28 Weeks Later (2007) Ending Explained

28 Weeks Later (2007) ending explained

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28 Weeks Later (2007) is a British Science Fiction horror film and sequel to the movie 28 Days Later (2002). This is a powerful movie for a sequel, and that’s not easy to do. It follows the same mood and feels as the first movie, but there are enough new wrinkles thrown in that it doesn’t get repetitive or boring.

So, you watched 28 weeks later (2007), and you’re still sitting in shock because of the stunning ending. Well, I’ve got an explanation for this movie’s climax.

28 Weeks Later Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Alice and her husband Don prepare food in a dark cottage at the film’s beginning. The Rage virus has recently infected them, and they have escaped to the countryside. They are grateful that their children are not infected while on a school trip outside Britain.

Currently, all the windows in the cottage are boarded up, owned by her and her husband. Alice and Don prepare a meal for Jacob, the elderly couple, and a woman.

Suddenly, there is much banging on the front door during dinner. This is a little boy who hasn’t been infected. Don lets him in after debating, then quickly shuts the door. As they feed the boy, they ask him where he came from. His family seems to chase him from the neighboring town.

Seeing the woman outside, the infected breaks through the boarded-up windows and vomits blood onto her face. Using a crowbar, Don beats the infected woman to death. As soon as the other woman becomes infected, Don also kills her. A group of infected people burst through the cottage while the survivors attempt to flee. Alice chases the little boy up the stairs while Jacob and the elderly couple run to the barn. Infected break through the door and infect the older man.

Jacob makes it outside and runs away as the infected viciously kills the older woman. Seeing the boy hiding in the closet, Don runs upstairs and tells Alice to leave him alone. Alice and Don are separated by an infected. When Alice screams for help, Don cowardly shuts the door and jumps out of the window. Don looks back as Alice is pulled away from the window as runs away. Numerous infected chase him through a field, and some lurk on top of a hill and chase him as well.

Jacob is already untying a boat at the dock when Don arrives. Don and Jacob dive in, but Jacob is knocked out by an infected. Blood pools around the ship as Don tries to get him into the boat. Trying to attack Don, Jacob is infected and tries to cut him with the engine. As Don makes his way down the river, he is full of regret.

Scarlet, a doctor from the United States, watches a plane land at the airport. Aside from Tammy and Andy, other people have arrived as well. In addition, Scarlet is upset that they are now bringing in kids, and it is taking all day to process the civilians.

Andy’s eyes are different colors, inherited from his mother, as he undergoes several health inspections. In addition, she mentions that Andy is the youngest person in the country. After passing their health examinations, the civilians are transported via subway to District 1, a designated safe zone. There is 24-hour power, hot/cold water, a supermarket, and a pub in District 1. American personnel is also stationed throughout the district to protect the residents.

There are snipers on all the rooftops, and Doyle passes the boredom by joking around with his fellow snipers and his friend Flynn, a helicopter pilot. As the immediate areas have not yet been cleared, civilians are strongly advised not to leave the safety zone. They are reunited with their father, Don when the subway arrives at the station.

It’s good to see them together again and embrace each other. Cameras throughout the city allow General Stone to observe the civilians during all this. Scarlet tells Stone that she is upset that they haven’t been notified of the children arriving in the city since they aren’t even prepared for them. If the infection returns, Stone tells her they’ll execute Code Red, which terminates all infected individuals. She’s afraid it might come back, but he assures her they won’t do that if it does.

While the American troops are assessing houses suitable for habitation and assigning individual property to everyone, the civilians will now live in a vast apartment building. Since Don is District 1’s head janitor, he has access to everything everywhere. Additionally, he lives in the penthouse of the apartment building, which makes the kids happy.

Don tells his children that the apartment is temporary until they can move into a new house. He doubts he would want to return to their original home since it is outside of the safe zone. In response to Andy’s question, he wonders what happened to their mother.

During dinner, Don tells his kids what happened at the cottage, but he lies – he says he couldn’t do anything to save Alice, and she died. The thought of abandoning his wife and his cowardice causes Don to become tearful. Doyle pops out and scares Flynn later that night as he listens to his headphones.

After Flynn wakes him from a dream about his wife and children, he gets angry with him. He gives him another scare before he leaves, and they laugh together. Through the scope of his rifle, he looks into the apartment complex from his rooftop position. Don and his kids play in the bedroom, a couple argues, another couple has sex, and Scarlet sits alone, distressed.

Andy dreams about Alice tearing off her face to reveal another in the middle of the night. It scares him that he will forget what his mother looks like, he tells Tammy. We plan to return to their home the next day to get photos and belongings.

Children pass by soldiers on a bridge at dawn and wander outside the safe zone as Doyle watches the kids. They walk through the empty streets in London, stopping when they spot scooters in front of a pizza place.

Tammy is inside to collect keys and discovers food rotting everywhere. Andy snaps a photo of his mom, and the children put their clothes into bags.

