Evil Dead (2013) Ending Explained

Evil Dead (2013) ending explained

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Evil Dead, directed by Fede Álvarez, is a sequel to Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror fantasy film The Evil Dead. Released in 2013, the movie is a perfect horror thriller that will thrill you through its storylines. Throughout this movie, the director tries to tell the story of five friends who are cooperative with each other along with a Necronomicon-type ancient book that can summon an ancient demon to the human world.

Evil Dead Ending Explained & Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie’s plot revolves around a cabin, a group of friends, and an ancient book used to summon the Abomination in the human world. As the movie reels start to roll, a badly wounded alone girl is captured in a forest and restrained in a basement where many people are present except her. It is revealed that some demonic powers possess the girl, and her father, Harold (Jim McLarty), along with others, sets her on fire and shoots her to death to complete a ritual with some verses from a book. While burning, the girl threatens her father that she has killed her mother, and now it is her father’s turn!

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In the next scene, a group of friends arranging a session at an old, remote cabin in the woods comes to the limelight. The group of friends includes Mia Allen (Jane Levy), her half-brother David Allen (Shiloh Fernandez), Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), Olivia (Jessica Lucas), and Davids’s girlfriend Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore). The detox session was arranged to help Mia for helping her to get recovered from the drug addiction that led her to terror fit and once clinical death. David was meeting with his friends and sister after a long-time.

How do Mia and the Group Summons Demonic Powers?

Mia, her brother, and her friends finally reach the forest cabin, and she tells others she is getting stunk there. But they thought that Mia was saying this stuff to leave the place. Later, David’s dog detects a secret hideout cell attached to the cabin, and the group gets into the cell to discover it. The group found that the cell hosted multiple cat corpses, a double-barreled shotgun, and a secured book named Naturom Demonto. This is the very book that was used in the ritual in the first place. Eric finds a verse with caution that says the passage will open the door to hell, and the demon will step into the human world. Ignoring the caution, Eric reads the passage aloud, and it summons a demonic force that begins to haunt Mia.

After being haunted, Mia pleads to leave the cabin, but the group refuses to do so. She warns David to leave the place as soon as possible, but he also denies it. Mia steps out alone and encounters a ghost of a girl in the forest that starts to haunt her. She leaves the place with the car key and starts to drive her car faster. While driving, she again notices the ghost in the middle of the road, and it causes an accident that leaves her unconscious.

How Mia Gets Possessed?

Upon regaining consciousness, Mia realizes someone is chasing her. She tries to flee, but a demonic force clings her to the forest, and she gets possessed by some demonic power. David and Olivia arrive there searching for Mia and find her sitting comfortably. They bring her back into the forest cabin. Mia keeps warning the group about her haunting. But the group still takes her warnings as an after-effect of her drug addiction. At that time, David finds his dog was brutally killed by Mia and got aggressive with her. She has already burnt her face and body in the hot boiling shower, but David saves her by breaking the lavatory. He tried to get her to a hospital, but the heavy rain flood blocked the road. Being injured, Mia was still laughing, and all her actions fulfilled the book’s prophecy.

What Happened to Olivia?

Eric tells others that Mia is acting as the book prophesized, and the paranormal thing is happening to her. They disbelief him also. At this time, Mia enters the room with a shotgun and shoots David in the arm while her demonic voice threatens others. She becomes unconscious again and attacks Olivia upon regaining consciousness. Olivia pushes her to the cell, and Eric closes the door quickly. After a while, Olivia also gets possessed by demonic forces and stabs a broken glass piece in his chest. He manages to escape the attack but gets a brutal injury by beating her head with a broken sink piece that kills her.

What Happened to Natalia?

Within a moment, Natalia slipped near the cell, and Mia pulled her down and bit her hand. David saves Natalia and chains the cell door tightly. On the other side, Eric is trying to burn the book and finds a written statement that prophesizes the five souls that must be possessed to appear as the Abomination in the human world. Eric also considers three ways to stop that spirit: burning, burying alive, or cutting the possessed person into pieces.

Natalia also got possessed as Mia bit her hand. She tries to cut her arm with a handsaw to prevent the possession, but the demon forbade her from peeping through the cell. Natalia still managed to detach her hand and get possessed by the demon. She attacks David and Eric with a nail gun and injures them. After a while, she gets killed by David. Injured Eric was pulled outside by David.

What Happened to David and Eric at the End of the Movie; Evil Dead (2013)?

Leaving Eric outside, David sprinkles the petrol on the cabin to prevent the demonic powers. But Mia starts lulling their childhood song, making David decide to save Mia’s life. David enters the cabin’s cell with tranquillizers and gets attacked by Mia. Eric saved David from Mia. Leaving unconscious Eric inside the cabin, David immobilized Mia and tried to bury her alive outside.

At the time, Eric gets revived with possession and attacks David, who was trying to bury Mia alive. He stabs a nail into David’s neck. David somehow managed to escape the attack after being mortally wounded. David gives Mia the car keys to leave the place, locking her out of the cabin. Eric continuously warns David about the arrival of Abomination. David sets up the cabin on fire, shooting at the gasoline, killing both (David and Eric).

As it starts blood raining, the process makes the book’s prophecies occur. The Abomination crawls out of the ground and attacks Mia. Her hand got pinned under David’s car, and she rips off her hand during the pursuit. Afterwards, Mia managed to kill the Abomination by cutting him into pieces with a handsaw. The Abomination sink back to hell as the blood rain stops with breaking out the dawn. Then Mia proceeds towards the glowing ray of sunlight, and the book closes on its own.

What was the Book of the Evil Dead Movie?

The book was named Naturom Demonto, an ancient Sumerian variation of the Book of the Dead. It is said that the book is bound in human flesh. The features of the text are hand-written and have many translated editions. In the movie, the book was found by David Allen and his friend Eric.


The 92-minute horror thriller film will give you goosebumps while watching the movie. We constantly inspire you to watch the film. It’s time to stop for the brainless pen; it will soon be available with the synopsis of another horror movie. Till then, have a great time.


Original Title: Evil Dead

Other Titles: L’opéra de la terreur (Canada), Gonosz halott (Hungary)

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 31min

Original Language: English

Written & Directed by Fede Alvarez

Release date: April 5, 2013 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

Filming locations: Auckland, New Zealand