Superhost (2021) Ending Explained

Superhost (2021) Movie Review

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Superhost is a psychological horror-thriller English movie in 2021 which is directed by Brandon Christensen. The movie is first premiered on August 14th, 2021 at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival and it won the top prize as the best movie. The movie is as good as The Boy Behind the Door (2020).


Superhost Ending Explained

Superhost is a movie of two vloggers Claire (Sara Canning) & Teddy (Osric Chau) of YouTube who has a channel called ‘Superhost’. They usually visit Airbnb resorts and film their experiences with a review. We find Claire very desperate about their YT channel and subscribers, but the channel drops down day by day.

The next spot they chose was BettyLou52 which has a great review from other users. After going to the spot they meet Rebecca (Gracie Gilliam) as the owner of the resort. As time goes on Rebecca becomes not only strange but also weird.

At a little role, we find Vera (Barbara Crampton) as an owner of another resort which Claire & Teddy left bad reviews. And she gets a lot of loss for their critique.

There are no more characters in the whole movie except those four. Location is simple and by analyzing other criteria this is quite clear about the low budget of the film. But as a low-budgeted movie, Christensen did his job quite well.

Teddy and Claire in Superhost 2021

In the film, we saw that Claire is ready to do anything for increasing her subscribers and revenue. Which is a real-life mirror of almost every YouTuber in this time. Personally, I like this point and the acting of Claire. On the other hand, some YouTubers are not so serious about their virtual life, they still want to be happy in real life with their love. This image reflects Teddy. Teddy is a caring guy but not a macho-man type. He is just like a sweet little unadulterated boy. So, the movie is not just a bunch of random plots but it has a little motive.

But this is a horror movie. So obviously there needs some spooky staff. And the part is done by Rebecca. Gilliam has done this job really awesome. Especially her smile, attitude as a cool psycho. But somehow, Rebecca smells me a lady-joker. Her incoherent speech, uncontrolled movement, and a bit of madness make the character pretty similar to Joker. Which I don’t like, because I want a new villain, not a revised version old one.

The story of the movie should improve more. The plot is too straight making the movie predictable for the critics. There are several opportunities to make twists but it didn’t happen.

There is a little bit of suspense I feel when I watched. And it’s also true that several times in the middle of the movie, I felt like ‘What bullshit am I looking at?’ But after a couple of times, it fascinates me again.

As I am not going to spoil this movie, the cat and mouse game of Rebecca is quite interesting & terrifying.

There was a little less salt in the curry. Every single technical part is ‘Okay’ but not healthy. As with blood, some knife stabbed scenes are really childish.

Overall, Superhost (2021) is not a bad film, nor great. This is a ‘one-time watch’ recommended movie from Brainless Pen. IMDb rating of this movie is still fluctuating but at the time when I am writing this article, it gets a 5.8 out of 10 scores.

Short Review

Good Points

  • Psycho Gracie Gillam has a great potential
  • There are some suspense and thrill still exist
  • There are some jump scary scenes (don’t overwhelm with emotion)

Bad Points

  • The story is too flat and somehow it is predictable
  • Makeup is too lousy
  • ‘Be a man, throw some stones’ – some situation is too childish.


Director and Writer Brandon Christensen

Starting Claire (Sara Canning), Teddy (Osric Chau), Rebecca/ bettylou52 (Gracie Gillam), Vera (Barbara Crampton)

Runtime 1hr 24min

Original Language English

Filming locations Mount Charleston, Nevada, USA

Production company Superchill

Brainless Pen Rating!

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