Dark Water (2005) Ending Explained

Dark Water (2005) ending explained

Dark Water (2005) is an obscure and suspenseful thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The ending is explained in detail, so be prepared for an exciting movie experience.

Dark Water Ending Explained and Plot Story in Details

* * * Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn back now! * * *

Dahlia is battling her ex-husband Kyle for custody of their five-year-old kindergartener Cecilia. Kyle wants Cecilia to live closer to his apartment in Jersey City. But Dahlia prefers the less expensive Roosevelt Island, where she has found a good school.

Dahlia and Cecilia look at an apartment on Roosevelt Island, a few blocks from Cecilia’s new school. Cecilia sneaks up to the roof and discovers a “Hello Kitty” backpack near the building’s water tower. The manager named Cory Murray explains that it has not been claimed. Cecilia dislikes the apartment at first but decides she wants to live there. Dahlia makes an offer on the spot.

The bedroom ceiling begins to leak dark water soon after they move in. Dahlia discovers that the apartment above is flooded with every faucet. She discovers a family portrait of the previous tenants, the Rimskys: a mother, father, and a girl Cecilia’s age.

Dahlia complains about the water to Murray and the superintendent Veeck. But Veeck insists that he is not a plumber and blames teenage vandals. His hastily patched ceiling leaks once more.

Dahlia is scared of the teenagers in the apartment and sees the face of a screaming girl in the washing machine. This is exacerbated by a recurring nightmare in which she sees the girl’s mother warning her not to tell the police about what she’s done to her daughter or she will harm Cecilia.

Cecilia’s teacher is concerned about Cecilia’s “imaginary friend” Natasha. Cecilia appears to argue with her before losing control of her painting hand. Dahlia forbids Cecilia from speaking to Natasha again after catching her playing with dolls and talking to her in the elevator.

Cecilia passes out in the bathroom as dark water gushes from the toilets and sinks. Kyle takes Cecilia to his apartment while Dahlia is meeting with her lawyer Jeff Platzer. Dahlia feels some relief knowing that Kyle will protect her.

Dahlia follows footsteps to the roof that night and notices water spilling from the water tower. She discovers Natasha’s body inside and, horrified, calls the police. Veeck is charged with negligence because he was aware of her body.

This is why he refused to fix the complex’s plumbing issues, and he was arrested. Veeck insisted that Natasha’s parents paid him money to keep quiet about their daughter’s willful abandonment and to lie to them that she was with either of them. Dahlia and Platzer learn that Natasha’s parents abandoned her.

As a result, they conclude that Natasha was abandoned to fend for herself. She lost her life after falling into the water tower and drowning, becoming a furious and envious spirit of Cecilia because the latter had Dahlia as her mother.

To make joint parenting more manageable, Dahlia consents to relocate near Kyle. A young lady who resembles Cecilia approaches her while she is packing and requests that she read to her. Dahlia recognizes Natasha as she hears Cecilia having fun in the tub. Dahlia runs inside the toilet to save Cecilia, despite Natasha’s pleadings for her to stay.

Cecilia is held underwater by Natasha while she is imprisoned in the shower compartment. Dahlia promises Natasha that she would always be her mother as she begs Natasha to let her daughter go. After Dahlia drowns in the apartment due to flooding, Natasha and Dahlia’s ghost wander the halls together like a mother and daughter.

After Dahlia’s passing, Kyle, who now has full custody of his daughter, and Cecilia go through the rest of Dahlia’s apartment to retrieve the remaining items they left behind. Cecilia is braided by Dahlia’s ghost in the elevator as she assures her that she would never leave her side.

Kyle and Cecilia depart for Kyle’s apartment as the movie comes to a close.


The 2005 movie Dark Water was a strong effort but could have done more to stand out from the pack. The acting was good, and the screenplay was well written, however, some areas could have been improved. Overall, this is a strong effort that should be recognized by audiences.


Original Title: Dark Water

Genre: Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller

Runtime: 1hr 45min

Original Language: English

Directed by Walter Salles

Tagline: This Season, The Mystery Of The Darkness Will Consume Your Life.

Release date: July 8, 2005 (USA)

Origin Country: United States

Filming locations: New York, USA

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Cast of Characters

Actor/Actress Name Characters Name
Jennifer Connelly Dahlia
Ariel Gade Ceci
John C. Reilly Mr. Murray

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