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Countdown is a supernatural horror film directed and written by Justin Dec released in 2019. In the story, a group of people discovers a mobile app that correctly predicted their deaths. In the end, it becomes more complicated and needs an explanation.

Countdown Ending Explained in Details Plot

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with a group of friends at a party. They all download an app named Countdown which is kind of strange. Because the app is just a countdown timer of the death of the owner of the phone.

After downloading the app, they all get a long life except Courtney. She shows everyone that the app is telling them that she is going to die in the next three hours and 37 minutes later.

Anne Winters in Countdown movie
Anne Winters in Countdown movie.

Everyone takes the app lightly and as a prank app but Courtney becomes a little bit nervous.

After the party, Courtney and his boyfriend, Evan get in the car. Evan becomes drunk for overdrinking. So, Courtney refuses to go by car because Evan is driving. She returns home by walking and some creepy shadow is seen by her in the middle of the road.

Here Courtney also gets a notification from the app that she broke the user agreement.

After reaching home she feels some uncanny phenomenon in her house but she is alone now.

Her app shows a time that she has only one and a half minutes left to die.

Suddenly she was hanged by an evil entity and died at the exact time the countdown ended. This proves that the app Countdown is not a prank.

At the same time, we see Evan accident in the car with a tree and a large trunk piercing the seat. That’s means if Courtney did not decide to walk then she would be dead in the accident and in that case the app prophecy becomes true.

The scene cuts to the movie’s lead character Quinn Harris, who is a trainee nurse in a private hospital. Evan is also admitted in there.

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Quinn suffers sexual harassment from Dr. Sullivan who is a doctor of the hospital but she does not protest him because she gives an examination for a full-time nurse. The result of the exam was published that day later and Quinn passed. Now she is a full-time nurse in the hospital and everyone congratulates her.

Later Quinn finds Evan in an abandoned part of the hospital where he sits alone with a sad face. When Quinn talks to him knows that Evan also downloaded the app later and it shows he left a few more hours to live now.

Quinn tells her not to take the app seriously but Evan informs her about Courtney. He suspects that he will also die at the exact time as the app says. Because as scheduled he will be in the middle of his operation theater at that time.

That time a lady comes to the hospital that she took some poisonous drugs and medically she become to die for few seconds. But that time Dr. Sullivan injects her medicine and she becomes alive.

Later Quinn download the app and it shows she has only 3 days left to die. This makes her a little bit worried.

To avoid operation Evan goes to the fire exit to hide. But he is haunted by an evil entity and dies. In this case, also the timer works perfectly.

The next day when Quinn goes to the hospital listens to Evans’ death. She becomes more worried than earlier. Quinn goes to the morgue and checks Evan’s dead body and his phone. The timer is showing the time when Evan should die and it’s the same time when he jumped from the stair.

Quinn back to her desk and calls her father. Quinn’s full family scheduled to go to her mother’s graveyard two days later. It is the date when Quinn is going to die. So, Quinn tells her father that she gets some extra duties that day and because of that, she cannot go with them.

After the call, Quinn gets a notification from the app that she broke the user agreement. She cannot give attention because Dr. Sullivan asks her to help him to check a comma patient in a single cabin. In there Sullivan tires to force Quinn but she escaped.

Later night, she starts searching about the app and finds that several pieces of evidence allow her to think the countdown is real. But there are also some comments which claim that is fake. So Quinn becomes a little relaxed and at that time Evan’s demonic spirit is shown in front of her.

She turns on the light and it is gone. But in the middle of the shock, she broke her phone. But still, the timer is running on the screen of her broken phone.

The next day, Quinn goes to a phone shop. Derek is the owner of the shop who is a hacker. Quinn buys a new phone for her but after some time opening, the app auto-installed and showed the same countdown.

Outside of the store, Quinn is attacked by an evil entity again and she crashed her car. There she meets another guy named Matt who is also worried about the app. Because he also downloaded the app and the timer is showing 2 days to remain to die.

They go to a bar and convince a man to download the app. When the man downloads, they tell him to read the agreement letter carefully. Here Quinn and Matt find that the agreement letter is telling them not to take any steps for skips the death incident.

Later they realize that Quinn is prohibited to visit her mother’s grave, Matt rejects a train trip with his friends, and Courtney also avoids driving with Evan. So they all break the agreement and are now haunts by a demon. But they are still not clear about the whole scenario.

Derek hack the countdown app
Derek hacks the countdown app.

Therefore, they decide to consult with a priest and they meet Father John.

Father John tells them that if they find the code of the app then it will give them a lead.

So, Quinn and Matt go to Derek and hire him for hacked the app. Derek breaks the code and he is astonished that a simple countdown app size is 60 gigabytes.

Derek opens a list of people’s names who are under continuous countdown. Quinn finds her younger sister Jordan on the list and her death time is near Quinn’s.

So, Derek increased everyone’s timer in a long range and they all becomes happy.

In the backend section of the app, Derek finds a Latin verse. Quinn takes a photo of that section and returns to a hotel room with Matt.

