Let Us Prey (2014) Ending Explained

Let Us Prey (2014) ending explained

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Let Us Prey (2014) is a mystery-horror film directed by Brian O’Malley. In the movie, Liam Cunningham plays Six – a mysterious man. He starts to take control of everyone’s souls and minds.

Let Us Prey Plot & Ending Explanation

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

PC Rachel Heggie wakes up from a nightmare about being abused as a child in a minor town in Scotland where a mysterious man has arrived. The mystery man is struck by a car reversed by Francis “Caesar” Sargison while Heggie is on patrol.

The mystery man disappears, and Caesar is seized. Sgt. Jim Macready greets Caesar at the police station and sets her with reckless driving. Caesar has enjoyed the cells with his teacher, Mr. Ralph Beswick, who was arrested for beating his wife, by PCs Jennifer Mundie and Jack Warnock.

After discovering the man who was hit by Caesar, Mundie and Warnock head to the station carrying him, mute, bruised, and carrying only a notebook with a list of names.

Hume experiences a flashback during the examination and attempts to kill Heggie for supposedly recognizing what he has performed. A man is locked up in a jail cell, and it is found that he has the fingerprints of an old person who passed away over 20 years ago.

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The man considers several references to Old Testament justice. Additionally, Macready experiences a flashback and is placed in cell six angrily by Heggie and Mundie. Warnock and Mundie recall a time when they beat up a prisoner together.

Before driving to his own house, Macready orders Mundie and Warnock to discover Hume’s wife at his house. As Heggie examines Six’s notebook, he discovers that all the names in it are the names of gone criminals. A supernaturally powered Six, who possesses supernatural powers, examines Beswick in the cells to discover why he punches his wife.

Six attempts suicide after being unsatisfied with Beswick’s answers. In response, Caesar alerts Heggie, who permits Hume to examine Beswick, who dies after declaring to recognize who Six is. Simultaneously, Mundie and Warnock enter Hume’s house and discover that his family has been murdered.

Granting to several missing posters in the police station, Macready remains a serial killer who seduces and then murders young men. He throws away a dismembered body in his fridge whom he had beaten to death in a drunken rage.

Heggie helps Hume carry Beswick upstairs, but he assaults her when he learns of his family. She restrains him and returns him to his cell. A few minutes later, Six tells Caesar about Heggie’s childhood abuse. And when she leaves, he offers him redemption if he confesses to an earlier hit-and-run. In which he ran over a girl and departed from her for dead.

Despite Caesar’s attempts to confess, Mundie and Warnock drag Hume to interrogation. Mundie confronts Hume about killing his family out of nihilistic boredom and a desire for immortality.

During a conversation with Six, Warnock remembers staging the suicide of the man he and Mundie had beaten. Heggie and Mundie watch in horror as Warnock brutally murders Hume in front of them. Mundie threatens Heggie to stay silent.

Heggie confronts Caesar about striking the girl, but Six says it’s too late for redemption since the girl had died two minutes before Caesar left her next to the road. During the flashback, Heggie recalls that Six distracted her childhood abuser, allowing her to escape.

She learns that Mundie and Warnock are planning to slay her. As Heggie fights Mundie and Warnock, who nearly strangles her, Macready suddenly appears wrapped in barbed wire, with a shotgun and quoting Bible verses. Warnock is shot and killed, then Mundie and Heggie are wounded as they barricade themselves in their cells.

He talks about losing an argument with “an old friend” about human sin and being an outcast like Heggie while Macready is setting the building ablaze. When she asks him for help, he is willing to support her. However, she refuses.

As Mundie flees, she slips on a cracked window and slashes her throat. Macready then presses his rifle butt into Mundie’s throat, executing her, and then Macready more isolated wounds Heggie before shooting Caesar. Heggie accidentally shoots Macready when he throws his fuel can at him.

In the aftermath of the explosion, he quotes a final bible verse. He and a battering ram crush Heggie’s face die. Six appears, unburned, with his notebook, which reveals everyone’s names.

Heggie escapes the police station. Leaving out Heggie’s name, he condemns the others to Hell for their various sins. As for cheats and betrayers, Mundie and Warnock dare to allow justice into their own hands by having an affair with married Warnock.

Fraud Beswick, pervert Macready, cowardly and vicious Hume. Both Caesar and the girl should be punished for hitting the girl with their car and being too weak to confess.

As Six confesses his love for Heggie, he offers her a place at his side to promise revenge on the guilty.

Heggie agrees, and they kiss.


Original Title Let Us Prey

Other Titles Aprisionados (Brazil), Colère Divine (Canada),

Genre Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller

Runtime 1hr 32min

Original Language English

Directed by Brian O’Malley

Written by Fiona Watson, David Cairns, Brian O’Malley

Tagline Darkness shall rise.

Release date June 12, 2015 (Ireland)

Awards 03 Wins, 04 Nominations

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Liam Cunningham Six
Pollyanna McIntosh Rachel Heggie
Bryan Larkin Jack Warnock
Hanna Stanbridge Jennifer Mundie
Douglas Russell MacReady
Niall Greig Fulton Duncan Hume
Jonathan Watson Ralph Beswick
Brian Vernel Caesar Sargison

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