After Andy is out and plays on the trampoline, he spots an attic occupant. Then, thinking it’s Tammy and he heads upstairs and sees maggots on plates that are food that is rotting. There’s a mess in the attic, and he spots a cowering figure at the back of the room. Andy is shocked to realize that it’s Alice who is alive. They kiss, and then Alice gets too close and begins to harm Andy. Tammy can hear his screams, and Andy gets free from his mother. The children run out to see soldiers wearing gas masks waiting as Flynn appears over them.

The soldiers track down Alice and take her back to them by forcefully washing her body before putting her in an ambulance. Scarlet looks at her and observes that her left eye has blood inside it. She watches an ointment mark on her arms and then takes the blood sample.

Soldiers summon Don to the room where his children are kept. He’s angry that they left the zone of safety, and the children are furious that he told lies to them regarding Alice. Don cannot believe Alice is alive. He gets out of the building and wanders around the facility, searching for his wife.

In the meantime, Scarlet tells Stone that the Rage virus infects Alice. However, she isn’t suffering precisely the same signs as others infected. Instead of becoming violent, she’s turned into an infected carrier. It is possible to infect others with syringes or blood, and Stone decides to execute her.

Scarlet is determined to continue her research on herself. However, Stone informs her that she’s able to continue work on her body of Alice. Don finally finds Alice and gets access to the space. She’s still strapped in, and he tearfully apologizes for leaving her. She says she is in love with him, and she and he kiss. Saliva is absorbed into the mouth of Don, and he begins to swell violently.

Their eyes begin to bleed, and they vomit blood all over the place and bang the window. Don is ill and can look around and see Alice lying on the ground. He beats her up with his unarmed hands and then bites her throat. Don then puts his gruesome thumbs into her eyes, crushes her head, and kills her. He flees the room and then goes on an attack spree, slaying any soldier he encounters. Stone observes the blood and corpses of soldiers. Stone applies Code Red and has the facility closed.

Flynn takes off for the scene and is ecstatic that Doyle remains alive. While the survivors wait for the helicopter to arrive, Doyle discovers that there are a lot of infected at the surface. Flynn is upset that Doyle has people with him who are fighting about how to help others with them. A man climbs aboard the helicopter and tries to get into it.

Flynn attempts to shake him off as the infected flee toward survivors. Flynn puts his nose in the air, cuts the infected by using the helicopter’s blades, and then cuts them into pieces before blasting the hanger with gore. The man eventually loses his grip and sinks. Doyle and Flynn arrange a second rendezvous spot, and Flynn departs but not before telling Doyle to get rid of the survivors. Doyle, Scarlet, Andy, and Tammy escape because the infected are just before them.

Doyle shoots the infected with his rifle. However, there are plenty. They walk into a road but stop once they notice the gas tank is full. Realizing that the soldiers are turning to chemical weapons right now, Doyle gets everybody inside the vehicle. They cover the vents and close their mouths while the infected bang against the car in an attempt to enter.

The gas rapidly kills those infected surrounding them as Scarlet tries to start the car. Doyle can see soldiers coming toward them wearing gas masks and setting their corpses on fire using flamethrowers. Scarlet cannot begin her vehicle, and Doyle knows what he needs to do. Doyle informs Scarlet that he’ll meet her at the rendezvous location and provides her with a Sniper rifle. Doyle quickly leaves and gets started to drive the car. The soldiers are getting closer and closer until Scarlet finally manages to get the car started. Doyle, however, is smacked by the soldiers around him and burnt alive. Tammy and Andy look on in horror as Doyle is killed behind them.

A helicopter is shot at by the car while Scarlet moves through the streets increasingly filled with gas. The car ends up being driven by the vehicle into a different subway station. The only difference is that there are no lights in the station this time, which is why Scarlet leads the kids around the station with the night vision of Doyle’s rifle.

The children are terrified as they don’t have any vision; however, she assists them in moving down the escalators over the corpses around them. Tammy and Andy end up falling down the escalator, and Scarlet is frantically looking for them. She spots an individual walking by behind her. She discovers Tammy but is unable to locate Andy. As they look for Andy, Don shows up and beats Scarlet to death with the gun. Don pursues Andy to the ground and bites him on his neck.

Tammy takes the rifle and fires Don until he dies. Tammy tears up and weeps in grief over her loss. It turns out that Andy is alive, but the man runs away through the tunnel. Tammy assures her friend that they’ll be together and follows him. After a short time, Andy collapses on the tracks. When he wakes standing up, Tammy discovers that she’s not affected.

In her ignorance, Andy can also be immune to Rage and has been an infected carrier. The kids reach the rendezvous point, and Flynn holds them in a gunfight. When he realizes Doyle is dead, he allows his children to fly along together. Flynn takes them on a flight to safety after they have passed through the burning ruin in District 1.

The crash site of Flynn’s helicopter is shown in France, but no bodies are seen. At the movie’s end, the infected run towards the Eiffel Tower, the containment failing, and the virus still spreading.


Original Title: 28 Weeks Later

Genre: Science fiction/ Horror

Runtime: 1hr 40min

Original Language: English

Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Tagline: It All Begins Again

Release date: May 11, 2007 (United States)

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Jeremy Renner Doyle
Rose Byrne Scarlet
Robert Carlyle Don
Catherine McCormack Alice

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