.



Original Title: We Are Still Here

Other Titles: Mi smo još tu (Croatia), We Are Still Here – Haus des Grauens (Germany), Todavía estamos aquí (Spain)

Genre: Supernatural/ Slasher

Runtime: 1hr 24min

Original Language: English

Written & Directed by Ted Geoghegan

Produced by Travis Stevens

Cinematography: Karim Hussain

Music by Wojciech Golczewski

Tagline: This house needs a family.

Release date: March 15, 2015

Origin Country: United States

Filming locations: Palmyra, New York

Awards: 01 Wins, 20 Nominations

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Barbara Crampton Anne Sacchetti
Andrew Sensenig Paul Sacchetti
Guy Gane III Lassander Dagmar
Larry Fessenden Jacob Lewis
Lisa Marie May Lewis
Monte Markham Dave McCabe
Michael Patrick Nicholson Harry
Kelsea Dakota Daniella
Connie Neer Cat

Official Trailer

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