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Eyes Without a Face is a French horror film directed by Georges Franju. After 60 years later Eyes Without a Face (1960) is still considered one of the most legendary horror films of all time in history.


Eyes Without a Face Ending Explained in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

The movie starts with an afraid woman named Louise who is driving a car at midnight. There is a female corpse in the back seat of the car. After some time Louise throws the dead body in a river and flees from the place.

Eyes Without a Face ending explained 3
Dr. Genessier is at the press conference.

In the next scene, we introduce Dr. Genessier who became a famous scientist for his new invention of plastic surgery. He is in the middle of a press conference and suddenly gets sad news. That is, his daughter died in a car accident.

Dr. Genessier goes to the morgue and identifies that it was Christiane. Dr. Genessier’s daughter’s name was Christiane.

Louise is following a girl named Edna in the middle of the city. Here Edna is trying to find a new room for study and Louise listens to that.

The next day at the funeral of Christiane, Louise also attends the ceremony. Here we find that Louise is the assistant of Dr. Genessier.

Jacques also attends the ceremony. He was the fiance of Christiane.

After the ceremony, Dr. Genessier goes to Christiane’s room and the shocking part is, she is alive. Yes, Christine is still alive and she is lying on her bed.

The twist of the plot is, Christine never dies. The news of her death was created by Dr. Genessier and Louise helped him to do that.

Christine’s face is rotted now like a burned face and Dr tries to fix that. But the last few experiences were failed.

Eyes Without a Face ending explained 1
Paulette is admitted to Dr. Genessier’s clinic.

The next day, Louise makes friends with Edna and tells her that there is a room available near the city which is in a quiet area. That is helpful for any student and the rent of the room is very low.

Edna wants to visit the room so that she can get that.

At night, Louise brings Edna to Dr. Genessier’s house basement and makes her faint. In the basement, there is a well-developed operation theater for plastic surgery which is organized by Genessier.

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Late night, Genessier performs heterograft surgery where cuts Edna’s facial skin and placed it on Christine’s face. Dr is very happy because he feels this time the OT is perfectly operated on.

After becoming conscious Edna tries to flee but falling from the top she died. Genessier throws her body into the fake grave of Christine.

A few days later, Christine’s face again starts rumbling which means the OT was unsuccessful.

Christine still loves Jacques and somedays she calls him just to hear his voice. But she never talks any word because the whole world knows that she is dead.

After some time, she calls Jacques again and this time says her name. But Louise distracts her.

Jacques goes to inspector Parot. He reports to him about the call and suspects that Christine is still alive. Parot also takes it strongly because he has already some suspects on Louise about Edna.

Parot hires a young woman named Paulette to bait Louise. She was admitted to Genessier’s clinic. Later, Genessier tries to operate Paulette but she is freed by Christine.

Eyes Without a Face ending explained 2
Christine is in the basement lab.

Christine also frees the animals who are captured by Dr. Genessier for the experiment. There were many German Shepherd locked in a cage who are now free. They all together attack Genessier and kill. Louise was also killed by Christine.

In the last scene of the film, Christine frees the birds and stands outside of the building.

In metaphoric meaning comes that, Christine is kept for an experimental element for Dr. Genessier and lastly, she becomes free. In the last scene feels like mother nature invites Christine towards her.


Original Title Les Yeux Sans Visage

Other Titles Eyes Without a Face, The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus

Genre Horror/ Sci-fi

Runtime 1hr 30min

Original Language French

Directed by Georges Franju

Release date October 24, 1962 (USA)

Origin Country France, Italy

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Character Name
Pierre Brasseur Dr. Genessier
Alida Valli Louise
Juliette Mayniel Edna
Béatrice Altariba Paulette


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