Inside (2007) Ending Explained

Inside ending explained

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Inside AKA À l’intérieur is a 2007 French horror-slasher film directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. They are mostly known for The Deep House (2021), Livid (2011).

Inside Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

In the beginning, we see a baby inside a mother’s womb. There is a motherly voice outside, and we hear a car crash.

Our first sight is of Sarah’s bloodied face outside of her womb. Her husband lying in the next seat is dead in the car accident.

Although Sarah is barely conscious, she realizes that she has been taken to the hospital and her baby is fine.

The scene cuts to four months later. Sarah is now living alone and has become a depressed woman. She is set to give birth the next day which is Christmas Day.

Sarah contacts Jean-Pierre and her mother for the next day to take her to the hospital. Her mother wants to stay with her but Sarah refuses.

After leaving the hospital Sarah sits in the park. Watching a couple of play with their baby makes her sad. She takes some pictures of the couple. Jean-Pierre, her editor, meets her here and offers to check in later at night.

Later that night Sarah was woken by the doorbell ringing. She can’t see the woman standing on the other side through the peephole, which makes her uneasy. The woman asks to use Sarah’s phone, claiming her car broke down. When Sarah questions the woman about her lack of a mobile phone, the woman claims it died. Sarah still refuses to let her in, saying her husband is sleeping upstairs. After that, the woman says, “Your husband’s not sleeping, Sarah. He’s dead.”

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As you can imagine, this upsets Sarah, and she continues to refuse to let the mysterious woman into her house. Sarah even said she would call the police if the woman does not leave. Sarah looks through the peephole again, but the woman has disappeared.

Then, she peers out of her other windows as well. The woman was lighting a cigarette at her patio door before we spotted her. This is the first time Sarah sees her face and it’s weird.

Using her mobile phone, Sarah calls the police and tells the woman they will arrive soon. The woman punches the glass in response. As soon as Sarah reaches for her camera, she tries to take photos of the woman, but the glass damage obscures the images. As soon as Sarah stops taking pictures, the woman has disappeared.

While waiting for the police, Sarah develops her photos and discovers the woman followed her earlier in the park. Police arrive. Sarah confirms they are security, then opens the door.

Sarah doesn’t give the police all the information they need. As they leave, they tell her that a police car will be stopping by later in the evening. Additionally, Sarah calls Jean-Pierre to see if he can enhance some of the photos she’s taken of the woman.

The woman enters the bedroom just as she is about to go to sleep. She awakens Sarah by puncturing her tummy with scissors. The visitor tries to gain entry to the bathroom and Sarah locks herself in the bathroom. The visitor slashes part of Sarah’s face with the scissors. She makes it clear that she intends to take Sarah’s child.

Sarah’s mother has no idea what Jean-Pierre looks like when he arrives. Accepts the woman’s word that she is Sarah’s mother. He becomes suspicious shortly after her real mother Louise arrives.

After checking on her daughter, Louise heads upstairs. By mistakenly stabbing Louise in the neck, Sarah kills her by mistake, believing she’s the attacker. In the end, Jean-Pierre is stabbed to death by the intruder. With a prisoner in tow, the police arrive to check on her.

The police, not knowing what Sarah looks like, take the woman’s word that she is Sarah and everything is fine.

The police realize that the woman who answered the door was not pregnant as they are about to leave and return to the house. As the first officer tries to arrest the attacker, he is stabbed to death with knitting needles. In an attempt to help Sarah, the second is shot in the back of the head. He waits until the third enters before turning the power back on, then shoots the officer and stabs his prisoner.

While arguing with the woman, Sarah injures her with household appliances. Using an aerosol container and a cigarette, Sarah manages to burn off half of the woman’s face. After being cornered by Sarah, the woman confesses that she was the other driver in the car accident that killed her unborn baby. The woman wants Sarah’s child in place of her child.

They are interrupted by the revival of the third police officer before anything else can be said. He was shot in the vicinity by the woman with his riot gun.

Although he survived the attack, he is now disoriented and blinded. Sarah is confused with her attacker and beaten in the stomach with his club, causing her water to break. Sarah is saved by the woman, and the officer is brutally killed. Sarah, now lying on the stairs, is giving birth and the baby is stuck.

