The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015) Ending Explained

The Blackcoat's Daughter2015 ending explained

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015) is a psychological supernatural horror film directed by Osgood Perkins. Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka star in the movie.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter Explanation and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Father Brian meets Katherine knowing that she is going with piano so well. Father tells her he is about to leave for Albany. Knowing about father’s departure, a smile seems visible on her lips. As he is a priest, he smells something fishy and asks if she is concerned about anything but Kathy denies.

Katherine and Rose both study in Bramford School with a lot of other girls. Kathy is an introverted kid and on the contrary Rose is a cool and jolly senior. But she is now dealing with a problem of unexpected pregnancy. School is offering a vacation to the girls so parents are coming to take their girls with them. On the day when Katherine’s and Rose’s parents weren’t there in time, the headmaster Mr. Gordon and the sisters start to worry about it.

Kathy’s parents didn’t call and Rose’s parents are gonna come on friday. Actually Rose has told her parents to come on friday because she needs time to think about it and to talk to her boyfriend. Since there are no other students other than them, sister tells Rose to babysit Katherine.

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Rose asks Katherine if she knows about the sisters. She says sisters have no hair in their body. Kat doesn’t believe it, so Rose tells about Jen Darling’s sister who was caught worshipping the devil. Rose leaves her room saying not to touch anything. But Kat shows no care and touches her things. Rose leaves with her boyfriend in his car.

Next, we see Joan getting in a public washroom, and has escaped from a mental hospital. She is sitting in a station waiting for a bus but gets stopped by a man. He offers her a lift to Portsmith as he can’t leave a girl alone here but his wife doesn’t feel good seeing Joan in their car.

Rose, with her boyfriend in his car, seems like she is confused about something as she doesn’t know what to do. Rose returns to Bramford school, goes to the washroom but hears a sound coming from somewhere down the bathroom. She comes downstairs to find out the source, and sees Katherine bending her upper body all the way down frequently. She asks Katherine what she was doing downstairs in the dark.

We see Joan in a hotel room waking up just from sleeping. She freshens up herself and thinks about some of her past memories. We can tell something terrible happened in her past but we still don’t know what it is. Bill knocks at her door and talks with her a little. When Joan asks why he is helping her. Bill says the first time he saw her, Joan reminds him of someone very close to him that’s why he is helping.

Rose asks Katherine what she was doing down there and if that was sleep walking. Katherine looks so depressed and replies that her parents are not gonna come on Friday because they are dead and she also says that Rose’s parents didn’t get confused, they didn’t come because Rose told them not to come. Rose gets surprised to hear such a thing. She replies that she shouldn’t say things like that.

Her parents will definitely come. We see Rose becoming sympathetic but actually she gets so scared of Katherine as she closes the door and seals the door with extra burden. And the next scene confirms Rose’s fear as we can see Katherine’s  body gets circled. Joan comes down to have breakfast with Bill and he shows her Rose’s photo and introduces her as his daughter. Remember he told her that she reminds him of someone. This is her. So we come to know that Rose is Bill’s daughter and Bill is going to Bamford.

But why does he think Rose is dead? But the more strange thing is Joan goes to the bathroom and she laughs. This is such a strange thing to see that you are laughing after hearing someone’s dead child’s photo. When Joan gets back to the restaurant she sees police interrogating Bill and her eye sight catches a knife. I think we can anticipate that she is gonna take that knife. Is she gonna kill someone?

In Bramford, we see Rose, Katherine and their sisters praying before having a meal but Kathy is laughing. Sister warns her not to laugh but she continues making irritating acts and at some point she vomits. They soothe her and make her warm. Sister is gonna feed her medicines but she calls her ‘cunt’. Everyone understands Katherine is not okay. At that time the headmaster calls and informs he is gonna come. Sister requests Rose to cleanse the ice of the pathway because Mr. Gordon is gonna come today.

