The Boy Behind the Door (2020) Ending Explained

The Boy Behind the Door (2020) ending explained brainless pen

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The Boy Behind the Door (2020) is an American horror-thriller movie where Bobby & Kevin are two friends kidnapped. Bobby manages to escape. Kevin screams for help, and he realizes he cannot abandon his friend. Let’s expose the story and ending in detail.

In the movie, Ezra Dewey plays Kevin. Recently he plays the lead role of the movie The Djinn (2021).

The Boy Behind the Door Movie Plot & Ending Explanation

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Two young boys Kevin & Bobby are best friends. They vowed to stay together forever and will visit California soon. But is everything happening as we wish?

That evening they become kidnapped.

Boys wake up inside a car trunk. After a while, Kidnapper takes Kevin inside a building. But Bobby is still left locked in the car trunk.

Bobby manages to release himself and elude capture. But he finds Kevin chained up inside the house in an attic.

Here the scene looks like the kidnapper is going to operate on Kevin. Fill the fear, a Crook arrives at the house and gives cash to the kidnapper. Then he receives a watch that counts down an hour from the keeper.

Suddenly, the crook discovers Bobby and chases after him. But accidentally Bobby kills the crook.

Then Bobby tries to use keys to open the lock but it doesn’t work. Meantime, Bobby discovers a trunk full of wretched boys’ clothes and a rotary phone. He tries to call the police, but the kidnapper distracts him.

At this point, we see a cat and mouse game between Bobby and the kidnapper in the house like in all other horror movies. It ends when Bobby slices the kidnapper’s hand with a nail file.

A short time later, the police arrive at the house. Here for the first time, we see the kidnapper is a woman.

She answers the door and then the police ask to check her ID. The kidnapper goes inside to bring her ID but when she doesn’t come, the police decide to go inside. Then he discovers Bobby.

Bobby hides when he is struck in the chest with an ax. Kidnappers grasp the officer’s gun. She finds the creep’s body, then follows Bobby into the basement and explains she expected him to suffocate in the trunk.

Bobby attacks her, handcuffs her to a pipe, and snatches her keys after she offers to trade Kevin for him. After being shot in the leg, he slowly makes it up the stairs. At long last, he opens the door and frees Kevin.

As the boys make their way upstairs, Kevin is halted by a shock collar. The kidnapper grabs Bobby’s leg and sticks her finger in his bullet hole as he runs back to the basement for pruning shears.

Bobby cuts off her finger to free himself, but he is extremely weak to make it back upstairs.

Kevin suffers multiple shocks as he makes his way down to Bobby. Using pruning shears, he unbuttons the collar and attends to Bobby, who tells him to leave.

Despite Bobby’s request, Kevin accompanies him to the officer’s car.

The radio uses to call for help, and the first aid kit and taser are found. After escaping from the basement, the kidnapper remarks on the boys and drags Bobby outside the car. Kevin shocks her with a taser before she can kill him.

The kidnapper follows the boys into the woods. When a police officer shoots her, she is about to kill them.

As a result of Kevin and Bobby’s medical treatment, they are taken home. After saying they wanted to go to California, the pair are shown on a beach there.

The story of the movie is straightforward where Kevin & Booby kept their promise with courage and they become more close friends than before.


Original Title The Boy Behind the Door

Genre Horror/ Thriller/ Mystery

Runtime 1hr 28min

Original Language English

Directed & Written by David Charbonier, Justin Powell

Release date July 29, 2021 (USA)

Official Website The Boy Behind the Door Website

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Lonnie Chavis Bobby
Ezra Dewey Kevin
Kristin Bauer van Straten Kidnapper
Micah Hauptman Creep
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