Monstrous (2022) Ending Explained

Monstrous (2022) ending explained and review

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Monstrous (2022) is a supernatural horror movie directed by Chris Sivertson. The movie starts as a regular horror movie but as the plot goes deeper it turns into supernatural like The Hole in the Ground (2019). Then it turns into psychological like Stephen King’s 1922 (2017). And finally, it ends up leaving viewers uncertain with a lot of questions that need to be cleared up.

Monstrous Movie Plot Story & Ending Explained

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts in the year 1955 with a young mother Laura and her seven-year-old son Cody. They drive to their remote home in California and take the key from Mr. Langtree, the owner of the house. He asks about Cody and Laura replied he might have slept in the car.

There is a lake next to the house and Cody sees something monstrous swim under the water.

They start living in the house. We notice Laure is not keen to receive the telephone calls. Later exposes that her husband was abusive and that’s the reason she flees with Cody.

As time passes Cody is encountered by the lake monster. After several days he becomes a friend of that and also suggests Laura befriend the monster. Cody explains that the lake monster is a lady and tries to talk with Laura. But she doesn’t seem to agree.

In California, Laura starts a new job as a typewriter. But her performance has down as the monster problem arises at the house. Lastly, she quit the job.

That day Laura goes to Cody’s school but she doesn’t find him. So she goes police station for asking help. There she meets a lady councilor. Strangely lady councilor’s dress is very modern as 2022. She asks Laura about last year’s accident.

Laura says that last year she returned home from the market. Her husband Scott & Cody was at home. Scott had to take care of Cody but when she returned, found Cody in the pool. Immediately she took Cody back from the water and gave CPR. Later doctors saved Cody.

Middle of the conversation Laura hears the buzzing sound that she had already heard several times in the last few days.

Here shockingly Laura pulls a mobile out of her bag and there her mother is calling. Imagine, it’s 1955 and a ringing cell phone! But how? Well, we’ll answer that question in the explanation column.

Then she comes out to the street and it is not 1955. It is the year 2022. She goes home and Cody is there. He is angry with Laura.

Laura tries to get closer but Cody pushes her with psychic power. Then the lake monster arises from the floor and pulls her. Laura falls into the water but within a few moments, she escapes.

Here are the final twists reveal.

In the accident last year, Cody was dead. After that Laura starts blaming herself for her son’s death. That’s why her subconscious mind creates an imaginary world of 1955 with Cody and flees from Scott.

Cody tells her that she had to let him go because it was just an accident and there was no fault for her.

Laura agrees and the monster takes Cody into the water.

In the last scene of the movie, Laura repairs the car and moves to her old house. And the movie ends here.

What Happened at The End of Monstrous (2022)?

At the end of the movie the spirit of Cody goes to the other world and Laura realizes that she was gone far from reality. And finally, she accepts her loss of Cody and decides to return to her past life.

Was There a Monster in The Movie?

Yes, definitely there is a monster & the spirit of Cody in the movie.

In the park scene, Cody goes to play with another child and he ran away. But why did the child run?

Well, there is the only explanation that the child feels the presence of a ghost and he ran for the scare. Therefore, the scene clearly explains the existence of Cody’s ghost.

Since Cody’s ghost is real then the monster from the lake is also real.

Why Was Cody’s Soul with Laura?

Cody died in an accident last year but after that, his soul stays with his mother Laura.

Laura blames herself for the death and departed from reality. Everyone tries to help her but nothing worked. The pain connects the dead son & sad mother. At last, when Laura accepts the reality then Cody goes to the death world.

Why Did Laura Create 1955’s Era of Delusion?

Laura is a mother who is traumatized by the death of her child. She imagines she is in 1955 or 1956 to escape trauma, but in reality, she is in 2022.

Because of this, the entire movie sometimes looked modern and sometimes old. But why does Laura choose this era?

She loved her grandmother very much. When she was a little girl, her grandmother told her stories full of joy and courage. According to Laura, her grandmother’s young life, which is 1955, is the safest time to live. And this is why Laura’s brain chose to escape the trauma by putting herself into this time period with the help of her imagination.


Original Title Monstrous

Genre Horror/ Supernatural

Runtime 01hr 29min

Original Language English

Directed by Chris Sivertson

Written by Carol Chrest

Release date May 13, 2022 (USA)

Official Website Screen Media – Monstrous

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Christina Ricci Laura
Santino Barnard Cody
Don Durrell Mr. Langtree

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