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Emelie, the 2015 American horror-mystery-thriller directed by Michael Thelin and written by Richard Raymond Harry Herback, takes viewers on a chilling journey into the depths of babysitting gone horribly wrong. In this article, we’ll explore the film’s conclusion and dissect its layers of meaning, shedding light on its importance. If you like Smile (2022), Hush (2016), and Case 39 (2009) then Emelie (2015) is definitely for you.

Emelie (2015) Movie Story in a Nutshell

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The movie begins with a shocking abduction, as a young girl named Ena is kidnapped by a man and a woman in a car. It becomes clear that this was a premeditated crime.

Boy gun scene from movie Emelie (2015)

The focus then shifts to a family of five who move into a new home. The family consists of four children, Christopher (4), Sally (9), Jacob (11), and their parents, Dan and Joyce. To celebrate their anniversary, Dan and Joyce hire a babysitter named Ena to watch over their children. Initially, Ena appears to be sweet and caring towards the kids.

However, things take a dark turn as Ena starts exhibiting strange behavior. She instructs the children not to laugh while taking their photos, and she has them play hide-and-seek after disabling the house’s communication by cutting the modem and removing the laces from their shoes.

Ena then feeds Sally’s pet hamster to a python, leaving the children horrified. She proceeds to show them their parents’ sex tape, causing further distress, especially to young Christopher.

As the evening progresses, Ena (revealed to be Emelie) continues to torment the children with disturbing bedtime stories and erratic behavior. Jacob discovers her true identity when he finds her ID and a gun in her bag.

The children attempt to seek help using a walkie-talkie, but Emelie intercepts their call. Jacob confronts Emelie with the gun, but she challenges him to use it. Christopher accidentally pulls the trigger, revealing there are no bullets.

A bell rings at the house, and when Sally and Jacob attempt to answer the door, Emelie prevents them from doing so. She lies to a friend of hers, Magy, who has come to check on the children, claiming that she is suffering from food poisoning. Sally discreetly signals Magy for help.

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Emelie realizes Sally’s intentions and knocks out Magy and the children, administering pills to make them unconscious. However, Jacob pretends to be asleep and avoids taking the pills.

Emelie’s sinister plans are exposed when she attempts to kidnap Christopher. Jacob intervenes and manages to escape with Sally. Meanwhile, Dan and Joyce return home with the police.

In a dramatic showdown, Emelie chases after Jacob and Sally. She’s ultimately incapacitated when Jacob rolls a car over her. The police arrive, and the children are reunited with their parents.

In the end, the police and the children’s parents arrive to save the day. Jacob and Sally are safe, and it’s revealed that Howey, Jacob’s friend, survived a head injury. Emelie is seen limping away from the scene, leaving her fate uncertain, but implying that she may either escape or be apprehended by the authorities.

What Is the Movie Emelie (2015) About?

Emelie movie twist scene

Emelie revolves around a young boy, Joshua Rush, who must protect his two younger siblings from their seemingly innocent babysitter, played by Sarah Bolger, as she gradually reveals her psychotic and dangerous nature, leading to a night of terror for the children.

This thriller keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with its suspenseful plot and unexpected twists, making it a must-watch for fans of the horror-mystery-thriller genre.

Emily (2015) Ending Explained in Details

The ending of the movie Emelie carries several layers of meaning, and it leaves the audience with a mix of emotions and unanswered questions. Let’s delve into the details of the ending to unravel its significance:

  1. Escape or Capture of Emelie: At the climax of the film, Emelie is severely injured when Jacob rolls a car over her. She is shown limping away from the scene. This ambiguous ending raises the question of whether Emelie escapes or is eventually captured by the authorities.
    Meaning: The uncertainty surrounding Emelie’s fate serves as a commentary on the nature of evil and how it can sometimes evade justice. It leaves the audience pondering whether someone with Emelie’s disturbed mindset can continue to pose a threat even after their immediate actions have been thwarted.
  2. The Children’s Triumph: Jacob and Sally successfully outsmart Emelie and manage to escape her clutches. This is a significant victory for them, considering the terrifying ordeal they have endured throughout the movie.
    Meaning: The children’s survival and their ability to overcome Emelie’s threats convey a message of resilience and the strength of familial bonds. It illustrates how the love and protection siblings offer each other can be a powerful force even in the face of danger.
  3. Impact on the Children: The children have been traumatized by their harrowing experience with Emelie. Their innocence has been shattered, and they have been exposed to adult themes and violence far beyond their years.
    Meaning: The ending underscores the long-lasting effects of trauma on children. It suggests that the scars from such an ordeal may linger, affecting their psychological well-being and potentially shaping their future lives.
  4. Emelie’s Unmasking: The revelation of Emelie’s true identity as a psychotic and dangerous individual is a central element of the film’s climax. The children discover her real name, uncover her intentions, and expose her dangerous actions.
    Meaning: This revelation serves as a warning about the potential dangers that can lurk beneath seemingly ordinary appearances. It emphasizes the importance of vigilance and skepticism when entrusting the care of children to strangers.
    Emelie movie ending explanation
  5. Parental Vigilance: Dan and Joyce, the parents, return home and are reunited with their children with the help of the police. This underscores the importance of parental vigilance and the responsibility of ensuring the safety of one’s children.
    Meaning: The parents’ return represents the protective instinct of parents and society’s role in safeguarding children. It suggests that, ultimately, responsible adults and authorities must step in to protect the vulnerable when threats emerge.

The ending of Emelie is a thought-provoking culmination of the film’s themes. It leaves the audience with an unsettling mix of closure and uncertainty, serving as a reminder of the dark and unpredictable aspects of human behavior. The movie underscores the importance of vigilance, resilience, and the enduring impact of traumatic experiences, especially on children.


Why does Emelie behave so erratically and harm the children she's babysitting?

Emelie's erratic behavior and harm towards the children stem from her deep psychological issues and a desire for control and power. Her true motivations are revealed as the film progresses, showing her disturbing nature.

How do the children eventually outsmart Emelie?

Jacob and Sally outsmart Emelie by discovering her true identity, finding her bag with incriminating evidence, and alerting a friend for help. They use their resourcefulness to escape her dangerous clutches.

What is the significance of the sex tape Emelie shows to the children?

Emelie shows the sex tape to disturb and manipulate the children, using it as a tool to exert control and create chaos within the family. It's a part of her plan to emotionally torment them.

Does Emelie face any consequences for her actions in the end?

The movie ends with Emelie injured and fleeing the scene, leaving her ultimate fate uncertain. Whether she escapes or is captured by authorities remains unanswered.

How does the movie explore the theme of sibling bonds and resilience?

Emelie highlights the strength of sibling bonds as Jacob and Sally protect and support each other throughout the nightmarish ordeal. Their resourcefulness and determination showcase the power of familial relationships in times of crisis.


Original Title: Emelie

Other Titles: Емелі (Ukraine)

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 22min

Original Language: English

Directed by Michael Thelin

Written by Richard Raymond Harry Herbeck, Michael Thelin

Tagline: The babysitter is here.

Release date: March 4, 2016 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

Filming locations: New York, USA

Official Website: Emelie (film)

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Sarah Bolger Emelie
Carly Adams Sally Thompson
Elisha Ali Elisha Ceo Ali
Thomas Bair Christopher

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