Unfriended (2014) Ending Explained

Unfriended ending explained

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Unfriended (2014) is a Screenlife horror film directed by Levan Gabriadze. It is kind of a horror movie, kind of not. A mysterious cyber figure haunts a group of friends on their video chat that interacts directly with one girl from a YouTube video. But is it real or just a prank? The movie makes it hard to tell, but you’ll find out for certain when the climax comes. And here is the explanation of the ending of the movie.

Unfriended Plot Story and Ending Explanation in details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Laura Barns committed suicide by shooting herself. During an unsupervised party, she passed out and defecated on video after an anonymous user posted it online. The video went viral. She committed suicide for this reason.

It has been one year since then. Blaire Lily, her former childhood best friend, is on Skype with her boyfriend, Mitch Roussel. On prom night, they agree to lose their virginities to each other. The group is soon joined by their classmates Jess Felton, Ken Smith, and Adam Sewell, as well as an unknown user called “billie227.”

The group of friends tries various methods to get rid of the intruder. However, they are always unsuccessful. Upon checking the account, Blaire realizes it belonged to Laura Barns. Despite the friends’ doubts, “billie227” is revealed as Laura. They suspect their classmate, Val Rommel, is playing a prank on them.

They invite Val to join their chat. After that, Jess posts embarrassing photos of Val at a party on her Facebook page.

The photos are deleted from Jess’s account after she denies uploading them. However, the pictures instantly reappear on Adam’s account.

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Val receives an unnoticed message. But which she sees as a threat.

In anger, she calls 911 and complains of harassment. Leaves abruptly.

Before Laura’s death, the group receives a photo of Val and Laura’s Facebook messages. Val tells Laura to commit suicide there.

Val appears motionless and silent in the chat next to a bottle of bleach before collapsing. Soon after, police officers arrive. Friends overhear Val’s death and learn that he committed suicide.

A personalized message is sent by “billie227” to each of the friends, proving that she knows their secrets intimately. Blaire’s affair with Adam is revealed in a couple of pictures. The audience can see this one. To remove “billie227”, Ken distributes a software program. Adam then attempts to call the police.

As a result, billie227 reenters the chat room, and the 911 operator is revealed to be the intruder. The other side of Ken’s room is equipped with a hidden camera. He approaches the camera source. Shortly after he kills himself with a blender, his Skype is cut off.

Laura challenges the remaining four friends to a game of Never Have I Ever. Death is the condition for the loser.

There is a revelation in the game that Jess spreads rumors about Blaire having an eating disorder. Jess’s mother’s car was stolen and crashed by Blaire. Mitch made out with her despite his claim that it was one-sided on Laura’s end. Adam was also reported to the police for dealing with cannabis. Adam’s $800 was stolen by Jess. Jess’s life was offered as a trade for the lives of the others in the group by Adam.

A drunken Adam finally loses his temper as tensions flare. Blaire is forced to reveal that she is no longer a virgin by the game. He had slept with her behind Mitch’s back. In retaliation, Mitch forces Adam to admit roofied a classmate. While she was unconscious, he raped her. She was then forced to abort the pregnancy that resulted.

The messages that Blaire and Adam receive remotely are not shown to Mitch and Jess because they refuse to show them. Blaire is threatened with leaving if Mitch does not show her the note. He will die if he signs off, Laura warns him.

Blaire displays her paper in a state of panic. The note warns: “If you reveal this note, Adam will die.” Adam shoots himself. Blaire received the same note, but it was addressed to him.

Continuing the game, Laura asks Jess if she defaced her grave. Jess is convinced not to continue playing by Blaire. Laura disconnects Jess’s video feed and cuts off the lights in her house. Through Chatroulette, Blaire finds a stranger in Nevada who sends the police to Jess’ house. A few minutes later, Jess’ Skype reconnects, showing her with a curling iron forced down her throat, killing her.

In Blaire and Mitch’s houses, Laura cuts the lights. It was important to her that they confess who uploaded the video.

Mitch posted it, Blaire tells her. Mitch stabs himself in the eye with a knife.

Laura thanks Blaire for her help. However, it begins counting down again. Laura is reminded of Blaire’s friendship by Blaire. In an extended version of the party video Laura uploads to Blaire’s Facebook page, it is revealed that Blaire operated the camera for the original video. Many people send hateful comments toward Blaire as a result of this, which quickly gains attention. The last thing Laura wants is to forgive Blaire before she leaves.

Now in the form of her spirit, Laura slams Blaire’s laptop shut as the screen goes black, attacking her.

Who is the last girl in the movie?

Blaire Lily is the main protagonist and the last girl in the film Unfriended. Shelley Hennig plays the character.

In the movie, she and her friends are indirectly responsible for Laura’s death. They harassed, bullied, and mentally tortured Laura. Even Blaire posted the video, leading Laura to a severe obsession and committing suicide.


Original Title: Unfriended

Genre: Horror/ Mystery

Runtime: 1hr 23min

Original Language: English

Directed by Levan Gabriadze

Written by Nelson Greaves

Tagline: This April, revenge comes online.

Release date: April 17, 2015 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

Filming locations: California, USA

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