Mom and Dad (2017) Ending Explained

Mom and Dad (2017) ending explained

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Directed by Bryan Taylor and released on 9th September 2017, Mom and Dad is a horror thriller film starring Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair, and others. The movie revolves around the Ryan family, where the parents get infected by unknown mass hysteria and tries to kill their children effortlessly. Brainless Pen will use its ink with this film story in this explanation.

Mom and Dad Ending Explanation and Plot Story in Details

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 The Mom and Dad movie is a story of the Ryan family, an upper-class family of four. The father, Brent Ryan (Nicolas Cage), has a severe midlife crisis but enjoys spending time with his young son Josh Ryan (Zackary Arthur). And the mother, Kendall Ryan (Selma Blair), feels unfulfilled and emotionally shut out by her teenage daughter Carly Ryan (Anne Winters). The daughter Carly is a typical teenager who steals money from her parents, keeps herself away from her family, and wants to hang out with her friend Riley and boyfriend Damon (Robert T. Cunningham).

The movie’s story takes a turn when the parents start to hear a mysterious static ringing noise, and the parents fall victim to a mass hysteria that causes them to kill their children. Though the parents don’t bear any menace to other children, as all the parents characters of the film overrun a school and kill several kids. 

The daughter of the Ryan family, Carly Ryan, witnesses her best friend get strangled to death by her best friend’s mom, and her boyfriend Damon is attacked by his dad. Though, he manages to get away after his father accidentally kills himself. The housekeeper of the house killed her daughter, and Josh witnessed it. Before becoming infected, Kendall watches in horror as her sister tries to kill her infant. Though, the doctors and nurses manage to prevent her.

As the story goes through, Carly Ryan tries to flee from Ryan’s house and arrives just before her father, and she gets attacked by her father, Brent Ryan. Though, she gets spread when Damon causes distraction for her father. Upon the destruction, Brent knocks out Damon, and the kid gets time to barricade them into the basement of the house. At that time, the mother, Kendall, arrives home and tries to open the cellar. She gets shot in the shoulder by Josh with Brent’s newly purchased gun hidden in the basement. Brent gets caught in a trap set by the kids when he tries to open the basement door. 

Brent and Kindall fill the basement with gas and force the kids to come out from the basement. At that moment, Kendall throws Damon off the house’s second floor. Getting into hardship, Carly starts to apologize for her previous bad behavior. It opens up tender moments between parents and Chilchildren. They are cornered by their parents (Brent and Kendall), and the doorbell rings before the parents strike.

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At this part, you’ll be introduced to the grandparents (parents of Brent’s cameo role of Lance Henriksen) of the children, and it will become an all-out battle with various family members trying to kill each other. Brent kills his parents by knocking them out with the unused sports car he purchased from his dad. In the next scene, Carly gets knocked out by her mother, Kendall, with a meat mallet and could get killed if Kendall isn’t knocked out by Damon, who is miraculously still alive.

In the ending part, the parents (Brent and Kendall) wake up from unconsciousness to realize their children in the basement tie them up. The children watch them from nearby, and the mon Kendall claims to no longer suffer from homicidal intentions. The children express their love for their parents and add that they don’t trust them anymore. In reply, Brent responds that the behavior of the kids makes him want to kill them while he tries to love them, kids.

What Happened At the End of the film Mom and Dad?

As the kids (Carly, Josh, and Damon) tie up their parents (Brent and Kendall) and express their love for their parents, but it doesn’t appear they release them because they don’t trust their parents’ murderous impulses. The dialogue between the parents and children in the movie’s final scene suggests that the parents’ murderous urges will never go away. And the parents will try again to kill the children upon untying them. 

The film’s ending scene doesn’t give a clear image of what happens to the murderous impulses of the parents. Whether the impulses got neutralized or not, the parents love their children, and the children’s behavior makes them attempt to kill them. 

What is the Inner Meaning of the Movie Mom and Dad?

In the movie Mom and Dad, director Brian Taylor imagines a world with unexplained phenomena in which parents do act on those feelings. Suddenly, because of mass hysteria, all the moms and dads in the movie have an insatiable, insane need to kill their children, and they won’t stop at anything until they kill their kids. 

Keeping aside the disturbing premises of the film, it’s an excellent plot for a horror movie. The inability to trust those you need most is fertile ground to make a perfect film.

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Will there be any Sequel to the Movie Mom and Dad?

After the all-out battle throughout the house, the children ultimately overpower their killer parents with the help of their friends. By the film’s end, the parents are tied up by the children in the basement. The film ends before the audience discovers what will happen to the main characters. The movie Mom and Dad ends on a cliffhanger and an unresolved case of mass hysteria that needs a more extensive explanation. So, the film requires a sequel to explain the mass hysteria that caused the murderous impulses of the parents against their children. 

We are still determining whether there will be any sequel to the film. But if there are any sequels to the film, it will be good to understand the reason for the mass hysteria. 

Here stop Brainless Pen; you should watch the movie to understand the story clearly. Have a great day, and keep streaming.


Original Title: Mom and Dad

Other Titles: Parents indignes(Canada – French), Mamá y papá (Mexico)

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 26min

Original Language: English

Written & Directed by Brian Taylor

Tagline: Sometimes, they just want to kill you.

Release date: September 24, 2017 (United States)

Origin Country: United States, United Kingdom

Filming locations: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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