Don’t Breathe 2 (2021) Ending Explained


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Don’t Breathe 2 is an American horror-thriller film, which is the sequel to the original film Don’t Breathe (2016).


Don’t Breathe 2 Ending Explained in Details

*** Spoiler Alert ***

The opening scene is a drone shoot scene and there was a house on fire. In front of the empty road, a little girl with a white streak in her hair walks away. She falls on the street.

don't breathe 2 2021 phoenix - brainless pen

Jump to eight years later.

In the first scene, the girl is now grown up. Now she is a teenager, named Phoenix (Madelyn Grace). She is running away from a dog. She escaped by climbing up a fence. Then she saw a car with a gun inside. She took the gun. Here the blind man Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) comes behind her and snatched the gun.

This is a survival training exercise for Phoenix which was instructed by Norman. And the dog was a part of the training family named Shadow.

Phoenix knows Norman as her father and her mother died in a fire accident in their previous house. Norman told Phoenix that after the incident he was so scared about her and didn’t want to take any risk for her. So he denies her a regular childhood by being put away from public school and other social activities.

don't breathe 2 2021 Raylan - brainless pen

Rarely does Phoenix get permission to go to a park with one of Norman’s friends Hernandez (Stephanie Arcila)?

Phoenix is taken by Hernandez to the park that day. Phoenix wants to play with other kids but she stays behind. She sits on the cradle alone and watches the other kids play.

Phoenix goes to the washroom and is found by a creepy man named Raylan (Brendan Sexton III). He tries to make communicate with Phoenix with a negative vibe. But Phoenix has Shadow stand by so Raylan won’t bother her anymore. When Phoenix crosses, he touched her white streaks of hair. Hernandez noticed Raylan but didn’t take any further action.

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Hernandez brings her back home and tells Norman that she (P) deserves a normal childhood.

On her way home, Hernandez sees a truck weirdly blocking the street. She honks but gets no response and has to step out. She finds Raylan and his goons – Duke, Jared, and Raul – in the car. By talking with Raylan, she gets to know that the goons also served the country. Hernandez also tells them that she is also an ex-army. She tells them to move the truck and they do so.

Hernandez goes back to the car and puts the gun away taking truck plate number notes. At that time the fifth goon Jim Bob attacks her from the back seat. Jim crushed her head with a hammer and make her die.

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Phoenix is ready to go to sleep. Shadow hears something and moves toward it to find what it is. The goons killed Shadow with a gun. They entered the house silently. Norman called Shadow for feed but he didn’t respond. Norman finds out that the previous meal was still in the bowl so he decides to go outside for finding him. Norman finds Shadow dead with a bullet in his body. He realizes something is wrong.

The goons are already inside the house. But Phoenix sensed their presence and she hide. Unfortunately, Jim Bob almost gets her, but Norman comes to the spot and attacks Jim, allowing Phoenix to run and seal herself inside a solid steel box.

Norman is injured. He goes to tend to wound himself with glue. Jared comes upon him. Norman fights and glues his mouth and nose shut to suffocate Jared. After a while, his brother Jim Bob comes and punctures a hole through his cheek. Thus, Jared takes a breath before he uses broken glass to cut the glue off.

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Phoenix runs to the basement and locked herself inside a steel container. Duke follows Phoenix and finds herself but can’t reach her. So, he starts to fill it with water and also puts a live electric wire into the container. So that Phoenix must leave the container or die by drowning & be electrocuted.

Norman reaches the basement and fights with Duke. Norman manages to pull the wire away from the container and hide behind a table before throwing the wire to ignite the gas, creating an explosion that fries Duke. Norman tips the container over the get the water out and pulls Phoenix out safely.

Norman & Phoenix hides in their garden and the remains of the 4 goons are also in the place. Raylan calls out to Phoenix and says that Norman is not her real father. He (N) has been lying to her about everything. Then Raylan takes off his hat and shows her that he has a white streak in his hair-like Phoenix does. This is that meaning of Raylan is Phoenix’s biological father.

