Them (2006) Ending Explained

them 2006 ending explained

Them (2006) is a French movie directed and written by David Moreau and Xavier Palud. The film gets good reviews from both audiences and critics. The story is linear but strong enough to hook to the end.

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Them (2006) Ending Explained in Details

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The movie starts driving along a deserted country road at night; a mother and daughter share the road. A fight between them leads to a vehicle crash. Her mother gets out of the car to check the engine, but she disappears. A soft, whispered voice from the woods repeats the daughter’s call. She attempts to contact the police but is strangled to death.

A day later, Clémentine passes by the crashed vehicle. The music outside awakens her that night. She investigates with Lucas and discovers that their car has been moved away from the house.

Upon approaching, Lucas witnesses the car driving off. In the meantime, Lucas discovers that the TV is on and the tap is running.

In the process of shattering the door glass, he is impaled by a large shard due to swinging a poker at an intruder. Taking refuge in the upstairs bathroom, he and Clémentine lock themselves inside.

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A route to escape is found by climbing into the attic. When one of the intruders grabs her, she pushes him off the balcony. In response, the couple flees from the house, locking the second intruder inside as they do so.

After limping into the woods, the pair encounter a fence. Lucas cannot climb over it because of his injury. Seeing Clémentine heading for help, he hides in the bushes. A pair of flashlights catches her attention, and she realizes that the intruders have caught up with her.

The intruders confront her after she finds her car. Upon hearing Clémentine’s screams, Lucas locates the car. In the process of killing the attacker, he discovers it is a teenager.

The utility hole he finds is the result of following her screams. While another teenager tortures Clémentine in the sewers, a younger boy stands nearby, begging the torturer to stop. A teenager is killed by Lucas, and the two escape through the sewer system with the help of the younger boy.

As Lucas is pulled away from Clémentine, the boy turns on them and turns on her. During her attempt to kill the boy, he asks, “Why won’t you play with us?” Clementine is also dragged away.

Toward the film’s end, a group of hooded children emerges from the woods and runs for a bus. Clémentine and Lucas were murdered five days later by children aged 10 to 15. According to the youngest, they wouldn’t play with us that night.

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Is Them (2006) Based on a Real Story?

Yes, the French film Ils aka Them (2006), is based on a real story confirmed by its director David Moreau. Three teenagers murdered an Austrian couple in their Romanian vacation home, which was the basis for the film.


Original Title: Ils

Other Titles: Them (USA), Eles (Brazil)

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 17min

Original Language: French, Romanian

Directed by David Moreau, Xavier Palud

Written by David Moreau, Xavier Palud

Tagline: The film that terrified Europe has come to America.

Release date: July 19, 2006 (France)

Origin Country: France, Romania

Filming locations: Castel Film Studios, Bucharest, Romania

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