Later that night, Matt is haunted by his younger brother’s spirit who died a long time ago. Jordan is also haunted by her mother’s ghost at home and Quinn is haunted by an unknown figure spirit.

After that, everyone’s timer breaks and returns to an earlier format.

Quinn, Jordan, and Matt back to Father John, and Father tells them the Latin script is a curse from Ozhin which can be broken. If someone dies before the time or survive after the time even in just one second, then the curse will be broken.

So, Father John draws a spelled pentagon from salt and tells everyone to stay inside there until the countdown ends.

But before some time of ending Matt’s countdown a young boy’s spirits become visible in front of the circle. That boy was Matt’s brother. So, Matt ahead one step outside of the circle and evil Ozhin pulls him outside completely.

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Outside in the middle of the road, Quinn finds Matt alive. She thinks that they beat the curse but at that time Matt gets hit by a truck and died on spot.

Quinn back to Jordan and see that she is injured in the abdomen. So, Quinn gets her to the hospital where she worked. Dr. Sullivan starts treatment for Jordan and at that time another nurse tells Quinn that Sullivan also sexually assault that former coworker of Quinn. The coworker also tells Quinn that if she moves forward with a legal way, they will also open the truth.

Father John Quinn Jordan Matt in countdown movie
Father John.

Then Quinn invites Dr. Sullivan in the under-construction part of the building as a sexual favor. Sullivan goes there and Quinn tries to kill him with an overdose injection of morphine but suddenly demon saves him.

At that time, Jordan comes to the spot and the demon starts chasing her. The demon throws Jordan through a window and she falls into another room.

Quinn becomes so angry and gets the attention of the demon. She is going to inject herself the morphine then the demon transforms into her mother and starts saying not to do that. But Quinn does not get influenced and inject herself. So, Quinn’s breath stops and medically she dies. That cuts the curse and the demon vanishes.

Then Jordan comes running to Quinn and notices that she is already marked in her arm to inject another medicine named Narcan. Jordan finds a full of Narcan syringe in Quinn’s pocket.

Jordan injects Quinn back alive. This is similar to when the unknown lady comes to the hospital earlier.

After a few days, we see Jordan, Quinn, and his father visit the grave. They seem peaceful and tension-free. Suddenly Quinn gets a notification on her phone.

It’s written that Countdown has finished updating to version 2.0 on her phone.

The movie ends here.

What is the user agreement in the movie countdown?

user agreement broken in countdown 2019
The user agreement is broken.

The agreement of the Countdown app in the movie is written like this,

The agreement is broken if the user tries to change his fate.

This indicates that, if anyone tries to avoid their death by forcing any event then they would be cursed by the demon Ozhin.

Quinn skips a trip with the family to visit her mother’s grave, Courtney refuses to drive with Evan and they are all later haunts by the demon.

How did Courtney break the user agreement in the movie Countdown (2019)?

In the movie Countdown (2019), Courtney, one of the characters, broke the user agreement of the Countdown app by attempting to circumvent the app’s terms and conditions. Specifically, she tried to use a loophole in the app’s programming to extend her life beyond the time that the app had predicted for her death.

After discovering that she only had a few hours left to live, Courtney researched ways to extend her life and found a website that claimed to offer a solution. The website suggested that if she could convince someone else to download the app and live longer than they did, it would transfer the remaining time to her.

Courtney convinced a fellow nurse to download the app and then caused her to have an accident, killing her and thereby extending her own life. However, her plan ultimately failed, and she was killed by the demon Ozhin shortly thereafter.

By attempting to manipulate the app and its terms and conditions in order to extend her life, Courtney broke the user agreement and ultimately paid the price for her actions. Her story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of trying to cheat death and the futility of trying to outsmart fate.

Who is the demon in the Countdown movie?

Ozhin is the name of the demon of the 2019 movie Countdown.

Ozhin the demon in Countdown film 2019
Ozhin the demon in Countdown film 2019.

Father John describes folklore based on a verse from an ancient version of the holy bible.

A long time ago there was a Prince whose father was sick. They need to go to war but as his father was sick so the prince should lead the army. But before went to war, the prince met a gypsy woman to know his fate. That woman gave him a scroll and told him that everything will happen as the scroll says.

When the Prince open the scroll, he saw there was a schedule about his death. After seeing this, the prince hide in the palace and sent his younger brother to war.

But as the scroll said, the prince was executed by demon Ozhin at the exact time.

Here we see, the scroll format is the same as the countdown app. Therefore, it is clear that the app is cursed by the demon Ozhin.

In the movie Countdown (2019), Ozhin is the demon that is responsible for the curse associated with the Countdown app. The demon is portrayed as being ancient and powerful, with the ability to manipulate time and death itself.

Ozhin is depicted as having a humanoid form with black, leathery skin and sharp, angular features. The demon has long, clawed fingers and a set of glowing red eyes that are capable of mesmerizing and manipulating its victims. Ozhin is also able to possess individuals and use them to do its bidding, making it a formidable opponent.