So Rose shovels the ice down the earth and after that when she knocks at the door of Ms. Prescott, no one responds. Then she returns to her boarding house and falls asleep. We see two New York city police arrive in the Bramford to meet Ms Prescott who is in charge of Katherine and Rose. But he sees something terrible that he gets nauseated.

Scene takes us to flashback. We see Katherine, sitting in Bramford School alone whose parents never come to see her and then we see her taking a bath next to a demonic figure. So we understand she is possesed by demon.

At one night she gets order from satan to kill the sisters. So she kills them and since Rose never likes her so she gets killed too. That night when Rose was talking about Jen Darling, the devil was actually showed up to Kathy. It posseses her and it persuades her to kill all three of em’.

Those police come to Rose’s house and find Kathy worshiping satan keeping three heads in front of a black dome. The police orders her to drop the knife but eventually shoots her as she screams demonically. Katherine is sent to a mental hospital and father Gordon performs exorcism and releases demon from her body.

On the other hand, Joan is going to Portsmith in Bill’s car. Bill’s wife is reprimanding Bill for saying same sympathetic words every young girl he meets. But Bill doesn’t tell everything about his daughter. He doesn’t tell Rose was killed, didn’t have a normal death. He doesn’t tell her head was taken by the killer. Suddenly Joan tells to stop the car otherwise she will be sick. Rose’s mom Linda tells not to stop the car here because its secluded. But Bill stops the car and gets killed by Joan.

Joan cuts their heads off their body and she takes them to Bramford school. She reaches at nine years abandoned Rose’s boarding house and keeps the heads in front of that ignited dome. At the last scene, we see Joan bursts into tears.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter Ending Explanation

Katherine and Joan are the same person played by two people. When Kathy was sent to a mental hospital, demon was released by exorcism. She was kept there nine years. She didn’t want to be there and wanted the devil come back to her life. But she couldn’t understand how to do that. She thought if she had murdered again, the devil might have been come back. So she escaped from the hospital, but couldn’t murder anyone.

She made a woman unconcious and took her driving licence. So she introduced herself as Joan to match the license ID. She met with Bill, got in their car. Remember she laughed when she came to know Bill is Rose’s father. Katherine laughed thinking about that these poor parents had no idea they are helping their child’s murderer and he even saw God in her. What an irony!

Katherine made them stop the in a solitary place and killed them. She goes to Rose’s boarding house in Bramford to keep the heads in front of the ignited dome. But the devil didn’t show up. She eventually failed to make the devil come back and bursted into tears out of frustration.

Why did Katherine kill Rose in the movie The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)?

Katherine was so lonely. She had no friends let alone boyfriends. But on the other hand Rose was so popular, beautiful and cool girl in the school. So she always envies her. When incidentally Katherine gets chance to stay with Rose, she felt Rose doesn’t like her. Rose was told to babysit her but she went to meet her date instead. But she would never killed her unless she got possesed. She killed Rose because the domon intrigued her inner sins.

Which character have you liked the most in the film?

This is a horror film so you won’t find anything to pick for morality. But there is something I have noticed in Linda to learn. We can understand Bill is so sympathetic that he wants to help every girl he finds in need of help. But Linda uses her brain always, she doesn’t follow heart blindly.

Here is something we can learn that you have to be astute and sensible to avoid unexpected and unwanted dangers. If Bill listened to his wife, they would be alive.

Something that devil promises to give silly people, he takes ten times more in return. The price even includes the lives of innocent people or close people. Don’t get confused, don’t get amissed, strengthen your beliefs for Allah. Only Allah can save us from all the bad influences.


Original Title: February

Other Titles: The Blackcoat’s Daughter February (USA), Die Tochter des Teufels (Germany)

Genre: Horror/ Supernatural

Runtime: 1hr 33min

Original Language: English

Written & Directed by Oz Perkins

Tagline: She returns.

Release date: February 16, 2017 (United States)

Origin Country: United States

Filming locations: Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

Brainless Pen Rating!

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