Dracula Untold (2014) Ending Explained

Dracula Untold (2014) ending explained

Dracula Untold (2014) is an American action horror film featuring historical figures Vlad III Draculea, Mehmed II, and the fictional character Count Dracula. We have got Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, and Dominic Cooper to play leading roles.

Dracula Untold Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

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Vlad III is the ruler of Wallachia and Transylvania. The Ottomans abducted him to keep their father’s loyalty intact. But He became the most dangerous janissary and impaled thousands of people. He became guilty of his heinous act and left the empire.

One day they find an Ottoman helmet beside a lake and understand that Ottomans are trying to invade. That lake led them to a cave in Broken Tooth Mountain. They enter and confront a humanoid creature with nonhuman power. They escape alive, return to their palace, and join their family to enjoy a feast. All castles gather in one place and are about to have a feast, but a contingent reminds them to respect the system.

Vlad offers them silver coins, but they demand 1000 boys more.

Vlad’s wife Marina suggests he go to his old friend Mehmed II to convince and Vlad follows that. He tries to be friendly with them, but they are persistent; on the contrary, they require his son. Frustrated, Vlad returns and brings his son to hand over to the Ottoman. But when they mock Vlad for being convinced so quickly, he surprises them by attacking abruptly and releasing his son.

Vlad realizes that the Ottomans are not going to spare him. They will send more force. Vlad decides to seek help from Dracula to save his family. He visits Broken Tooth and confronts Dracula, telling him about being immortal. He offers to drink his blood and adds that if he can resist his insatiable desire to drink blood for three days, he will be human again. But if he can’t, he will remain a vampire forever, and the ancient Dracula will be free. Vlad drinks and becomes a vampire.

After waking up in the middle of a lake, he wonders if anything has changed. Soon he realizes that he can hear birds talk, see trivial matters, and run fast. So he starts running towards his palace and sees that the ottomans tried to destroy his kingdom. Then he motivates everyone to prepare for war and suggests they switch to another place.

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The more time passes, Vlad feels intense blood desire and fights against this. When he is about to drink his wife’s blood, he immediately leaves her and runs into the woods, and a resident approaches him to offer his blood to achieve an immortal life since he knows about Prince’s transformation, but Vlad denies that.

Speculation spreads that the Prince is a vampire and an older man watches him avoid daylight, so he confronts Prince Vlad and tells him to become human before anyone can notice, but Vlad refuses. The older man cuts the curtain, and the sunlight crushes his skin.

Now, as everyone knows about his transformation, they try to burn him, and Vlad becomes devastated. But he comes out alive, tells them the real reason behind it, and convinces them.

Vlad senses their arrival and prepares himself to defend them. He gathers a lot of bats and leads them to attack them. After the vigorous assault, they start to die one by one. When Vlad tears along the war cloud to kill Mehmed but can’t find him, he realizes that it was just a pawn, he returns to the palace, but it is too late.

Marina falls to the ground, and the Turks get their child. Before Dying, Marina requests him to drink her blood and makes him promise to save their child. Vlad promises to save their child. Vlad comes to the wounded inhabitants.

Of his palace and whoever wants to take revenge, he offers his blood to drink and lets them get a chance to take revenge.

Vlad and his troops’ kick off to attack gathering clouds because they are vampires. Vampires jump over them and savor them to death. Vlad enters a room for his child, but as Mehmed arranges, there are plenty of silver coins and mirrors to reflect silver. Vlad becomes weakened but doesn’t stop fighting.

Mehmed fights tremendously and is about to win. At that moment, Vlad attack with his dark elements and kills him. Vlad saves his child.

When he comes out, Vlad notices that his vampire fellows are waiting for his child to kill because of their insatiable blood thrust. But Vlad was ready to make any sacrifice. A religious Christian implores his child to come over to him.

Otherwise, vampires will kill him. He doesn’t want to leave his father, but Vlad hands him to the old religious man and unclear the sky to let the sunshine. Vampires immediately scream and get killed.

But Vlad is saved by that man in the woods who once tried to manipulate him to be immortal. He feeds him his blood, and Vlad gets his life again and becomes immortal. On the other hand, assuming Vlad was dead, people crowned their new Prince, Vlad’s only son.

At the end of the movie, we see Vlad Dracula walking through London street and getting stuck by a pair of blue eyes, and her name is Mina, who exactly looks like Marina. He recites a poem that he used to read for her thousands of years ago. When they leave, we notice an old man standing and walking towards them, saying, ‘let the games begin.’

What is the difference between Count Dracula and Vampire? Why is Vlad called the ‘Son of the Dragon’?

Vampires and Dracula are both blood-sucking creatures. The vampire is a mythological creature, and Dracula is a fictional character.

Vlad III is the son of Vlad II, a member of ‘The order of the dragon.’ It’s a group for higher aristocrats and monarchs.

Why did Vlad leave the Ottomans? Why is he called ‘Vlad the impaler’? Why was Princess Marina afraid of losing their child?

After substantial training, Vlad became the most dangerous warrior. He almost killed thousands of people. Impaling is a method of execution where a human body is penetrated with a stake, pole, etc. To honor his deed, they gave him the title.

But Vlad was so guilty of his act he couldn’t bear the repentance, so he left the Ottomans. Princess Marina was so soft-hearted. She never wanted her son to do what his father had to do. So when the Ottoman demanded her son, she became so afraid.

Why did Vlad’s own people want to kill him?

Wallachian people are Christian, so they are against devils. Since Vlad becomes Dracula, they start to distrust him and attempt to kill him. But soon, they realize Vlad has done it with himself to save them.

Though it is fiction, They were true warriors. History will remember the Ottomans and Vlad II.


Original Title: Dracula Untold

Other Titles: Drakula: Neispričana priča (Croatia)

Genre: Horror/ Fantasy

Runtime: 1hr 32min

Original Language: English

Directed by Gary Shore

Written by Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless

Tagline: The Legend Is Born.

Release date: October 10, 2014 (USA)

Origin Country: United States, Japan

Filming locations: United Kingdom

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