Throughout the movie, Ozhin is shown to be constantly hunting down its victims, seeking to claim their souls as they try to escape their fates. The demon is ultimately defeated through the combined efforts of Quinn, the protagonist, and a priest who is knowledgeable in demonology.

Overall, Ozhin is portrayed as a malevolent and dangerous force that is capable of manipulating the very fabric of reality to achieve its goals. Its appearance and abilities are designed to instill fear and suspense in the audience, making it a key element of the movie’s horror theme.

Is the Countdown app cursed?

According to Father John, the app is cursed with the demon Ozhin. If anyone breaks the user agreement of the app then he/she will be slain by Ozhin. So, Yes, the Countdown app is cursed in the movie “Countdown” (2019). The app is depicted as being able to predict the exact time of a person’s death, and those who download it and use it are doomed to die at the appointed time.

In the movie, a nurse named Quinn downloads the app and discovers that she only has three days left to live. She tries to cheat death by changing her plans and seeking out a solution to her problem, but her efforts are ultimately unsuccessful.

As the movie progresses, Quinn and others who have downloaded the app try to find a way to break the curse, but it is revealed that the app is a tool of a demon that is seeking to claim their souls. In the end, the demon is defeated and the curse is broken, but not before several characters have died.

Overall, the movie portrays the Countdown app as being cursed and dangerous, and warns viewers about the potential risks of relying on technology to predict or control their fate.

How Did Quinn survive in Countdown (2019)?

In the movie Countdown (2019), Quinn, the protagonist, survived the curse of the Countdown app by discovering a way to break the curse and defeat the demon Ozhin that was responsible for it.

Early in the movie, Quinn is told by a priest that demons can only claim souls that have committed a mortal sin. Based on this information, she deduces that the app is not predicting her death, but rather forcing her to commit a sin in order to claim her soul.

Quinn then makes a conscious effort to avoid committing any mortal sins, even as she faces numerous challenges and obstacles in her attempts to cheat death. She also enlists the help of others who have been affected by the app, including a fellow nurse named Matt and a young girl named Jordan, to try and find a way to break the curse.

In the end, Quinn and the others discover that the demon Ozhin is responsible for the curse and seek out a way to defeat it. With the help of the priest, they perform an exorcism that banishes the demon and breaks the curse.

Overall, Quinn survives the curse of the Countdown app by staying true to her moral code and resisting the temptations that would have led to her downfall. Her story serves as a testament to the power of will and the importance of staying true to one’s values even in the face of adversity.

Is the Countdown based on a true story?

There is no official announcement about the movie is based on a real story. But there was a death countdown app launched for iPhone which is inspired by the movie. But later the app was banned for spreading propaganda, though it was just a prank app. So, No, “Countdown” (2019) is not based on a true story. It is a work of fiction that explores the concept of a mobile app that can predict the time of a person’s death. The plot and characters of the movie are entirely fictional and do not represent any real-life events or individuals.

The idea of a mobile app that can predict a person’s death is purely fictional and has no basis in reality. While there are many apps available that claim to predict various aspects of a person’s life, none of them are capable of accurately predicting the time of a person’s death. Therefore, “Countdown” should be understood as a work of fiction and not based on any true events or stories.

What is the film Countdown about?

The movie Countdown is about an app that gives a timer for death. If someone tries to break its agreement then a demon starts hunting that person. This is almost no way to delete or remove the app from the phone. Even when Quinn gets a new phone to get rid of the app it auto-installed.

But there is a metaphor behind the whole plot. The movie tries to indicate the digital products policies and risk factors of our real life.

Most of the time people agree without reading the full terms and conditions of any app. Sometimes it weighs a lot for any individual and they cannot able to escape from it.

Good Points

  • The movie has many little details that reveal the depth of the plot. Which is very good.
  • The atmosphere is thrilling most of the time.
  • There are more than 15 Jumpscares in the movie which loves many horror lovers.
  • There is a good ending so far.

Bad Points

  • One of the strong characters of the movie is Father John. But becomes a joke when Justin tries to make him a funky guy.
  • The plot lacks a depth concept.
  • Though there are many tiny details in the movie from the very beginning still there are many plot holes. Director should try to fix them first before focusing on the other less important stuff.


Original Title Countdown

Other Titles Application mortelle (Canada), Dienas ir skaitītas (Mexico)

Genre Supernatural/ Horror

Runtime 1hr 30min

Original Language English

Directed by Justin Dec

Written by Justin Dec

Produced by John Rickard, Zack Schiller, Sean Anders, John Morris

Cinematography Maxime Alexandre

Music by Danny Bensi

Tagline If you could find out exactly when you’re going to die… would you want to know?

Release date October 25, 2019 (USA)

Origin Country United States

Filming locations LA, California, USA

Official Website Countdown Official Website, Countdown Official Facebook

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Elizabeth Lail Quinn
Jordan Calloway Matt
Talitha Eliana Bateman Jordan
Anne Winters Courtney
Peter Facinelli Dr. Sullivan
P.J. Byrne Father John
Dillon Lane Evan

Official Trailer

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