Them (2006) Ending Explained

them 2006 ending explained

Them (2006) is a French movie directed and written by David Moreau and Xavier Palud. The film gets good reviews from both audiences and critics. The story is linear but strong enough to hook to the end.

Them (2006) Ending Explained in Details

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The movie starts driving along a deserted country road at night; a mother and daughter share the road. A fight between them leads to a vehicle crash. Her mother gets out of the car to check the engine, but she disappears. A soft, whispered voice from the woods repeats the daughter’s call. She attempts to contact the police but is strangled to death.

A day later, Clémentine passes by the crashed vehicle. The music outside awakens her that night. She investigates with Lucas and discovers that their car has been moved away from the house.

Upon approaching, Lucas witnesses the car driving off. In the meantime, Lucas discovers that the TV is on and the tap is running.

In the process of shattering the door glass, he is impaled by a large shard due to swinging a poker at an intruder. Taking refuge in the upstairs bathroom, he and Clémentine lock themselves inside.

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A route to escape is found by climbing into the attic. When one of the intruders grabs her, she pushes him off the balcony. In response, the couple flees from the house, locking the second intruder inside as they do so.

After limping into the woods, the pair encounter a fence. Lucas cannot climb over it because of his injury. Seeing Clémentine heading for help, he hides in the bushes. A pair of flashlights catches her attention, and she realizes that the intruders have caught up with her.

The intruders confront her after she finds her car. Upon hearing Clémentine’s screams, Lucas locates the car. In the process of killing the attacker, he discovers it is a teenager.

The utility hole he finds is the result of following her screams. While another teenager tortures Clémentine in the sewers, a younger boy stands nearby, begging the torturer to stop. A teenager is killed by Lucas, and the two escape through the sewer system with the help of the younger boy.

As Lucas is pulled away from Clémentine, the boy turns on them and turns on her. During her attempt to kill the boy, he asks, “Why won’t you play with us?” Clementine is also dragged away.

Toward the film’s end, a group of hooded children emerges from the woods and runs for a bus. Clémentine and Lucas were murdered five days later by children aged 10 to 15. According to the youngest, they wouldn’t play with us that night.

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What Is the Movie Them (2006) About?

Them (2006) is a French horror film directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud. The movie follows a young couple, Clémentine and Lucas, who reside in a remote and isolated house in the French countryside. Their peaceful life is abruptly disrupted when they become the target of a series of terrifying and inexplicable attacks.

As night falls, Clémentine and Lucas begin to experience strange and unsettling occurrences around their home. Mysterious noises, flickering lights, and the feeling of being watched contribute to their growing unease. Soon, their fear escalates as a group of unknown assailants begins to relentlessly torment and pursue them.

The bulk of the film centers on the couple’s desperate struggle for survival as they attempt to fend off their faceless attackers. The attackers employ psychological tactics to terrorize Clémentine and Lucas, playing on their vulnerabilities and fears. The tension and suspense build as the couple’s attempts to escape or seek help are thwarted at every turn.

Them effectively generates fear and tension by focusing on the fear of the unknown and the vulnerability of its characters. The film explores the primal instinct for survival and the lengths individuals will go to protect themselves from danger. As the story unfolds, the motives of the attackers remain unclear, adding to the mystery and psychological horror of the narrative.

Ultimately, Them delves into themes of isolation, vulnerability, and the unsettling idea that danger can come from unexpected sources. The movie is known for its minimalist approach to horror, emphasizing realism over supernatural elements, which contributes to its chilling and suspenseful atmosphere.

Who Are the Attackers in the Movie?

In Them (2006), the attackers are a group of nameless and faceless individuals who relentlessly pursue the protagonists, Clémentine and Lucas. The filmmakers intentionally keep the identities, motives, and backgrounds of the attackers ambiguous throughout the movie. This deliberate lack of information adds to the overall sense of unease and mystery, heightening the psychological horror of the film.

The attackers in Them are portrayed as a faceless threat, emphasizing the fear of the unknown. Their presence is marked by eerie sounds, glimpses of shadowy figures, and sudden, jarring appearances. By not revealing the attackers’ identities or motivations, the film taps into a primal fear that anyone could become a target, and danger can come from any source.

The anonymity of the attackers also contributes to the feeling of vulnerability experienced by Clémentine and Lucas. The couple is unable to reason with or understand their assailants, which amplifies their sense of isolation and helplessness. This lack of information about the attackers adds a layer of psychological horror and unpredictability to the story, making “Them” a tense and unsettling viewing experience.

