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The Faculty (1998) is a sci-fi horror film directed by Robert Rodriguez where aliens and a group of school students fight each other.

The Faculty Movie Plot Ending Explanation

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

In Ohio, the movie begins in an evening at Herrington High School. After discussing the annual budget, teachers and principal Drake leave the building. Joe Willis, the school’s football coach, attacked Drake when she went back to retrieve her keys. Mrs. Olson stabs Drake with scissors as she flees the school emotionlessly.

Elijah Wood and Jordana Brewster in the faculty movie
Elijah Wood and Jordana Brewster in the faculty movie.

Students arrive the following morning, amongst them Casey Connor, the hardworking, but a relentlessly harassed photographer for the school newspaper. The paper’s editor-in-chief and cheerleader, Delilah Profitt, is Casey’s assistant. Stan Rosado, Delilah’s mistreated boyfriend, is considering quitting the football team to pursue academics. Despite being intelligent and rebellious, Zeke Tyler is repeating his senior year.

Zeke sells a powdery substance similar to ecstasy he manufactures and distributes, among other illegal items. Elizabeth Burke confronts him about his illegal activities. Marybeth Louise Hutchinson makes friends with outcast Stokely Mitchell, a new transfer student. Though she has a crush on Stan, he deliberately spreads rumors about her being a lesbian. Elizabeth is attracted to Zeke.

On the football field, Casey discovers a bizarre creature that he shows to Mr. Furlong, his science teacher. It appears to be a newly discovered species of parasite that attacks cephalopods. In the teachers’ lounge, Delilah and Casey look for stories. A parasite was forced into the ear of the school nurse by Coach Willis and Ms. Olson. Coach Willis and Ms. Olson also find the body of Mrs. Brummel. Delilah and Casey run away, and Casey calls the police, but they dismiss his claim.

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The next day, Casey tells Delilah, Stan, and Stokely that he believes the teachers are under alien control. Mr. Furlong attempts to infect them after Zeke and Marybeth tease them about their theory. Furlong dies when Zeke injects his homemade drugs into his eye. In Zeke’s house, Casey retrieves a specimen recovered by Zeke and Zeke experiments on it. His drugs can kill it due to its need for water. To prove that he is not infected, Zeke makes everyone take his drug. Zeke’s lab and most of Delilah’s drug supply are destroyed when Delilah is revealed to be infected.

According to Stokely, killing the alien queen will restore normality for everyone. Their football team is playing at their school, and the group infects the opposing team. Principal Drake is believed to be the queen, so they isolate her in the gym and fatally shoot her. In an attempt to see if the plan worked, Stan confronts the coach and team. However, he becomes infected. Zeke and Casey retrieve more drugs from Zeke’s car. Miss Burke encounters Zeke in the parking lot and is incapacitated after Casey leads infected students away from him.

In the gym, Marybeth reveals that she is the alien queen. Before this revelation, she posed as an addict. Stokely becomes infected after Casey and Stokely flee to the swimming pool. Marybeth reverts to her human disguise in the locker room as Zeke and Casey hide. When asked why she is taking over Earth, Marybeth explains that her planet is perishing.

final scene

Zeke is knocked out by Marybeth’s powerful throw across the room into the lockers. The drug is seized by Casey, who traps the queen behind retractable bleachers. He injects the drug into the queen’s eye. In the locker room, Casey discovers Stokely and Zeke are still alive.

After one month, everything has returned to normal. Stokely is dating Stan once again. Miss Burke watches Zeke practice lovingly as he takes Stan’s place on the football team. Delilah is no longer vindictive and now dates Casey. As the attempted alien invasion is now public knowledge, he is considered a local hero. However, the FBI denies it.

What kills the aliens in The Faculty?

The alien queen is killed by a diuretic drug. Water is essential to the aliens. Delilah injects the drug into the alien’s body using a pen. They turn to dust and die.

Who is the alien queen of The Faculty?

Marybeth Louise Hutchinson is the film’s main antagonist. The character is played by Laura Harris.

Good Points

  • Robert Rodriguez’s The Faculty (1998) is a body-snatching movie where aliens and a group of school students fight each other. As non-hardcore science fiction, this is an acceptably good movie.
  • There is a cool twist that remains in the ending.
  • Generally entertaining.

Bad Points

  • There is a concept of drugs that kills intelligent aliens. The theme is not suitable in reality.
  • The plot is formulaic and predictable.


Original Title The Faculty

Other Titles Prova Final (Brazil), Les ensaignants (Canada), Los profesores (Mexico)

Genre Horror/ Sci-fi

Runtime 1hr 44min

Original Language English

Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Written by David Wechter, Bruce Kimmel, Kevin Williamson

Tagline Six students are about to find out their teachers really are from another planet.

Release date December 25, 1998 (USA)

Origin Country United States, Mexico

Official Website The Faculty Official

Awards 11 Nominations

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Jordana Brewster Delilah Profitt
Laura Harris Marybeth Louise Hutchinson
Josh Hartnett Zeke Tyler
Elijah Wood Casey Connor
Famke Janssen Miss Elizabeth
Salma Hayek Nurse Rosa Harper

Official Trailer

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