X (2022) Ending Explained

X 2022 film ending explained

X (2022) is a psychopath classic slasher movie directed by Ti West and starts with Mia Goth. We see a good performance of Mia Goth in the movie A Cure for Wellness (2016) and here she proves herself again.

The movie is considered one of the most successful horror movies in 2022 (so far) for its intensity, classical gruesome, and sowing mystery-seeds inside viewers’ minds. Let’s talk about some foggy parts and explain them.


Ti Wests’ X Movie Plot Story and Ending Explanation

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts at a crime scene where several people were murdered last night and police come to investigate. They become shocked at finding a gruesome dead body in the basement.

Here scene changes to 24 hours ago.

Here we are introduced to the members of a pornography movie named The Farmer’s Daughter. They are all preparing to go to the shooting site in a small village in Texas.

Maxine is an actress in the film and is desperate to succeed in her career. Wayne is the producer of the film and his fiance is Maxine. RJ is the director and cameraman and his girlfriend is Lorraine who is going to accompany RJ & help him with some small work if needed.

Bobby is another actress in the film and Jackson is the only male actor. Jackson is a former marine soldier.

They reached the shooting location in a van which is the farmhouse from the opening scene of the movie.

Wayne meets Howard who is an old man & owner of the house. Wayne reminds their phone conversation and Howard takes them to an old cabin and tells them that was used during the world war. He also warns them not to go to the main house.

During the conversation, we noticed that Howard does not know about the purpose of renting the cabin.

Middle of these Maxine notice Howard’s wives named Pearl who is staring strangely at all of them.

A few hours later they start filming with Bobby and Jackson. Maxine then goes to a lake backside of the house. There Howard was looking at her when she was taking bath in the lake. There was a crocodile in the lake. It starts following her but before manages to catch her she back to the top and saves herself unknowingly.

Maxine encounters Pearl when returning to the shooting set. She takes her to the house and tries to dance with Maxine. Maxine doesn’t feel normal with Pearls’ approach so she back to the cabin.

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Later, Maxine starts filming with Jackson and Pearl watching their activities in secret. She imagines herself in the form of Maxine, riding on Jackson. That indicates Pearl is hungry for the satisfaction of physical desire.

Later at night, surprisingly Lorraine wants to take the role in the movie with Jackson. Though RJ objects at first but aggress with Wayne’s words.

At midnight RJ cries for Lorraine because he loves her and not wanted Lorraine’s physical involvement with someone else. He becomes angry and decides to leave everything & everyone at that place without telling anything.

RJ takes the key to the van to left the place. Suddenly Pearl appears in front of the van. She wants to kiss him when RJ is down from the van to talk. RJ doesn’t allow to kiss a creepy old lady like her. But this makes Pearl angry. She stabs her throat with a knife and kills him on the spot.

Later Lorraine wakes up and cannot see RJ in bed. So she and Wayne go outside to find him.

Howard cleverly locked up Lorraine in the basement and on the other side, Pearl kills Wayne’s pitchfork in the barn.

Jackson comes outside and encounters Howard with a rifle. Howard tells him that he is finding Pearl and asks for help from Jackson. He agrees to help and they move towards the lakeside. There Howard shoots Jackson and throws him into the lake.

Bobby wakes up to the sound of a gunshot and comes outside to see what happened. She finds Pearl standing without any cloth in front of the lake. Bobby goes to help her but Pearl pushed her into the water. The crocodile takes bobby and here she is gone.

After that, Pearl goes to sleeping Maxine’s room and erotically touches her. Maxine wakes and runs from the place.

Howard finds Pearl in a sad mood sitting in Maxine’s bed. Pearl wants to be intimate with her husband but Howard reminds his heart’s bad condition. Such excitement cannot survive Howard’s heart so he tries to avoid it. But Pearl wants it very badly finally they do. Yeah, you have to watch a scene of an 80/90-year-old couple enjoying themselves in their bed in the movie!

On the other side, Maxine goes to the main house and Lorraine is locked in the basement. She frees Lorraine and tells her not to go outside. But Lorraine screams at Maxine and blames her for everything. Then she runs to the door. She gets shot by Howard as expected.

Then Howard and Pearl try to take Lorraine’s body to hide in the basement but she is not dead yet. Lorraine coughs and this silly(!) shock makes a heart attack of Howard. Pearl starts crying for her husband.

Maxine comes outside and is intimidated by Pearl by a pistol and wants the van key. Pearl gives her the key but fires the gun when finds Maxine has no bullet.

Pearl has not completed the shot because of her elderly weakness. Rifle’s kickback takes her flying outside of the house. Personally, that was the most satisfactory scene for me, thanks Ti West for the scene.

Maxine starts the van and brutally crushed Pearl’s head to tire. Then she moves toward town to fulfill her dream.

In the morning police come to the house as we see in the opening scene.

Who Survived in The X 2022 Film?

Maxine drives away after crushing Pearl’s head. So, Maxine survived at last. But there was another one that survived in the movie which is intentionally unfocused for creating suspense for the prequel Pearl. Yes, we are talking about Lorraine. Howard gets a heart attack caused by her cough so there is no doubt about Lorraines’ survival.

Who Is the Killer?

The main protagonist of Ti Wests’ X (2022) is Pearl who is an old lady obsessed with physical desire. The character Pearl is played by Mia Goth who also plays the lead role in the movie Maxine.

In the movie, little is said about Pearl’s past life. But in the meanwhile, we know that Pearl was a beautiful lady at her young age. She was married but for world war

What Was in The Basement?

A dead body hanged in the basement was killed by Howard & Pearl. The identity is unraveled of the dead man.

Howard tells Jackson that many people come here and lost their way back when Jackson finds a drowning car in the lake. So the owner of the car was the dead man from the basement.

What Is the Relationship Between the Tv Guy with Maxine?

In the whole movie, we notice a catholic priest talking on the TV about the religious moves & sins. From the grocery shop to Pearl’s house, everywhere the program was playing.

At the end of the movie, the TV guy talks about his daughter and reveals that she had lost faith in God & walking in the wrong way. When the picture of the pastor’s daughter was shown at the program, we were surprised to see that she was no one else, Maxine. Therefore, it is clear that the TV guy is Maxine’s father.

There are a few other questions that arise in mind about why Maxine left the Christianity, what happened to them and why her father’s program was so become so popular. These answers are unraveled in the movie but we expect Ti West will answer them in the prequel titled Pearl.

Why Does Lorraine Blame Maxine?

Lorraine blames Maxine for all the loss when she was freed from the basement. But why?

Well, the answer is still not revealed in the movie. It is a high possibility that Ti West takes this in dark for the next Prequal.

There could be some possibility that Maxine forced Wayne to produce a unique adult movie that is different from the typical pornography. And for that reason, the full team needs to come to the firm house.


Original Title X

Genre Horror/ Slasher

Runtime 1hr 45min

Original Language English

Written & Directed by Ti West

Tagline Dying to Show You a Good Time.

Release date March 18, 2022

Origin Country United States, Canada

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Mia Goth Maxine/ Pearl
Jenna Ortega Lorraine
Brittany Snow Bobby
Kid Cudi Jackson
Martin Henderson Wayne
Owen Campbell RJ
Stephen Ure Howard

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