Sarah begs the now reluctant mother to follow her original plans to save her child. Accepting Sarah’s plea, the woman tearfully performs a Caesarean section on her with scissors, saving the infant but killing Sarah in the process.

As she looks soulfully at Sarah, who lies dead on the steps, the woman sits in a chair and rocks the baby, who briefly cries.

Does Sarah and Her Baby Survive by the End of the Night?

Yes, in the movie Inside (2007), Sarah and her baby do not survive by the end of the night. The film is a French horror thriller directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury. The story revolves around a pregnant woman named Sarah, who becomes the target of a mysterious and violent woman intent on taking her unborn baby. The film is known for its intense and gory scenes, and the ending is tragic with both Sarah and her baby meeting a grim fate.

Do the Police Officers Manage to Save Sarah From the Mysterious Woman?

In the movie Inside (2007), the police officers do arrive at Sarah’s house in response to the escalating situation, but unfortunately, they are not able to save her from the mysterious woman. Despite their efforts, the situation becomes increasingly violent and chaotic, and the officers are unable to prevent the tragic events that unfold. The movie is known for its intense and suspenseful sequences, and it ultimately follows a dark and grim narrative.

What Happens to the Third Cop and the Prisoner?

In the movie Inside (2007), there is a subplot involving a third cop and a prisoner who get involved in the events at Sarah’s house. The third cop is dispatched to the scene to assist his colleagues in dealing with the situation. The prisoner is being transported in the police car driven by this third cop.

As the situation escalates, the mysterious and violent woman targets the third cop and the prisoner. The prisoner manages to escape from the police car and becomes involved in the chaos. Ultimately, both the third cop and the prisoner meet unfortunate fates as a result of the violence and terror that unfolds in the house.

The movie is known for its brutal and intense scenes, and this subplot adds to the overall tension and horror of the story.

Why Did the Mysterious Woman Want Sarah’s Baby?

In the movie Inside (2007), the exact motivation behind the mysterious woman’s desire to take Sarah’s baby is not explicitly explained in detail. The film focuses more on creating a tense and horrifying atmosphere rather than providing a deep exploration of the antagonist’s motives.

The mysterious woman’s actions are driven by a sense of obsession and madness, which leads her to violently pursue Sarah and her unborn baby. The film deliberately keeps certain aspects vague and unsettling, allowing the audience to experience the horror without fully understanding the antagonist’s motivations.

Overall, the movie is meant to be a suspenseful and intense horror thriller, and the mysterious woman’s motives contribute to the sense of unease and dread throughout the story.

Who is the killer in Inside (2007)?

In the movie Inside (2007), the mysterious and violent woman who is attempting to harm Sarah and take her unborn baby is revealed to be a character named La Femme (translated as “The Woman” in English). La Femme is portrayed by actress Béatrice Dalle. She serves as the primary antagonist of the film, engaging in a series of brutal and violent actions in her pursuit of Sarah and her baby. The film focuses on the terrifying cat-and-mouse game between Sarah and La Femme, with La Femme’s motivations and backstory remaining somewhat enigmatic, adding to the tension and horror of the story.

Is Inside the Movie Based on a True Story?

No, the movie Inside (2007) is not based on a true story. It is a work of fiction in the horror thriller genre. The film was directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury and follows the story of a pregnant woman named Sarah who becomes the target of a violent and mysterious woman intent on taking her unborn baby. While the movie might draw on elements of suspense and horror, its plot and characters are entirely fictional and not rooted in real events.


Original Title À l’intérieur

Other Titles Inside

Genre Horror/ Gore/ Mystery

Runtime 1hr 22min

Original Language French

Directed by Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury

Written by Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury

Tagline Don’t let her inside…

Release date June 13, 2007 (France)

Origin Country France

Awards 9 Wins, 5 Nominations

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Alysson Paradis Sarah
Béatrice Dalle La femme
Jean-Baptiste Tabourin Matthieu
François-Régis Marchasson Jean-Pierre

Official Trailer of Inside (2007)

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