Demon (2015) Movie Explanation

Demon 2015 movie explanation

Embark on a spine-tingling journey as we unravel the mysteries of Demon’ (2015), a Polish horror film directed by Marcin Wrona. Delve into the intricacies of the plot, decipher the unexpected twists, and explore the Jewish theory of possession that shrouds the narrative. Join us as we dissect the supernatural elements, revealing the gripping story behind Hana’s choice, the Butterfly Effect in the movie, and the unsettling nature of life explored in this unforgettable cinematic experience.

Demon (2015) Movie Plot Story and Ending Explanation in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The scene starts with a backhoe taking someone through a city. A Range Rover waiting in a feri with Peter. Peter has been living in England for many years. He has come here to marry whom he was acquainted with on the internet but he knows her brother.

Suddenly Peter sees a woman screaming and walking through the water. Peter feels a bit surprised. Then he goes to the destined place and meets an old man. The man tells how the bridge was. Peter says it was good but the GPS wasn’t working. He will make a new bridge when he is settled down.

The old man says it has all been too quickly. Young people should know each other. Peter says they don’t want to wait because they love each other. The old man says a few Skype calls aren’t enough to know each other. Ronaldo is a boy who comes to help Peter.

Peter comes to see the land he has got as a gift for his wedding from Zenata’s family. But he chooses to ride on a backhoe when Ronaldo appears with the car. Peter comes with the backhoe to meet his girl Zenata and his brother. Zen and Pete kiss each other. They are so happy to meet each other. These three are fooling around the area.

Peter wants to build a house for his family on the land he has got as a wedding gift. Peter is cutting down the trees with a backhoe and he unnecessarily cuts a tree pushing back. He gets out of the car and checks out. He is surprised by whatever he finds out.

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A dead body under a tree. He gets back to Zenata’s house. Everyone is celebrating the marriage. But Peter is thinking of something else. He is getting an ominous vibe from this land.

There is a rural house built on this land. He takes his bag and baggage to the house to stay until the home is built. He is talking with his fiance but in the middle of the phone call, he hears someone laughing. He gets out with the torch and sees a dwarf-like figure and the moment he sees this he sinks into soft mud.

The next morning his brother-in-law comes to visit him and finds him sleeping in his car. He gets out of the car and puts on his wedding clothes. Suddenly he sees something muddy in his nose, he cleans it and finally becomes ready for his wedding. His brother-in-law hugs him. He marries Zenata and dances a lot with a song sung by them. They are so happy.

Peter’s nose starts to bleed while he is dancing. Zenata immediately takes him to their home and cleans his blood but he is still bleeding. They are intimate, in a while her brother starts the backhoe. Peter runs to her brother at once and stops the backhoe. The brother is surprised because Peter wants to clean the land.

Now he is acting differently. Peter says sorry to her brother for being rude. Zenata takes him home. They gather for a wedding party dinner. Someone is congratulating them. Someone is expressing his desire for their child. Someone is playing piano. Peter notices her brother is behaving differently. He goes home and finds some little children playing there. He goes to the land to check on it. He sees the trees are cut down.

Peter comes back to the party and confronts him. He is dancing with ladies. His hands are muddish so brother in law says,

What are you up to?… Looking for worms?

At that time Ronaldo comes and laughs at his joke. Peter gets so angry and hits him. Zenata’s father comes and Peter takes them to the hole he saw in the woods. But when they go there, they find nothing. No hole is there. Peter says he finds a skeleton here. Father says his dad had three pet dogs.

When they died, Dad buried them here. Peter says I know the difference between a human dead body and a dog’s body. Father says we will find it tomorrow because now we all are drunk. We will find out when we are sober.

They return to the party. Everyone is dancing. They have no idea what is happening between brother-in-law and son-in-law. Peter feels nauseated so he goes to the bathroom where he finds the doctor who played piano a while ago. He asks him if he knows Zenata’s grandfather. The doctor says he was very good and pure but no one is perfect in the world. He says,

What happens when a white snowflake falls into a dirty puddle?

Peter returns to the crowd where his father-in-law announces his name to speak something for everyone. He is saying good things about the reception. Suddenly he sees a dead woman walking in the middle of the crowd and her name is Hana. In the speech, he mentions Hana’s name instead of Zenata.

After that, he is dancing with Zenata and Zenata asks if Hana is his old girlfriend. She also asks if you are planning to cheat on me from now on. Dancers are exchanging partners. Suddenly he sees Hana in his arms. He becomes dizzy. He leaves the crowd and asks the priest if a person can see a dead person walking.

The priest doesn’t understand what he is saying. Peter is gonna say something about what happened to him. Suddenly his mouth gets stuck, he can’t utter a word and breaks the glass in his hand out of rage. The priest understands what is happening to him, and he gets up to leave but father in law makes him stay and tells him to enjoy. He takes Peter out of the crowd and tells him that they need to get to know each other.

Then he whispers he has to choose words carefully and choose the person whom he is talking with. It’s like a butterfly effect. People have already started talking about you. He asks again if he doesn’t know about the skeleton. Father-in-law laughs and says he has to choose words carefully.

