Dead Silence (2007) Ending Explained

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Dead Silence (2007) is a slasher horror film directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell.

Dead Silence (2007) Ending Explanation with Plot Story

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with a happy family Jamie and Lisa at their apartment. The doorbell rings and there is a box outside the door but no one is there. When they open the box there is a ventriloquist doll. Lisa accepts the doll as a silent gift.

Jamie goes outside to buy food for dinner. In the meantime, at the apartment, Lisa is attacked by an invisible entity. She is killed and her tongue is brutally cut out.

dead silence doll Billy
Lisa and the doll.

Jamie finds her wife killed next to the doll and calls the police. But detective Jim suspects Jamie is the murderer of Lisa because there is no other evidence at the crime scene.

After returning apartment Jamie starts to examine the mysterious doll and finds that its name is Billy. He also finds a mysterious message about Mary Shaw who was a former famous ventriloquist in the town Raven’s Fair. There is a popular rhyme about her.

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw

She had no children only dolls

And if you see her in your dreams

Be sure to never ever scream.

The story of Mary Shaw and her 101 dolls is scary. She was a famous ventriloquist and performed many successful stages shows. But one day when she was performing on stage, a young boy from the audience tells loudly that he saw her lips moving and her dolls couldn’t able to talk. The full gallery took this as child humor and laughed. But Mary became upset and angry. After that night no one saw Mary.

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A few days later, the boy found dead and cut tongue brutally who spoke from the audience. And since then, people of the town became died in the same way.

Later the townspeople found Shaw and buried her with her 101 dolls.

Jamie knows the story because his hometown is Raven’s Fair.

Jamie goes to his hometown to learn more about the doll.

In his father’s adobe, Jamie meets a beautiful lady named Ella who introduced herself as his stepmother.

Jamie sees his father is very sick and using a wheelchair. Ella takes care of him. When Jamie asks his father about Mary Shaw then he tells that is a myth spread by villagers. He also suggests Jamie does not believe in these stories.

With the help of a local mortician named Henry Walker, Jamie arranges Lisa’s funeral. Henry’s wife Marion warns Jamie about Mary Shaw’s evil spirit. She advises him to bury Billy.

Jamie is informed by Henry that Mary’s last wish was to be turned into a doll. Mary called her 101 dolls her children and wished to be buried with them.

Nevertheless, the myth says Mary still takes revenge by slaughtering those who scream.

Later that night, Jamie goes to the graveyard to check Billy’s grave and finds that it is empty. According to the story, there should be a doll in Mary Shaw’s doll Billy’s grave. However, it is empty. Therefore, Jamie buried the doll in Billy’s grave.

Det. Jim follows Jamie and sees him bury the doll, which makes him more suspicious.

The next day, Henry figures out that all the 101 dolls are dug up from the grave. That means they are still the spirit of Shaw in this world. He tries to spread the news but then he became the next victim of Mary Shaw’s revenge.

Mary Shaw in Dead Silence movie
Mary Shaw in Dead Silence (2007) movie.

Jamie is now his fathers’ house and Det. Jim comes to arrest him. But in that time Ella tells that a phone call comes for Jamie and when he receives it, Henry is on the other side. Henry tells Jamie that he can prove that he is not the murderer if he comes to Shaw’s old theater.

Therefore, Jamie and Jim go there.

In the place, they find a huge display with the all dolls.

Jamie learns that Mary killed Lisa because she was pregnant. Hence, the Ashen family will never have children.

Shaw’s dolls and the theatre are burned by Jamie and Lipton. Sadly, Lipton falls to his death when he screams for help.

Jamie returns to his father’s house and sees the doll, Billy. Mary’s spirit appears to him in the fire after he throws the doll into it. There are no more dolls that Mary Shaw can inhabit.

A moment later, Jamie discovers the most shocking truth: his father died years ago and the body he sees is actually a doll made from his corpse. In other words, Ella is the perfect doll of Mary Shaw who is in control of all of these things.

Jamie can’t control himself and screams loudly.

As the movie ends, Jamie sings a rhyme about Shaw. He appears as a puppet along with Lisa, Henry, Lipton, and Edward in a photo album.

The album is closed, meaning Mary Shaw has achieved her revenge.

The movie ends here.

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Who was the perfect doll in Dead Silence?

Ella Ashen is the perfect doll in the movie Dead Silence.

Amber Valletta in Dead Silence 2007
Amber Valletta in Dead Silence (2007).

Is Jamie dead in Dead Silence?

Yes, at the end of the movie Jamie screams. That time Shaw takes her revenge which is confirmed in the last scene of the movie inside the photo album. There Jamie is seen as a human puppet with his other family members.

Is Ravens Fair a real place?

No. Raven’s Fair is a fictional place from the movie Dead Silence which comes in the year 2007.


Original Title Dead Silence

Other Titles Silence de mort (Canada), Mary Shaw (USA), The Doll (USA)

Genre Slasher/ Thriller/ Horror

Runtime 1hr 29min

Original Language English

Directed by James Wan

Written by Leigh Whannell, James Wan

Produced by Gregg Hoffman

Cinematography John R. Leonetti

Tagline You scream. You die.

Release date March 16, 2007 (USA)

Origin Country United States

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Ryan Kwanten Jamie Ashen
Amber Valletta Ella Ashen
Donnie Wahlberg Det. Lipton
Laura Regan Lisa Ashen
Judith Roberts Mary Shaw

Movie Trailer

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