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MatiAnak (2019) is an Indonesian horror film directed by Derby Romero and starring Cinta Laura Kiehl. ‘MatiAnak’ is an Indonesian word that means ‘DeadChild’.

MatiAnak (2019) Film Ending Explained in Full Plot Story

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with a boy named Andi whose father is possessed by some kind of demonic spirit and cuts his own throat with a knife. His father dies right before his eyes. Then his mother becomes possessed, sitting next to his dead father. The dark spirit twists her neck and kills her as well. Then Andi runs towards his sister’s room. She tries to stop him from entering but it’s too late, Andi already entered the room. The door closes by itself. After that from the outside of the door, we viewers hear just a scream.

The scene changes to an orphanage where a few boys play football. Boni kicked the ball and it entered inside a dark cottage near the field. Boni tries to force Timmy to get back the ball. They’re all scared of that place.

At that time Miss Ina comes to the place and enters the cottage. She returns with a jump scare. This makes the boys so scared and Ina starts laughing. Then she advised all of them to not be too afraid of darkness, it is nothing but a simple view of light.

MatiAnak 2019 Ina Siti
Ina & Siti

Rosman is the owner of the orphanage and looks like he values money more than the boys. Because when Ina and her other colleague Siti asked Rosman to increase funding for the orphanage, he strictly denied it.

In the next scene, Siti, Ina & her boyfriend Jaka buy goods for the orphanage. At the returning time, they see a crowd of tense people. Ina asked one of them and he said that all members of a family died last night.

This is the family which is in the opening scene of the movie. Only Andi is left alive and others all become dead.

After that police take Andi to the orphanage but Rosman denies it for showing a lack of funding. But Miss Ina joins the conversation and she wants to take responsibility for Andi. This makes Rosman agree.

At dinner time, Ina introduced Andi to other boys, but the light was out at that moment. Rosman again starts complaining about his low funding and says he can’t afford the electricity bill anymore.

At bedtime, Ina opens a locket with her parents’ photos. This means she is also an orphanage. This is why she has a soft corner in her heart for the orphanages.

MatiAnak (2019) movie scene
Ina introduced Andi to other boys.

In the middle of the night, Timmy needs to go to the toilet. Though he is afraid of going to the toilet alone, he asks Beni for company. But Beni refused him. So, Timmy walks alone by taking a candle. Suddenly, he finds Andi standing near the main door of the orphanage. Timmy tells Andi to go back to the bed and he closes the door. But after turning back the door opens on its own. Timmy was scared a lot. Suddenly we viewers see a shadow monster who extinguished the candle. Timmy can’t see the shadow but the incident makes him terrified. He runs back to the bedroom and sees Andi is already sleeping in bed. That means near the main gate that Andi is not the real one.

The next morning, Timmy tells the other boys about last night’s incident and they start to ignore Andi. As a result, Andi stands alone in the field and Ina comes to him. She tells Andi that she was grown up in an orphanage and they were so rude. But Ina is not like them. She also says not to worry because very soon other boys will start to play with him.

After that Ina takes Andi to a shop. There she wants to sell her locket. But the shopkeeper doesn’t want to pay well against that old locket. Suddenly Andi stares at the shopkeeper and in a miracle, the shopkeeper agrees to take that with a double price. This makes Ina so happy and she buys candies for the boys.

After returning to the orphanage she distributes the candy between all the boys. Suddenly a dog comes to the spot and starts barking at Andi. Again, Andi stares at the dog and it flees. Everyone has witnessed the whole incident so they think Andi is some kind of weirdo.

At midnight, Timmy again wakes up and sees Andi is going outside the room. This time Timmy wakes everyone else up. Everyone follows Andi.

At the same time, Ina wakes up and sees a lady ghost standing in front of her bed. The spirit has blood on her hands & body. Suddenly it vanishes and Ina presumes she might be dreaming. But as a viewer you see, there is a creepy shadow lying behind on her bed.

All the boys reach near the cottage while following Andi. After close to the door of the cottage suddenly Andi vanished. When Boni goes near the gate something pulls him inside and the door becomes locked. An old lady ghost comes to catch Boni but at that time Ina enters and saves him.

