Smile (2022) Ending Explained

Smile ending explained

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Smile (2022) is a psychological horror movie written and directed by Parker Finn. The movie Smile is one of the most appreciated horror movies of 2022 by people so far. The combination of supernatural phenomena and suspense makes the film enjoyable like Emelie (2015) and Case 39 (2009). But the ending of the movie left a few questions and theories viewers like to discuss. Here is the explanation of the end of Smile.

Smile Plot Story and Twist Explained in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with young Rose’s mother, who takes an overdose medic to commit suicide. She disastrously lay on the floor. Rose enters the room and sees her mother.

The scene cuts into the present day. Rose is now a grown woman. She becomes a therapist.

Rose starts the first session with her new patient Laura. She recently became distressed after witnessing her professor committing suicide in front of her, and after the incident, she felt unusual spirits around her. The scene becomes a terrifying atmosphere when Laura cuts her throat with an eerie smile on her face in front of Rose.

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After that day, Rose starts feeling unusual phenomena around her. Day by day, her depression and trauma increased at a tremendous rate. She starts seeing dark shadows of death grim in several places. Rose realizes that it couldn’t be any medical state in her body. There must be any supernatural working behind all these. So, she starts investigating the mystery of bizarre Smile, suicide, and trauma.

Rose finds out that there is a chained curse passing through one after another. A Smile Entity possessed one and then fed their willpower, increasing their trauma and depression. At last, the demon takes complete control over that person and is forced to kill himself, which seems like they committed suicide. The entity ensures that someone witnesses the suicidal incident, making him its next host. Then the demon passes on to its new host, and the cycle starts again from the beginning.

Rose figures out there is a way to escape the curse, and that is murdering someone else. But she doesn’t want to do that. So, she isolates herself in her childhood house, which had been abandoned for several years.

The Smile Entity plays with Rose in the house by hallucinating that she beats the demon. But within a short time, Rose realizes the truth.

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At the end of the film, Rose’s ex-boyfriend Joel enters the house and at that time demon makes Rose flash on her body with Kerosine containing the creepy Smile. Joel witnesses the suicide, and the curse cycle remains unbroken.

The movie ends here.

Smile Ending Explained

Rose is burning with kerosine at the end of the film Smile

During the call, Rose informs Joel that she must isolate herself to prevent the entity from spreading. Then she goes to her childhood home. This is the house where her mother died, as we see at the film’s beginning.

The entity appears to Rose at night as a large, long-haired version of her mother who smiles constantly.

Because of her illness, Rose is angry with her mother for how she behaved and for the lack of assistance she received. Until Rose sets the entity on fire and runs from the house as it burns, the entity follows and taunts Rose.

Her next move is to go to Joel’s apartment and claim that she has finally gotten rid of it. When she asks Joel about it, he tells her that she will never be able to get rid of it. A creepy smile spreads across his face.

Rose dreamed once again. She hasn’t left the house yet. Upon finding Rose, the entity tears her face off before stretching her jaw open and climbing into her mouth. The moment Joel enters the house, Rose is dousing herself with kerosene. Joel is horrified as she lights herself on fire, flashing her creepy Smile.

What Is the Demon and Curse in The Movie Smile (2022)?

Rose and smiling patient scene of Smile (2022)

In Smile, a supernatural horror film released in 2022, the Smile Entity is the main demon.

The demon is responsible for a continuous process where it first tortures a person, takes possession of them, and then forces them to commit suicide. The entity ensures the suicide occurs before a nearby witness, after which the witness becomes the entity’s new host. Demons always force their victims to wear sinister, unpleasant smiles before driving them to suicide.

The Smile Entity triggers its host’s depression and anxiety for their past life’s trauma. This makes the hosts mentally weaker to fight back against the entity. So the curse of the Smile Entity is moving through the person’s guilt, trauma, and anxieties.

Did Rose Die at The End of Smile?

explanation of the ending of the movie Smile 2022

In Smile (2022), the main character Rose Cotter is played by Sosie Bacon. At the end of the movie, Rose does not survive. The Smile Entity makes her commit suicide, flashing her body with Kerosine with a creepy smile on her face.

Did the Smile Curse Stop at the End of the Film?

No, the curse is still ongoing at the end of the movie.

Rose isolates herself in her childhood house, where her mother died. So that when the entity makes her commit suicide, no one can witness her. She thought it would help to break the chain of the curse. But sadly, in the end, Rose’s former boyfriend Joel arrives at the place when the entity makes Rose flash her body with Kerosine. Thus, Joel witnesses suicide, and the curse cycle remains unbroken.

What Was the Connection Between Rose’s Trauma and The Smile Demon?

Rose meets Robert in custody

The Smile Entity of the film Smile (2022) lives in its host’s trauma and depression. And in that sense, Rose is its ideal host. Because in childhood Rose’s mother was drug-addicted and abusive in childhood, and so for her father. He didn’t take care of her mother.

One evening, Rose’s mother took excessive pills, taking her into a severe health condition. Rose witnessed her mother lying on the floor. She was still alive and could have been saved if Rose had helped her. But Rose ran from the place as a selfish and afraid teen girl.

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This tragic incident makes Rose depressed, and she feels traumatized by what she did. The Smile Entity triggers this trauma to cause Rose more weaken. Later Rose forgives herself for what she did with her mother, but that wasn’t enough to escape the entity.

At the movie’s finish, the Smile Entity consumes Rose for its trauma and proves she isn’t worthy of forgiveness for her sin. This is the relation between Rose’s trauma and Smile demon.


Original Title: Smile

Genre: Psychological Horror

Runtime: 1hr 55min

Original Language: English

Written & directed by Parker Finn

Tagline: Once you see it, it’s too late.

Release date: September 30, 2022 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

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