What Is the Significance of the Title “Them”

The title Them holds several layers of significance in the context of the movie and its themes:

  1. Fear of the Unknown: The title Them directly plays into the fear of the unknown that permeates the film. The attackers remain anonymous and faceless, existing as a nebulous group that the protagonists cannot fully comprehend. The title underscores the unsettling feeling of being pursued by an unseen and enigmatic threat, which intensifies the sense of terror.
  2. Dehumanization and Collective Fear: Referring to the attackers as Them rather than as individuals or a specific group dehumanizes them. This emphasizes the primal fear of being hunted by a faceless mass, blurring the lines between individual identities. The title taps into the collective fear of a group that cannot be reasoned with or understood.
  3. Isolation and Vulnerability: The title underscores the isolation and vulnerability that Clémentine and Lucas experience. Being pursued by an anonymous group that is collectively referred to as Them heightens their sense of aloneness and underscores their lack of connection to the outside world.
  4. Universal Fear: The title’s simplicity and ambiguity make it relatable to a wide range of fears. It reflects a fundamental fear that people have of being pursued or attacked by an unknown enemy, whether it’s in the context of a horror movie or in real life.
  5. Psychological Horror: Them is a movie that relies on psychological horror, and the title plays into this by conjuring images of an unseen, unexplainable, and implacable threat. The word Them can trigger a sense of paranoia and unease, which aligns with the movie’s intent to evoke psychological discomfort.

In essence, the title Them encapsulates the film’s focus on fear, isolation, and the terror of the unknown. It sets the tone for a movie that explores the unsettling nature of being pursued by an anonymous and relentless force.

Is Them (2006) A Supernatural Horror Movie?

No, Them (2006) is not a supernatural horror movie. The film falls under the psychological horror and thriller genres rather than the supernatural or paranormal genre. The horror in “Them” is derived from realistic and tangible threats rather than supernatural elements.

The movie focuses on the fear of the unknown and the vulnerability of the protagonists as they are relentlessly pursued by a group of attackers. The tension and suspense are built through psychological tactics, eerie atmospheres, and the sense of isolation. There are no supernatural creatures, ghosts, or supernatural events in the film.

Them aims to tap into more primal and real-world fears, emphasizing the terror of being hunted by unidentified individuals. This makes the film’s horror more relatable and grounded in reality. It’s worth noting that the film’s effectiveness lies in its ability to evoke fear through the plausible and unsettling scenario it presents, rather than relying on supernatural or fantastical elements.

What Is the Ending of the Movie Them (2006) Trying to Convey?

The ending of Them (2006) is intentionally open-ended and leaves room for interpretation. It continues the film’s theme of uncertainty and reinforces the overall sense of fear and dread that permeates the story. While the specific meaning can vary depending on individual interpretation, here are a few possible interpretations of the ending:

  1. Unresolved Fear: The ending maintains the film’s atmosphere of tension and fear by not providing a clear resolution. This lack of closure serves to emphasize that the threat of the unknown and the fear of being pursued can linger, even after a specific event concludes. The protagonists’ experience remains unresolved, mirroring the lingering fear that trauma can leave behind.
  2. Impact of the Unknown: By leaving the identity and motives of the attackers vague and unexplained, the ending underscores the idea that danger can come from anywhere and anyone. This reflects a broader societal fear of external threats that are difficult to comprehend, highlighting the sense of vulnerability people can experience.
  3. Psychological Impact: The ambiguous ending can be seen as a representation of the psychological impact of trauma. Clémentine and Lucas are left traumatized by the events they’ve endured, and the unresolved ending could symbolize the lasting effects of the attackers’ torment on their psyches.
  4. Audience Imagination: The open-ended conclusion encourages viewers to engage with the story beyond the screen. By not offering a definitive resolution, the filmmakers invite the audience to speculate and draw their own conclusions, creating a more interactive and thought-provoking experience.
  5. Existential Dread: The ending can evoke a sense of existential dread, underscoring the idea that there may not always be logical explanations for the fears and threats we encounter in life. This existential unease can resonate with viewers on a deeper level.

In essence, the ending of Them seeks to evoke a range of emotions and thoughts, leaving the audience with lingering unease and a sense of the unknown. It is designed to prompt reflection on the nature of fear, the fragility of security, and the unpredictable aspects of life that can generate anxiety.

Is Them (2006) Based on a Real Story?

Yes, the French film Ils aka Them (2006), is based on a real story confirmed by its director David Moreau. Three teenagers murdered an Austrian couple in their Romanian vacation home, which was the basis for the film.


Original Title: Ils

Other Titles: Them (USA), Eles (Brazil)

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 17min

Original Language: French, Romanian

Directed by David Moreau, Xavier Palud

Written by David Moreau, Xavier Palud

Tagline: The film that terrified Europe has come to America.

Release date: July 19, 2006 (France)

Origin Country: France, Romania

Filming locations: Castel Film Studios, Bucharest, Romania

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