Gone Girl (2014) Ending Explained

Gone Girl (2014) ending explained

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Gone Girl (2014) is another masterpiece psychological thriller film by David Fincher. It is made based on the novel of the same name by Gyllian Flynn. It stars Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike etc. Whether you loved or hated the movie, there is no denying that the twisty plot, the complex characters, and the dark humor left a lasting impression on many viewers. But what exactly happened in the last act of the film? Did Nick and Amy reconcile or destroy each other? Was justice served or perverted? Did the ending satisfy or frustrate you? In this post, I will try to shed some light on the various interpretations of the final scenes and offer my own perspective on what they signify. Spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, go watch it and come back to join the discussion!

Gone Girl Ending Explained & Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Nicholas Dunne, married to Amy Elliot, comes over to his sister’s bar to have some casual talk about his current life. He gets a phone call from his neighbour while his conversation is going on. He gets back to his home and sees his living room table is crushed and Amy is nowhere in the house. He calls in police and they investigate the whole house primarily and assume it as a missing case. He goes to the police station with them to help out answering their questions. The police find out Nick Dunne doesn’t know much about his wife, not even knows her blood type. Nick hears his father’s voice while a police officer is rescuing him. He gets to his father and drives him to his asylum.

When these incidents are taking place, the movie takes us to flashbacks frequently. We see Amy and Nick have dated each other for two years. They both are writers so they sync with each other so well.  Amy’s mother writes a children’s book ‘Amazing Amy’ and Amy Elliott represents this character. One day Nick proposes to Amy so dramatically that she, who is actually scared of attachments or more specifically scared of marriage, can’t deny him. So they get married.

After the marriage their relationship is going well at the beginning when they lose their job during economic recession. When the crisis moment comes they are facing problems and Nick starts to see Amy’s entitled behaviour. She gives her parents’ money from the prenup without asking Nick but when it comes to Nick, she accuses him for spending extravagantly.

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Scene comes to the present as we see Nick drives himself to the place where all volunteers, police, Amy’s parents are gathered. Nick tries to be nice to everyone so that everyone helps to find Amy. Nick returns to home when we come to the flashback again. Amy and Nick shift to Missouri as his mom gets stage 4 cancer. She feels so abandoned as Nick is giving all his attention to his homies.

I feel like something he loaded by mistake. Something to be jettisoned, if necessary.

I wish I could disappear.

So she wasn’t happy seeing Nick’s consideration being allotted into others. Nick’s mother dies and he starts to be away from Amy and begins an affair. She thinks she must have a baby to save his marriage but when she tells him about it he rejects the idea and angrily throws her to the stair side. At that moment she realises how much he wants to hurt her.

What scared me was how much he wanted to hurt me more.

Wooo…that’s really scary and hurtful at the same time.

At present, when Nick’s girlfriend comes over to his place to stay the night with him, his sister knows about his affair that he was hiding for one and half year. Detective Rhonda and police come to a place where people try drugs to meet a man who supplies guns. He informs them she came to him asking for a gun. Nick attends a press conference to clear his stands about finding Amy and at that moment a neighbour comes forward screaming that Amy was six weeks pregnant. Startled Nick leaves that place under police cover as everyone gets excited knowing the pregnant news.

Detective Rhonda queries Nick and informs him of some shocking facts that her investigation team has found out. The day Amy goes missing, she loses a lot of blood but there is no sign of home invasion because everything in the house is upright. No blood and no body suggests kidnapping but a pool of blood and no body suggests homicide. So they suspects Nick for murdering his wife. They show him that he spended a lot of money but Nick can’t understand how he lost so much money and a while later they get to know Amy was pregnant.

Margo comes over and asks Nick about pregnancy. Nick tells her that he always wanted to have kids but Amy didn’t want but he didn’t tell her because Amy didn’t want him to tell. Margo leaves frustrated knowing her brother is a murderer. Nick sits on a chair to solve the treasure hunt clues. First and Seconds clue lead you to the third clue and it says,

Picture me, I’m a girl

who is very very bad.

I need to be punished

and by “punished”, I mean “had”.

Its where you keep goodies

for anniversary five.

So open the door….

And look alive.

