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House of Wax is a slasher horror film released in 2005. House of Wax (2005) is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by Chad and Carey Hayes.

House of Wax Ending Explained in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Wade, Paige, Blake, and Dalton Jones, along with their siblings Carly and Nick, are on their way to a football game. They decide to camp somewhere secluded in a wooded area the evening before the game. There is no time to travel anymore. In the truck that night, an unknown stranger arrived unexpectedly and watched them intently. Whenever the driver ignores Blake and Dalton’s request, they ask him to leave. A bottle is thrown at Nick’s car window, smashing the headlight.

house of wax ending

A mysterious figure films the teens as they sleep, unaware that the truck left. Upon investigating, Carly discovers nothing after being awakened by a noise. Carly trips and falls into a large pit of roadkill the next morning, after Wade discovers his car’s fan belt is broken. A man named Lester offers to drive Carly and Wade to Ambrose for a new fan belt after the group helps her, then offers to drive them to the nearby town. After the game, everyone heads back home.

After arriving outside of Ambrose, which initially appears as a ghost town, Carly and Wade begin exploring the area. Bo Sinclair, the owner of the gas station, welcomes them. He offers to sell a fan belt to them later in the day. Later that day, they visit the nearby House of Wax. The town’s centerpiece is a wax museum that itself is made out of wax. Wade offers the house’s toilet to Bo later that night when he follows Bo to his house to get the fan belt.

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The disfigured brother of Bo’s is ambushed by Wade while he is exploring. The wax is melted and they cover him in molten wax in his basement workshop. As Carly discovers Bo’s truck has a broken headlight, she realizes that it must have been him who visited the campsite the night before. Bo captures her and confines her in the gas station’s basement, securing her mouth with glue.

Blake convinces Paige and Nick to turn the car around and return to the campsite while stuck in traffic on their way to the football game. Blake and Paige stay behind to have sex while Dalton and Nick head to Ambrose to find Carly and Wade.

Everyone arrives at the gas station. Carly’s fingertip is pried off by Nick as he talks to Bo. In the cellar, she tries to attract Nick’s attention by escaping her restraints. Nick frees Carly by fending off Bo after Carly’s tears tear her mouth open.

In the meantime, Dalton explores the wax museum and discovers Wade, who is immobilized by his wax coating. Vincent ambushes and kills Dalton as he attempts to free him.

As Nick and Carly realize the wax figures are corpses covered with wax, they realize Ambrose has been lured by visitors. Meanwhile, the Sinclairs take refuge inside the house. Her father had surgically separated Bo and Vincent when they were born conjoined twins. Vincent was left with a severely disfigured face as a result.

house of wax 2005 explained

Trudy Sinclair, the Sinclairs’ mother, dreamed up the House of Wax and died before it was completed. Vincent and Bo now strive to fulfill their mother’s vision. Bo, however, has begun manipulating his brother into murdering people for the sake of improving the wax figures.

Vincent hunts down and impales Paige after killing Blake near the campsite. Carly and Nick hide in the House of Wax and discover Dalton’s wax-coated body in Vincent’s workshop before being attacked by the Sinclairs.

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While Nick sets the room ablaze, causing the building to go up in flames, Carly beats Bo to death. She tries to reason with Vincent about his manipulation, but Carly and Nick manage to kill him after Vincent chases Carly upstairs. Carly and Nick then flee the burning building as it crumbles.

Ambrose had been abandoned for years when the police arrive the next day. Lester, the third son of the Sinclairs, is seen as Nick and Carly are driven to the hospital. When they are driven out of town, Lester smiles and waves them goodbye.


Original Title House of Wax

Other Titles Wax House, Baby

Genre Horror/ Gore/ Slasher

Runtime 1hr 53min

Original Language English

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra

Written by Charles Belden (story), Chad Hayes (screenplay), Carey W. Hayes (screenplay)

Release date September 06, 2005

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Chad Michael Murray Nick
Paris Hilton Paige
Elisha Cuthbert Carly Jones
Carly Jones Bo
Jared Padalecki Wade
Jon Abrahams Dalton

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