Peter says he saw what he saw. Father says he saw but Father didn’t see anything so there can be no question. The bride and groom throw their scarf and bow to their friends who can catch it. The catcher will be their bridesmaid. Peter gets a seizure attack when he throws his bows.

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Everyone gets bewildered because of the attack. His in-laws and Zenata take him to the house. They call the doctor and he says maybe he has taken something or because of the booze. His father-in-law tells Jasny to bring more vodkas so that no one can notice what has happened to Peter. Zen talks with her brother about whether he has given him something or not. Her brother and Ronaldo both reply negatively. Zenata doesn’t understand what has happened with Peter.

The doctor takes a vodka bottle from under the cot and starts boozing. Father tells Jasny he brings a fucked up husband for her sister. He asks how come you don’t know he is epileptic. Ronaldo takes Zenata to the tree where Peter sees the hole. Zenata asks why everyone didn’t say anything to me.

Ronaldo says he thought she knew the matter. Zenata looks for Peter and finds him in the middle of the dancing crowd. He again has a seizure but Jasny shows no care for him. He says to keep the music playing. Zenata and the doctor take him home again and this time his seizure has got a new level.

So the doctor decides to give him a high dose. He injects in his hand and still he is awake. Suddenly the priest comes to say goodbye. Zenata then tells the priest he saw a skeleton in the woods. Father gets so angry at Jasny for telling her. But Jasny didn’t tell her. Father tries to make it up by saying he is nuts because of boozing a lot.

But Peter gets up and starts saying something in German, Polish, Yiddish language. The priest says we have to try something in Latin. They are trying exorcism.

On the other hand, Zenata brings Professor to see the matter because he is the oldest veteran here. The professor comes and asks her what his name is. Peter says she is Hana.

The professor was surprised because there was only one Hana he knew. He gives his acquaintance and says his name. Hana recognizes him. The professor sings a song that she once heard and she recognizes the song. Zenata’s mom and the other two relatives are mixing vodka to make it more strong.

The male one says someone is spreading the news that the groom is possessed by a Jewish ghost. She gets angry and asks who is doing that. Mom is drunk so she is laughing and asks why she went to England to marry. Haven’t we got enough boys in Poland?

The bridal cake comes and Father goes to spoil it but Mom stops him. Father goes to the cellar and says he can’t keep a sick man in the cellar. But he is not sick. The demon possesses him.

Father asks what we will say to them that he saw a skeleton. Prof. asks what skeleton. Father didn’t see it, only Peter did. Father says then he had a seizure and did st. Vitus’s dance. Considering the groom’s conditions with the priest’s consent the marriage gets to be annulled.

They will wait until the experts have had a look. He adds we ought to find out who his parents are. The doctor will get us a referral to a center with the best specialist. Then Zenata slaps his father and his brother slaps her. 

Father tells the priest that he will give a lift to home. The barn is almost ready and the rain is easing off, which means they are planning to hide him or send him away. When everyone else will move back, they will get him out of the cellar.

The funniest thing they are thinking about is who will drive the priest home. Ronaldo and father in law are drunk. So they have chosen the doctor to drive him home who drank the most today because he denied it when he was asked. When they get in the car, they notice Zenata digging the land where Peter saw the skeleton. She is digging, in the meantime Ronaldo conveys the news that the patient is not there.

There comes a hue and cry among everyone. Everyone searches for Peter but he is nowhere. Then everyone gets in the car. On the way, Prof. says to take the car to the butcher’s. He was recalling the memories in the car. 

This way … .Eliza, Sarka, and Mela walked to school. Hana’s sisters…the most beautiful girl I ever saw…that was…my world.

They search for the whole night but find nothing. They search all the graves and then at some point, they lose all hope. We see Ronaldo make the Range Rover fall from a hill into the water. They break into the house and we see a picture and get all the answers. Zenata leaves the rural area where she spent a horrible wedding night.

What Is the Jewish Theory of Possessing Peter?

In Jewish tradition, the soul of a dead person can cling to a living one. It’s a dybbuk. It’s the chance for it to purge itself. But also to purge the soul of the possessed one. They can cut the connection only by exorcism. Jewish people believe in the purgatory of souls.

Why Did Hana Choose Peter in Demon (2015)?

Hana loves a man and she marries him. This fact we know from the Professor who once loved Hana. She died and her husband also died many years ago. She was buried in the woods. Many years later Hana finds her husband who is Peter and looks just like her husband. She wants to be with her husband so she possesses him and takes him away.

What Is the Butterfly Effect in The Movie Demon (2015)?

The Butterfly effect is when a butterfly fritters away her wings on one side of the world. There can be a storm on the other side of the world. It has another name called the Chaos Theory. Small things sometimes can be a reason for a giant chaos. So ignorance can make you a loser.

Life sometimes is cruel and so unpredictable. Still, we need to find out the reason for being alive.


Original Title: Demon

Genre: Horror/ Fantasy/ Comedy

Runtime: 01hr 34min

Original Language: Polish, English, Yiddish, Russian

Directed by Marcin Wrona

Written by Pawel Maslona, Marcin Wrona

Release date: September 9, 2016 (USA)

Origin Country: Poland