Raylan tells Phoenix that he was accused of the explosion of their house and he was sent to jail for years. That’s why he couldn’t come to Phoenix.

After that, Jared moves her from the place but Norman comes to the place and smashed his skull & face with a shovel.

Jim finds his brother’s ruined body and becomes so angry. Raylan’s dog goes after Norman while Raul knocks Phoenix out with chloroform. The goons took Phoenix set the house on fire and leave Norman & the dog for dead.

Phoenix finds herself in Raylan’s house which is a drug den. Raylan tells her that she is free and if she wants to leave then he won’t disrupt her. Raylan tells her that her real name is Tara and giver her other details. But Phoenix moves to leave the house.

Just in time to get out, she hears a woman in a wheelchair singing the song “Blackbird”, which reminds her of childhood. So that woman is her biological mother & Raylan’s wife, Josephine (Fiona O’Shaughnessy).

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They bring Phoenix back to a room and explain that their old house was a meth lab and exploded for chemicals. And the explosion caused serious damage to Josephine’s heart, and she needs a donor. The doctor told them that she needs the heart from her bloodline. So, they need Phoenix (Tara).

Raylan sedated Phoenix and she passed out.

On the other side, the blind man (Norman) wakes up and finds Raylan’s dog. He managed the dog to the back dog’s home (Raylan’s house) and Norman followed the dog.

Phoenix wakes up and finds herself on a surgery bed, a surgeon nearly begins the operation. Raylan and Josephine were also there. But just starting time, the power cuts out. So, the surgery stopped.

Jim goes to check for the power and Norman fights with him. Norman gets little rattling balls and shoves them into Jim’s throat, which allows him to hear wherever he goes. Then Norman throws a hammer at Jim’s head and he dies.

Raylan realizes that the blind man is here. So, he sent his full goons after Norman.

Raul goes with three other gunmen to find him, but upon arriving, they say the blind man lying on the waterlogged floor. The three gunmen stepped into the water and Norman shoot them because he sensed their presence and direction from the flow of the water. But since Raul didn’t move so Norman can’t trace him.

Raul tells the blind man about the surgery and also tells that does not support this. So Norman let him go.

Raylan, Josephine, and the surgeon almost get out but Norman slashes the surgeon’s throat. The blind man sets off smoke bombs while Raylan goes after him. So Raylan can’t see and the blind man takes this advantage, Norman hits Raylan but couldn’t see Norman. Raylan fires his gun like crazy and Josephine shoots him. Josephine dies here. Her wheelchair rolls toward a deep swimming pool, and Phoenix is handcuffed to the chair. Phoenix grabs a machete and starts hacking off Josephine’s arm. But still ends up falling down the pool with her.

Norman gouges Raylan’s eyes out with his thumbs and tells, “Now you see, what I see.”

Phoenix moves towards Norman but he tells her to stay away. He admits him as an evil man for his committed sins. After this, she left and Raylan stabs Norman in the back. But Phoenix impales Raylan with the machete, and Raylan died next to Josephine.

Phoenix tells Norman to let her help her to save him. Norman replies, “you already did.” After that, the blind man seems to die. Phoenix holds Norman in her arms until he appears to die.

Then, Phoenix leaves the place & goes to the park, and asks other children to live with them. They welcomed her and she tells them her name is Phoenix. That is an orphanage.

After the credits, the dog comes near to the blind man’s body, smells him, and waited.

And it is indicated that Norman is still alive.

The movie ends here.


Director: Rodo Sayagues

Written: Fede Álvarez, Rodo Sayagues

Music: Roque Baños

Release date August 13, 2021

Runtime 99 minutes

Brainless Pen Rating!


  • Phoenix (Madelyn Grace)
  • Norman Nordstrom/The Blind Man (Stephen Lang)
  • Hernandez (Stephanie Arcila)
  • Raylan (Brendan Sexton III)
  • Duke (Rocci Williams)
  • Jared (Bobby Schofield)
  • Raul (Christian Zagia)
  • Jim Bob (Adam Young)
  • Josephine (Fiona O’Shaughnessy)

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