The Boy (2016) Ending Explained

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The Boy is a popular horror-thriller movie of 2016 which is directed by William Brent Bell. In the movie The Boy (2016) Lauren Cohan is played Greta, an American nanny. She is shocked to discover that her new family’s son is actually a doll. Following a series of violations of strict rules, she becomes convinced that the doll is really alive.

The Boy Film Ending Explanation with Plot Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Greta Evan is a foreigner from the United States who came to Britain. The Heelshire family hired her as a nanny. Upon her entrance, Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire introduced her to their son Brahms. But Greta becomes shocked. There’s a porcelain doll in front of her. They treat it as if it were their own child. Greta is hired to care for that doll Brahms. Heelshire teaches Greta how to handle Brahms. Her reading story is accompanied by music loudly played and loud voices.

The doll of Brahms in The Boy (2016)
The doll of Brahms.

At this point, we see the Heelshire leave town for a few days. Following their departure, Greta started to disregard schedules and regularly call her sister. According to Greta’s sister, Greta’s ex-boyfriend Kol, who had abused her earlier, was looking for her.

The local delivery boy, Malcolm, supplies groceries to Heelshire. Geeta meets him. Malcolm offers Greta a date. She agrees.

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While preparing for the date, Greta loses both her dress and jewelry. She hears something in the attic. She goes to the attic, but it’s locked. When she sees an unknown figure there, she faints. She regained consciousness the following morning to find the attic open.

Strange activities occurring now and then. From the other side of the wall, Greta hears a child’s voice and can’t hear the phone call. Sometimes the doll is moved alone and all the haunting things begin to happen.

Lauren Cohan in the boy (2016) movie
Lauren Cohan in The Boy (2016) movie.

One day, Greta tells Malcolm about all these phenomena. Malcolm becomes concerned after hearing them. He tells Greta a story that Brahms once had a friend of his age who was a young girl. She disappeared after playing in the forest with Brahms. The girl’s body was later discovered with a crushed skull. A few days after the sad incident, Brahms lost his life in a fire on his eighth birthday.

Malcolm warns Greta not to stay in the house. However, Greta feels obligated to take care of Brahms. This could be the reason for her suffering a miscarriage previously.

Greta receives a phone call from a child asking her to follow the rules. She becomes very afraid after that. She locks herself in a room. She notices that someone keeps a peanut butter and jelly sandwich outside her door for quite a while. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are her favorite.

Greta begins to take the rules seriously after believing Brahms is residing in the doll. A farewell letter was written by the Heelshire to Brahms before they drowned.

One evening, Kol appears to take Greta back. Malcolm waits nearby for Greta’s protection. She feels helpless. She asks the doll for help.

Kol wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night. Someone has written a message in blood telling him to leave the house. It has enraged him. He thinks Malcolm or Greta wrote that just to scare him. When he sees the doll in front of him, he is smashed into pieces. All of a sudden, everything starts to shake.

All of them hear noises behind the wall. There is an explosion in the mirror.

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A man wearing a mask similar to that worn by the doll emerges from the hole. This is the adult Brahms. The fire accident has forced him to live behind a wall. Brahms kills Kol and turns on Greta and Malcolm.

Malcolm and Greta found Brahms’ room during the chase. Greta’s clothing and jewelry were used to make a doll. Greta finds the suicide note from Heelshire. The plan is to leave Greta as Brahms’ companion. Brahms defeats Malcolm and threatens Greta to kill if she leaves.

adult Brahms
Adult Brahms.

Despite escaping from the house, Greta returns to save Malcolm. She enforces the rules with a screwdriver, putting Brahms to sleep. He asks for a quiet nocturnal kiss. When he attempted to kiss her, Greta stabbed him.

The weapon attempts to strangle her to death, but she pushes it deeper. Greta saves Malcolm and runs away.

In the last scene, we see a doll being repeated on the stairs.


Original Title The Boy

Other Titles Le garçon (Canada), In a Dark Place (USA), The Boy (USA, UK)

Genre Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller

Runtime 1hr 37min

Original Language English

Directed by William Brent Bell

Written by Stacey Menear

Tagline Every child needs to feel loved.

Release date January 22, 2016 (USA)

Origin Country United States, Canada, China

Official Website The Boy Facebook

Awards 06 Nominations

Brainless Pen Rating!

Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress NameCharacter Name
Lauren CohanGreta Evans
Rupert EvansMalcolm
James RussellBrahms Heelshire

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