Firestarter (2022) Ending Explained

Firestarter 2022 ending explained

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Firestarter (2022) is a science fiction horror film directed by Keith Thomas. The movie is a reboot of 1984’s film Firestarter and is based on Stephen King’s novel Firestarter. Firestarter ending explained could be a good experience for you like another 1922 (2007) movie.


Firestarter Plot Story and Ending Explanation

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with a bad dream of a father Andy. He sees Charlie – his daughter was a baby girl and had an extreme level of telekinetic power to put fire on anything. Andy dreamed that baby Charlie put fire on everything in the room. He wakes up.

Andy goes to the kitchen and sees Charlie sitting at the dining table, she is now eight years old. Charlie says that her power of firing is increasing day by day and it’s getting hard to control her. Here we can understand that Andy & Vicky Charlies’ mother) hides Charlie’s telekinetic power from the general. They are frightened that the federal is haunting them and if it flashes, they would be caught & experimented on.

In the back story, Andy & Vicky were taken part in an experiment by the Department of Science Intelligence (or DSI) when they were college students. DSI is also known as ‘The Shop’ and they are working on creating & developing humanized weapons that will use for governmental purposes.

Andy & Vicky was chosen because of their past telepathy history. Such as, Andy saw his parent’s death accident scene one week of happening. DSI had put a serum inside their body and tracked the development of their powers.

The experiment wasn’t fully successful because though they got some advanced ability to control human behaviors & objects but they had a tiny limit. Andy can manipulate anyone’s will just by staring into his eyes & commanding. But it causes his nerves down and comes blood from his eyes. They called it ‘the push.’ Vicky got the ability to move objects by psychic power without touching them. But she has a narrow limitation too.

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Thus DSI (or The Shop) takes other human subjects to continue their research. Middle of these, Andy & Vicky escapes from the basecamp of DSI and married. They have a daughter and luckily (or unluckily) she gets the supreme power that DSI searching for. So they are hiding from the authority.

One day at school Charlie was bullied by another boy and in a wave of anger, she has blown a toilet door. In this way, her ability comes to light and DSI tracked down them.

The Shop contacts their former subject Rainbird to catch Charlie.

Rainbird comes to their house but there was only Vicky there; Andy & Charlie wasn’t at home. Rainbird kills Vicky.

Charlie & Andy finds Vicky dead and Rainbird comes to catch her. Charlie becomes so furious and she almost burns him. But Rainbird survives. Then father & daughter escapes from the city.

Andy wants a lift from Irv’s car. At first, he is not acceptable but when Andy pushed, he agrees. Irv takes Andy & Charlie to his house and offers for staying a night.

The next day, the TV news shows Andy’s face as a wife-murderer and Irv sees that. He calls the police.

Charlie makes his belief that they are being trapped by the federal but it is too late to escape. The police arrive at the place. The worst fact is Rainbird also comes to take her.

Andy helps to run Charlie from Rainbird and for the sake of his gets caught by DSI. The Shop also takes Rainbird to prison because he fails the task.

Charlie hides in the forest and starts training her power. She gets visions of the basecamp of DSI and goes there to free Andy.

In the DSI headquarter, she is pushed by Andy to eliminate Captain Hollister with his life sacrifice.

Then Charlie fights with other DSI agents and at a stage, she is saved by Rainbird when she is almost taken down.

Rainbird kneels in front of Charlie as he accepts the punishment for killing Vicky. But she forgives him.

In the last scene of the movie Charlie accepts Rainbird’s company and they walk away through the sea beach.

Is Andy Dead at The End?

As the movie sees, Andy died at the end of the movie Firestarter.

Why Does Rainbird Help Charlie?

In the movie, Rainbird is a retired agent of DSI. Later he is assigned by Captain Hollister to catch Charlie. But in the end, he saved her and take her side. There is no exact explanation about why he helped but there is a little clue.

Rainbird tells Captain Hollister that Vicky was his mother and Charlie is his sister.

This indicates that Rainbird is a clone of Vicky. Thus, Rainbird helped Charlie in order to save other mutated humans like them.


Original Title Firestarter

Genre Horror/ Sci-fi

Runtime 1hr 34min

Original Language English

Directed by Keith Thomas

Release date May 12, 2022 (USA)

Origin Country United States

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Zac Efron Andy
Sydney Lemmon Vicky
Ryan Kiera Armstrong Charlie
Michael Greyeyes Rainbird

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