The scene changes to the ladies’ room where the door opens on its own with a heavy noise. All the ladies wake up and see a black shadow walking towards their room. The shadow looks like a young lady but so black skin with bloody-red eyes. The spirit enters the room and all the girls start screaming and leave the room.

Because of the hullabaloo Roseman down the spot. After listening to everything he shouts at everyone and says that was nothing but an illusion. Then he drives everyone to their rooms.

The next morning, a lady named Rita comes to the orphanage to donate a large amount of money. On the other hand, Boni draws a pig on the wall and writes Roseman’s name below it. Boys who see this start laughing. Andi is also there and he also laughs.

Matianak 2019 full cast and crew

Andi is still laughing while others are already gone and at that time Roseman comes to him. By seeing the picture and laughing at Andi he thinks this might do. So, Roseman starts biting Andi with a stick but Ina comes and rescues him.

Suddenly Andi starts staring angrily at Roseman and within a moment he falls down and becomes faint.

Later, Roseman feels so guilty about his behavior against Andi that he breaks the stick which he used to whip. At that time, he hears a whisper that someone is calling by his name. He looks around but no one is there. Then the whisper comes from the ceiling and he climbs to check. He sees the black spirit (which entered the ladies’ room) staring at him.

On the other side, Ina wakes up because she hears someone whispering repeatedly “Dead Dead” from her cupboard. She opens the door but nothing is there and the whisper is gone. She closes the door and turns back. A terrifying ghost is seen behind her and within a moment it vanishes. Ina also sees a lady ghost sitting in her bed and saying repeatedly “run run”. Then it vanishes too.

Suddenly Ina hears a scream from the outside. When she comes to the scene, Roseman’s dead body is lying on the floor. He is brutally murdered by something as one of his legs is separated from his body. Siti is also there and she is the person who screams.

During this time, many boys arrived at the place. Suddenly some invisible hand starts to pull Siti towards her room. When everyone enters there Siti’s dead body is lying on the floor. At the same time, they see Siti is sitting in a corner of the room. Everyone again looks at the dead body and there is nothing this time. The dead body of Siti has vanished.

After the incident, the next morning Siti is leaving the orphanage. Ina tries to convince her to stay but Siti reversely advises Ina to leave the place too. But Ina says she is not leaving without these helpless boys & girls.

Ina enters the house and sees everyone is gathered. They say that all these spooky things start happening after Andi comes. So, everyone wants to eject Andi from the shelter. But Ina becomes so angry and doesn’t agree with them.

After that Ina goes to Roseman’s room and finds a newspaper where the headline is about the murder of Andi’s family. By seeing his family photo in the newspaper Ina realizes that the first lady ghost with bloody hands is Andi’s sister and last night’s two ghosts were Andi’s parents.

MatiAnak (2019) newspaper scene
News about Andi’s family murder mystery.

Tonight, Ina sleeps with everyone because of the ghost’s fear. At midnight Ina wakes up and she feels like someone is standing in front of the main door. She moves toward with a knife and sees a dark spirit on the top of the roof. She goes back inside the house and closes the door. Then she sits on a chair so that no one can enter. After a while, she falls asleep.

In the morning Jaka comes and wakes up Ina. At first, Ina is shocked and tries to attack Jaka but after realizing she faints. When she wakes up Jaka and Mrs. Rita is there. Rita tells Ina that she wants to live there & help Ina to take care of children.

At night Jaka notices one girl named Anna becoming demonic possessed and climbs on the wall. She attacks Jaka. Suddenly Rita comes to the place and enchants Anna. This makes Anna unconscious. After that Boni becomes possessed and attacks Rita but she makes him unconscious too.

The scene changes to the police officer who investigated the murder case of Andi’s family. He gets one of Andi’s uncle’s contact numbers. The officer calls him and hears something very important. Because after ending the call he moves to the orphanage to tell Ina.