It indicates a woodshed where they keep goodies at every anniversary. On the other hand Rhonda and Gill come over his Dad’s house because they saw them sneak around here. Rhonda finds a diary partly burnt down and Nick opens up the door of the shed and he gets a shock seeing what he sees. Nick calls Margo and shows all the things that were kept there with a present. Those were things which were bought from Nick’s credit card. That means Nick actually is telling the truth. He hasn’t spent anything, it actually was done by Amy to frame Nick for her murder.

Now we see Amy driving on the highway, being a missing case. Now we get to see how she made up an incredible drama. She befriended a local pregnant lady called Noelle, she portrayed her husband as a tempered shit. One day she invited her to house and offered her lemonade. She drained her toilet before she got there. After the pregnant lady used the bathroom, she steals the urine to make a record of her fake pregnancy.

When the day came, she catheterized a lot of blood from herself, spilled the blood in the kitchen and then mopped it like someone else was doing it. Then she kept a partly burnt diary in Nick’s dad house’s cellar which she wrote in the last few days to make crime seem more relatable to Nick. And lastly she made a treasure hunt for Nick to find out that she is the ultimate winner. Now Amy has changed herself totally to what she was pretending all these years to be with Nick. The so-called cool girl that she actually is not.

Nick meets Tanner Bolt, the famous lawyer who wins unwinnable cases. In the meantime we see on television that the reporters are speculating false allegations like Nick is extra close with her twin sister which Amy is watching with her current neighbour who tags her spoilt brat watching the missing girl’s photo on television. Amy who changed her name into Nancy spits her saliva in her juice. She lights a cigarette and jumps up her victory posture and makes a phone call to the police saying she is experiencing unusual acts near Margo’s house.

That means she is living in Missouri right now. Rhonda is reading Amy’s diary but thinking why Nick has gone to his dad’s house to burn the diary and why didn’t he make sure the whole thing is burnt?

Tennor comes to Nick’s house to discuss the whole matter. Nick reveals that Amy’s treasure hunt clues lead them to the places where he and his teenage girlfriend occasionally got intimate. Tanner suggests to them that Nick should apologise for what he did with her wife in the past for turning public sympathy towards him. In the meantime Amy gets robbed by her neighbours so she gets bound to go to her stupid Ex Desi. She becomes able to retrieve his sympathy which she was asking for. When Nick is about to go live, they see a public statement given by Andie admitting her guilt. Tanner gets frustrated but Nick reassures him and wants to go live.

Nick goes live and he keeps his word and becomes able to catch everyone’s empathy and Amy also becomes convinced to return to him but Desi doesn’t want to allow her because for a long time she keeps hanging him. Amy understands that Desi is not gonna let her go easily so she makes a plan. The day after the night, she wears her charm again and fiercely kisses him and bites his lips. He sucks her blood and she throws herself against the wall for the camera. The camera catches these things. That night Amy seduces him and murders him during intimacy and returns to Nick.

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She states Desi harassed her from childhood, she kept him calm all these years answering his letters. She went to him for shelter but he took the chance and raped her. She requests to check the camera records. Nick is not happy to get back her psychopath killer wife so he tells her he is gonna leave her but she warns him reminding that if he does it the people won’t leave him alone. They will destroy him. But he doesn’t care about it. Its wise to live alone rather than to live with a psychopath.

Amy tries to win Nick’s heart by making him breakfast but she knows that eventually he will be gone. So she needs to do something that Nick Dunne can’t be able to leave. Amy apprises Nick about her pregnancy. Nick denies his fraternity and wants a test. Amy shows her confidence so Nick gets convinced that its his child so eventually Amy gets to win. She becomes able to tie Nick with her until death.

Why did Amy punish Nick by framing him for her murder?

Amy is a psychopath who has narcissistic personality disorder. She can’t tolerate when someone gives attention to someone else over her. She always tries to be everyone’s centre of attraction. She can’t take failure or insults in an easy way. She wants Nick Dunne to realise his mistake and take her back in his life and she made that happen. She shows Nick, he can only lead the life she wants him to.

At the end, at a cosy night when Nick, lying next to his psychopath wife, rubbing her hair saying what she is thinking and when Amy looking right to him says in her mind,

“How are you feeling?”

Can you feel the thrill!!!


Original Title: Gone Girl

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Runtime: 2hr 29min

Original Language: English

Directed by David Fincher

Written by Gillian Flynn

Release date: October 3, 2014 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

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