Havenhurst (2016) Ending Explained

Havenhurst ending explained

Havenhurst (2016) is a slasher horror movie directed by Andrew C. Erin.  The movie plot is simple but interesting and little bit crispy to explain the ending.

Havenhurst Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie begins in an apartment in Havenhurst. Danielle and Jason are seen as a couple there. Both of them are drug addicts. Danielle was making a map of the room and writing & drawing something on it.

Meanwhile, Jason hears a noise and goes into the kitchen to check it out. Someone hit and killed him there. A moment later Danielle tries to escape and an invisible force kills her in the elevator as well. Then we see a man enter the elevator and start cleaning up the blood.

The scene changes to Jackie. She is Danielle’s friend.

Jackie asks her other friend, Tim, about Danielle. Tim is a detective trying to solve Danielle’s case. Tim reports that no new information has been received yet.

Jackie was a heavy drug addict a few days ago. But now she has come out of it. She wants to forget her past and start a new life. As a result, she is moving into a new flat in Havenhurst Apartment.

Jackie moves to Havenhurst and shortly after she receives a letter. It states that she will meet Eleanor, the owner of the house, in the evening to prepare the necessary documents to stay in the apartment.

Jackie finds some of Danielle’s stuff in her flat. Through this, Jackie learns that the previous owner of her flat is none other than Danielle.

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Jackie meets Eleanor during the evening. When Eleanor was asked about Danielle, she could not provide any satisfying information.

Eleanor specifically reminds Jackie that to be here, politeness must be observed and no vices will be tolerated. Eleanor’s words hurt, but Jackie doesn’t react.

Then the blood-cleaning man seen at the beginning of the movie is identified. His name is Ezra and he is Eleanor’s son. Ezra takes care of and repairs Havenhurst. Eleanor introduces Ezra to Jackie.

Jackie befriends a feisty teenage girl named Sarah. She lives here with her foster parents, Tammy and Wayne. Both of them abuse Sarah a lot and often quarrel with each other.

Sarah shows Jackie a secret chamber, which contains items used by all the past missing people from this building. This collection was done by Sarah herself and no one knows about it. Jackie finds her friend Danielle’s camera there. Sarah hands her that.

Jackie then calls Tim to tell him that Danielle’s camera is now with her. So they might get some lead from here.

Meanwhile, Tammy and Wayne suddenly start a huge fight. We then see the walls moving away from different parts of the room and opening several secret chambers. From there, an invisible monster drags Tammy and Wayne into the basement and brutally kills them. That is, the structure of this building is such that it can change its location. Walls move in places and secret doors are created. They are the doors to many secret passages.

Jackie starts watching the pictures from Danielle’s camera. She photographed different rooms of the building at different times. The images clearly show that Havenhurst’s walls change shape and location.

Jackie and Sarah go to the Laundry and find a secret room. Here they found many old news clippings about Havenhurst. All the documents of the old residents of Havenhurst are also hidden here.

From these, Jackie learns that Eleanor’s husband was a serial killer. Many people were killed and disappeared from that building. Later, after his death, Eleanor continued the killing process through her two sons, Ezra and Jed.

When a resident causes trouble for Eleanor at Havenhurst, she kills them and announced as they disappeared.

After learning these facts, Jackie informs Tim of everything. He assured her to search Havenhurst the next morning.

Jed attacks Sarah & Jackie. He traps Sarah in the basement locker. Jackie eventually manages to reach there and can free Sarah. But Jed catches her and kills her brutally.

The next day Tim and his force search Havenhurst but find nothing. So they left from there.

Eleanor then asks Sarah if she is willing to stay with them. She replied that she agreed. After that, life returned to normal at Havenhurst. Eleanor becomes relaxed, Jed goes back to the basement, and Ezra goes back to his maintenance job. The movie ends here with an unsatisfying ending.


Original Title: Havenhurst

Other Titles: Resurrection of Evil (United Kingdom)

Genre: Horror/ Slasher

Runtime: 01hr 25min

Original Language: English

Written & directed by Andrew C. Erin

Release date: February 10, 2017 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Julie Benz Jackie
Belle Shouse Sarah
Douglas Tait Jed
Fionnula Flanagan Eleanor

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