Meanwhile, Ina & Jake go to Andi’s house. When they enter, every piece of furniture is covered with white cloth and many bloody scratches are scattered on the floor & walls. After a while, they find an ancient locket.

Ina touches the locket and strangely she starts to feel some unusual things. She is now in the movie’s first deadly scene. Where Andi’s father & mother were already dead and Andi ran into her sister’s room. Ina also enters and sees her sister is dead. This makes Ina so panicked and becomes unconscious.

After becoming conscious Ina finds herself at the orphanage. Jaka tells her that after she fainted, she took her to the shelter.

After that, Ina & Jaka go to the police station to gather some information about Andi’s family. But they meet with another officer who does not know details about the case. Between the conversation, they find some boxes that are collected from Andi’s house and those are for Miss Rita. Because her name is written on the box.

Ina asked the officer why these boxes were not sent to miss Rita and the officer informed them that in this town there is no woman named Rita. That’s the reason boxes are lying at the police station. Ina & Jaka become confused and return to the orphanage.

On the other hand, the officer who goes to the orphanage to talk with Ina arrived. Since there is no light in the orphanage, the officer uses his lighter and enters the building.

In the next scene, Ina & Jaka return to the orphanage. When entering, they see there are a lot of lighting candles. Boni & the officer are tied up and Andi is lying on an altar. Ina & Jake try to unlock them but from behind two people attack them. Those are Miss Rita & shopkeeper Mr. Roy.

Miss Rita explains to them that the demon is now staying inside Andi. Now if they succeeded in sacrificing seven boys for the demon then they could wish anything from Satan. That is the reason Miss Rita entered Andi to this orphanage so that she had enough options for boys. Also, she donates huge money to make her image positive. This allows her to enter the orphanage at any time.

There are more people like Rita & Roy. They all dressed identically and wore a locket which is similar to the locket found from Andi’s home. They all called Andi ‘my lord’. All these signs indicate that this is a group of demonic cults and all of them are members.

Somehow Jaka was able to free himself and then also release officer & Ina. After that Jake & the officer attack some of the cult guys and tell Ina to escape. One of them also attacked Ina and by defending that member died.

In the fight, the officer becomes badly injured. Ina tries to help him but he stops her and says a piece of shocking information.

When the officer called Andi’s uncle, he informed that Andi had already died three years ago. But his parents become so depressed and decide to back Andi with the help of black magic. So they contact Miss Rita as a black magician. But Rita robbed them of their advantage. Rita summons the Devil inside Andi’s body. After entering Andi’s body Satan took the family’s sacrifices and killed them.

MatiAnak (2019) Ending
Ina in the last scene of MatiAnak (2019).

Today is the final day of the cult. The Devil is almost awakened because Andi’s eyes become black.

Few members pull Ina outside and the ritual is almost done. Rita is ready for the final sacrifice of Ina to the Devil. She placed a knife on Ina’s neck. It is now a matter of time. Suddenly Rita’s hand goes out of her control and it cuts her own neck.

The devil takes Rita’s sacrifice.

After that Andi (or Devil) turns towards the cult members. At his behest, all of them floated and died brutally.

Andi starts laughing and extends a hand towards Ina.

Ina accepts and the movie ends here.

Plot Summary

Strange things started happening at an orphanage after a new kid arrived.

Film Facts

Original Title MatiAnak

Genre Horror/ Supernatural/ Thriller

Runtime 1hr 25min

Country Indonesia

Original Language Indonesian

Directed by Derby Romero

Written by William Chandra, Wendy Chandra

Produced by Manoj Punjabi, Dheeraj Kalwani

Music by Ricky Lionardi

Release date March 28, 2019 (Indonesia)

Filming location Indonesia

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name Description
Cinta Laura Kiehl Ina caretaker of orphanage
Jovarel Callum Andi mysterious boy
Irsyadillah Jaka boyfriend of Ina
Gesata Stella Rita helpful lady
Fatih Unru Boni orphan boy
Juliant Rafael Timmy orphan boy
Yayu A.W. Unru Rosman owner of the orphan
Elsa Diandra Siti another caretaker

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